Harajuku Street

April 23, 2014

Most of my new readers might not know that I have an addiction toward Harajuku Rock Style
My wish when I was 13 years old was to come to Harajuku, shop all the Visual Kei clothes there, and watch my favourite bands concert

When I grew up, I have a little bit of fashion change and tend to like other styles too. Now I can wear skirts and dresses that I would never wear 8 years ago :D

But of course, this style still has some space in my heart. And whenever I visit Harajuku, I have an urge to dress up like this again

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Harajuku is only 15 minutes walk from Shibuya or 1 station away.. And Shibuya-Harajuku have always been my hometown whenever I visit Tokyo. I manage to come there 3-4 times a week just to walk around, do nothing, and then notice that I spend time meaninglessly wtf

That's just the magic of these fashion cities

If Shibuya is more into Gal Style, where usually you will see a lot of gyarus with their false eyelashes, lightened hair, wearing dresses and beautiful nails.. In Harajuku, it's much easier to spot crazy styles, rock styles, kawaii styles, and so on.. Though the numbers are mixed now with some gyarus who come there for buying cheap clothes, but these 2 cities are different

My Face Of The Day

I decided to not put on lenses because my eyes were super tired (-_______-)
In fact, my eyes are sensitive that's why I can't wear lenses more than 8 hours, or using it for everyday basis.. ( ;__; )

Only real Japanese lenses that can handle this sensitiveness . . 

My friends often say that my eyes are naturally big, and I don't need lenses or eye make up.. I think it looks okay for daily life but big NO NO for picture lol
And if I can switch, I'd rather have no eyelid but have taller nose, instead of big eyes but flat nose wtf

Because I think you can easily cheat your eyes with make up but it's different case with nose XD

Well anyway, here's my OOTD = 

So in love with my hair!! Read the Salon Experience HERE 

I really love the combination of black and red. For me it's sexy, cool, strong, yet mysterious 

A reader told me that I look like Hyde on this photoshoot and I am like "omg no way, comparing a mere normal girl to this beautiful goddess legend-sama is unforgivable " LOL

Also became a tour guide for my friend Comi. This is her first time in Japan and I managed to squeeze out a little time of my schedule in japan to become a tour guide for a few hours 
She's there with her family, and she's late so I had to wonder alone for about an hour without her lol

Angel and Devil, pfftt

Guiding her around, and Takeshita Dori was sooooooooo crowded on that day (-__-)
We barely could walk and fortunately it's Japan, and it's not hot... [Spring it is]

If it's in Indonesia I would just sleep at my home cos it would be super HOT and many people will push each other and many sweats around LOL
Apparently it's very cooperative there. Though it's crowded, no one push or pull anyone

Oh.. Now you can see my real hair colour I think when I take picture with Comi
My hair is more into ASH light brown, while Comi is WARM light brown

Which one you like more? ^^

Even still manage to camwhore lol oh girls...

See how crowded it was?
I couldn't even take pictures of Takeshita ouchhh

So I brought Comi and her family for lunch, and also Purikura [Photo Booth] !!

So cute right! 
When you're in Harajuku, you just have to do Purikura. It's located inside an alley next to Yoshinoya.. Quite difficult to find if no one leads you there though ^^;;

Then I had to leave them because I had meeting at Ebisu so they're going shopping by themselves

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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