Japanese Drugstore Tour - Matsumoto Kiyoshi in Shibuya

July 04, 2014

Ever wondered HOW it feels to be inside Japanese Drugstore in Japan directly?
I had always wanted to visit their drugstore and could only dream about it, the feeling of looking at all those beauty products around me, those stuffs that are not available in my own country, it's such a pleasant feeling

Japan's one of most famous drugstore is Matsumoto Kiyoshi [they also have Donki and so on], but Matsumoto Kiyoshi has more cosmetics in my opinion. Also it is located next to Shibuya 109 Mall [2 buildings to be exact, though the inside is same] so it will be difficult to miss it

My sanctuary in Japan is no other than its drugstore, filled with thousands of awesome beauty products that's calling me to spend my $$$ on them T____T

It takes quite a while to publish this post due to the many pictures I have taken. I had to cut down the numbers so it won't slow your internet down but still... This post is pictures heavy! 

I love Matsumoto Kiyoshi because they carry a lot of cosmetics and skin cares and hair cares. The one in Shibuya comes in 7 floors building, so imagine how heavenly it can be for beauty addict!

All Hada Labo series on the rack!

They also have large section for guys!

This hair care section for women are to die for!

I spot my hair care, I use Shiseido Ma Cherie! The fragrant is MAD AWESOME

I never tried this Jewel Jover but it looks extremely beautiful! I wanna try it next time

Reveur Hair Shampoo becomes so popular when I was there, I spot their advertisements many times and it's available like everywhere~! They use the beautiful Ishihara Satomi for the ambassador

It's pretty common for cosmetic brands to use famous actress or models or singers to become their ambassador. Do you spot Kitagawa Keiko on SALA hair? She's one of my fav actress ^.^

Not only women who can become the ambassador, the example is here, Matsumoto Jun becomes the model for Je l'aime! 

Essential!! I love how it makes my damaged hair pretty smooth, I use their hair mask! Really confused whether I should switch to Essential for my whole hair care series or still stick to Ma Cherie hmm

The many shades of blonde and brown from Beauteen! Kumicky who's Popteen Magazine model is the one who produces this

Also my favourite Palty Hair Dye! It used to be Tsubasa all over the packaging but right now they have other models as well

Few of my friends really like Liese but I never try it because I don't like the result of bubble foam since the colour is too natural XD;

And other hair dyes available on the market~!!

They also sell some circle lenses, but circle lenses have wider selection on Donki

Some beauty supplements and collagens to beautify yourself from the inside!

KATE is one of the most popular drugstore cosmetics from Japan. I really recommend their eyeshadows!

Rola Rola Rola~~ Never can get bored with her. She's so pretty!!

Eyeliner sections that will confuse you to pick which one to buy cos all are so good!

Oo hiii Kumicky again!

Our lovely Candy Doll and Dolly Wink are on the same section! 

They seem to have repackaged their cosmetics again but the formula is still same

New product! Eyebrow Coat! I have tried it and to be honest it's super strong and the glue sticks my eyebrow hairs to each other and difficult to remove so ermmm.. nope nope nope?

Why Borjois even look cuter and colourful in Japan????

Canmake is one of my favourite brand too! It's superrrr cheap and the quality is awesome, the colours selection is wide, and the packaging is pretty!

I heard that this Gokunobi Mascara is MAX awesome. Anyone has tried this before?

Eyebrow mascara is something that Japan makes the best from other countries! The colour is just PERFECTION

Introducing you one of my FAVORITE BRANDS as well, Ettusais!!

I really really love their BB Cream. It's like the best BB Cream has ever invented omg omg.. But it's freaking expensive than other brands'.. It's 1890 yen before tax but the result is super smooth like baby's skin!

I am very interested to try their skincare next time too!! 

Lashes everywhere!!!

Miyazaki Aoi becomes the ambassador for Sugao, she's so cute!

Baby seems to be more popular than Tsubasa LOL
After all, Baby Make up is super popular now in Japan!

Sana and AC Make up!

This Love Liner is said to be number 1 eyeliner right now in Japan! Even better than Dolly Wink!

A rack full of lip balms to choose

Our beloved Majolica Majorca!

Tsubasa Honda is one of the rising models in Japan right now and she's the model for Lavshuca by Kanebo!

As for Fasio, they use Kiritani Mirei that is becoming popular as well right now in Japan

Another eyebrow mascara! I use this one anyway! Sooo good!

Lotsa bath salts!! Japanese love taking baths and they offer different flavours 

Mask mask mask!!!! I always spend my money the most on facial mask and eyelashes!

Can I be this pretty as well after I use the mask HAHAHA

Of course our favourite Mizuhara Kiko needs to be the model for the cosmetic as well! She works for Shiseido Maquillage and it's one of their luxury line, targeted to more mature consumer and it's more expensive than Majolica Majorca

Kiko is like everywhere all over Tokyo. Wherever you go, you can spot her because she endorses many companies! 

LINE characters inside the store! ^.^

The legendary Namie Amuro chooses to promote Esprique from Kose. Their CM's are always fantastic and demure. I never tried them because it's quite expensive for drugstore products

Another Ishihara Satomi's face for different beauty companies!

By the mean time, you will be confused which one to pick because every products look promising and they all have beautiful ambassadors

I honestly feel I would feel so confused if I were to buy make up for the first time in Japan
The collections are too many to count, the products collections have wide selections, and the new products keep coming. With the ranking of Number 1 in here and that, it hardly helps me to choose which products I should purchase

I hope anyone who reads this post pukes rainbow HAHAHAHA

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. D: when I was in Japan... I didn't really mind those makeup stuff when I went to matsumoto kiyoshi cause I'm not into makeup when I was in high school... when I went to college... yup there it goes... my love for japanese cosmetics... and now :( I haven't visited Japan since then ;A; I cry when I saw this post :( but thanks Stella for posting this. *o*

  2. Hi babe
    Just to ask
    How much did you need to pay for tax shopping tax in Matsumoto Kiyoshi? The drug store? Pls reply thank you! Planning my trip! Next month for tokyo

  3. OMG thank you for this amazing post!! I am so excited to shop for make up and skin care products!! (will be there for 3 days in february) now I just have to decide what to buy.. in bulk LOL..

  4. Saya sudah ke sini waktu 2 minggu lalu tp saya ga menemukan foundation bb maybeline yg dr jepang...it's difficult...hiks...mau tanya ni..eyeliner yg paling bagus dan tahan lama tu Kate atau K Palette ya?coz aku pake kate...btw, i also fans of keiko kitagawa hahahhaahha....i want to meet her but don't know how to meet up her hahahaha

  5. Hi ci Stella! Can you help me with Japan beauty products? Because i am a newbie (im so blind with makeup) and my mom is going to japan next 2 weeks (i need searching and print it buat nitip my mom beliin dsana hahaha..) I really need your help. Do u have email or line or smth that I can contact you? :) Thank you have a nice day!! :-)

  6. thank you so much all the photos. your post is what i'm looking for before i visit japan.