ZAUO Restaurant Review

July 29, 2014

Let's bring back the good time in Tokyo, here I bring you a restaurant that is sooooo good and famous but you will never experience it if you're traveling with tour. So here I am, asking you to go to Japan by yourself and travel on your own, experiencing all the stuffs in Japan and eat amazing foods with awesome experience. Here is the restaurant that I really recommend, ZAUO Restaurant

The name comes from pun. So UO means fish, and ZA is how japanese pronounces "the". So literally it means The Fish

I was brought to Meguro branch and this area is so beautiful during spring because everywhere you go, sakura trees will be around you. Meguro and Naka-Meguro area are the places in Tokyo where you can walk along sakura trees like in mangas. Let's get inside!

I am so lucky because I have many friends and colleagues that introduce me to many amazing restaurants so I just tagged along them. On that day, Kushido-san brought me there, they are Kushido Yuria's parents. Yuria is the producer of GYDA. I later met her too for yakiniku dinner ^.^ They are such an awesome family, so much love toward them!
Please excuse a slightly grainy picture because it was quite dark inside the restaurant so I have to photoshop all the pictures to make it well presentable enough for you

And yes, so what's unique and special about this restaurant ? 

You can do fishing by yourself!!! And there are so many types of Japanese Fishes there and they made the whole restaurant like a fishing boat theme with Japanese Touch so it's really impressive!!

And you will see this notification board which bursted me into laughter because they really is Japanese-English LOL

So they mention NO Surfing which is of course *duh*
And also NO Dibing which is I don't know if the mistake is intentionally or no, but it's supposed to be "Diving" but Japanese pronounce V as B
And Yorokobi OK!! Yorokobi is dance, and I was like

WTF is this restaurant. SOOOO funny!! hahaha. Die laughing 

They even have this wooden bridge to make the whole ambient more convincing!

Here's my table that looks and feels like inside a japanese boat, I just LOVE it!


My make up of that day. Outfit Post is HERE 
I didn't put on contact on that day anyway T__T 
But everyone keeps saying that my iris is already so big from the begin with. Well, I just don't like how it looks dull and sleepy lol

Best thing in Japan is they always give you a warm / cold towel to clean your hands, depending on the season. Talk about the good hospitality and service

The restaurant is sooooo soooo spacious, especially considering that it is in Tokyo where everything is very compact. Let me bring you around!

*plays My Heart Will Go On* LOL

Also this interesting area where some areas are covered for a little bit of privacy behind of sake's cellar

A big area perfect for party or families too

Tips : Find any japanese friends or anyone who can speak japanese with you so you can understand how this works and about the pricing as well. I have Kushido-san to help me so I can enjoy this luxurious treatment for foreigners which is supposed to be difficult for me

Fish Fish Fish!!!

So I began fishing for our dinner and it was a piece of cake hohoho!

With Yuria's mama, whom absolutely fantastic and gorgeous lady and I was in awe for her beauty. Yuria's papa, Kushido-san helped taking this picture. He is a cool and respectable guy! 

Yuria's mama helped me to get the fish! ^.^

Our dinner!!!

Look at that big fish!!

But ugh.. so in fact the kids who are fishing while the parents watching. And I really mean, young kids (.____.)

Doesn't matter, I am foreigner!! LOL

Some fishes for us on that night : 

So sorry fish T____T 

And if you get a fish, the staff will play taiko for you and you can dance LOL
Look at that kid's leg on the right, so serious fishing. If I pushed him he would have fallen down lol

Finally, THE FOOD!!!

And it's always been my dream to eat sashimi from this kind of arrangement!
Looks too luxurious to be true!!

Look at this awesome sliced sashimi
It is very fresh because it's just been caught by you so nothing beats that. And it really melts inside your mouth

No japanese restaurants in Jakarta so far can beat this. The professional technique + japanese fishes that grew by japanese care and love are the reasons!

So if you've caught your fish, you can make it into :
  • Sashimi
  • Grilled or Boiled
  • Sushi
  • Tempura or Fry
You also can mix some choices, like half for sashimi and half for sushi

The grilled fish! And I swear it's one of the best grilled fishes I have ever had. It's so crispy yet the inside is so soft and melts inside your mouth. Also it doesn't smell and oh my, there's not so much oil involved!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Someone, please take me back there. . . *wipes my drools*

But wait... you can make the leftover head into another dish as well! 
In Japanese, they always eat everything so they don't have any left over. Everything can be eaten as long as you know how to cook it

Omg look at how shiny and clean it is! Just just just, you have to go to Japan to try the real sushi


We also have this cream kani croquette [crab] which is awesome as well! 

Very cripsy yet so soft inside, the cream melts and is warm. OMG OMG <3

Also big oyster!
I never tried oyster in Japan, tried once in Jakarta and I didn't like it because it is.. I don't know.. smelly, and bleh ?

But since it's Japan so why not! Kushido's family teach me how to scoop and eat it

Which I did.. 

The taste is much much better than in Indonesia but I still couldn't savour the flavour that much
Maybe one day lol

And also the best and freshest shrimp I have ever had. The grilled shrimp is so crunchy and the meat is thick. And I don't know how but they are able to maintain the fresh taste of the shrimp even though it's grilled. Usually in here, it becomes very oily and you have too much salts or pepper or any other flavours but there, you simply savour the real fresh taste of an awesome shrimp

I don't know how to describe how amazing my experience there
You just have to go there

Thank you Kushido-san for bringing me there ^.^

ZAUO Restaurant
東京都品川区上大崎2-27-1 サンフェリスタ目黒5F
TEL:03-6417-9588 FAX:03-6417-9584

The one I went is Meguro Branch, but they have other branches as well which you can check out HERE

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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