Japanese Hair Salon in Tokyo - Kilico. Hair Salon

April 11, 2014

We all know Japanese hair salon is without a doubt, has high quality service and products. I've only visited Japanese hair salon in my country, and for me it's already good
But while in Japan, let's try the REAL japanese hair salon!!

But there are thousands of hair salons in Tokyo.. Obviously I cannot visit everything, but I am someone who really trusts friends' recommendation. So a few of my Japanese friends introduced me to Kilico. Hair Salon that's located at Daikanyama, an area in Tokyo that's popular for young people

We all know Shibuya if area for young stylish gal too, but Daikanyama is more into classy type with full of cafes and salons. Maybe similar to Omotesando? 

Anyway, here's my experience!

As it was my first time to Daikanyama, I had a few friends of mine to accompany me and helped me to translate what I wanted to do with my hair
My friend led me to the salon and it was located at the basement
For your info, a lot of shops in Japan are located underground, and even in one small buildings, there might be a few shops that take each floor for themselves. They try to maximise their small land into a lot of places!

The Kilico Hair Salon has little banner on the wall that's a little bit difficult to see for me ^^; 
And they put small glass table to place their price sheet

Here's the price for Kilico Salon
The price for Japanese Hair Salon everywhere is more or less, same.. 
And in fact if you are student, they also provide discount for you!

Now, let's begin the journey!

Going downnnn~~

The place was designed by French designer and they made it spacious and simple with white as their base colour. The lighting is a little bit dim to create relaxing atmosphere 

Cute receptionist to help you!

You like it? ^^
Apparently this kind of design is very very popular among japanese now

For first time customer, you have to fill the form!
My friends helped me to translate and fill it. They basically ask about your hair experience and what kind of style you want

The hairstylist was explaining about what she's going to do with my hair and we did consultation first before she decided what to do with my hair!

I wanted to keep the colour into dark ashy brown. You guys know that I always go for ashy hair tone!
My hair has faded already into warm brown.. And I am at a point where I am so tired of bleaching. It's painful, damaging, and expensive T___T

So at Kilico, I just asked for something normal and natural for my hair
She also said she would do treatment and cut for my hair because I needed it lol

That's the colour that she picked for me!

And here's the before picture : 



So dry and damaged... 
In fact it is already much much better than before, but still, it was blonde before and the bleaching damaged my hair so much.. 

The hair colour was in fact still okay, I dyed it a month ago, but the roots had appeared and the colour had faded a little

Also someone needs to do something about my bangs! 
I wanna grow it but I don't know how.. The style is pretty messed up already lol

Okay let's go!

First, the staffs dyed my hair first
They used HOYU Professional, all the products are from Japan hence explains the quality
They work so fast and efficient! And after 10 minutes, my whole head is done!

And in Japanese Salon usually they offer you a lot of varieties of beverages. Juices, coffee, cocoa, and others! I asked for hot cocoa because it was freezing on that day!

Drinking my hot cocoa while waiting for the hair dye absorbed into my hair
They used plastic wrap all over my head to make the progress faster too

After around 30 minutes, they led me to wash my hair! 
The good thing about Japanese Hair Salon is they really live to their service and always make the customers feel like king / queen
They gave me thick blanket for my body so I won't feel cold, and to cover my legs [as I was wearing skirt]

The interesting thing is when I sat down, I was curious why the chair was not connected to the sink. But then the staff pulled some button and my chair was laid back!! XD

Like this =

You have to experience it by yourself to really understand XD

Oh and they also put face paper to cover up my face so the water won't go to my face
So thoughtful right ^____^

And I swear it's the best massage and hair wash I have ever received in my whole life.. I felt asleep for like 2-3 minutes during the progress!
And also they put the treatment afterwards, left it for a while and rinsed it back

My hair becomes so smooth and tangled free!!
It's been a while since my hair becomes that smooth T_T
And no other hair mask could do that to me

Kilico, what have you done to my hair T___T <3

After colour + treatment, the stylist started cutting my hair ends to get rid of the damaged hair, and also to make the whole appearance looks neater and nicer!

See how smooth my hair now?? 
I know a lot of you have complained about how frizzy my hair last time on this post but now, you cannot say that anymore 8D

And now, styling!! 
She curled my hair! 

And to be honest ever since I cut my hair short, I never really curl my hair cos I thought I would look like auntie (.____.) 

I am not someone who really likes short hair after all
So I usually only curled it inward like short bob.. 
And now I wanted to grow my bangs too so idk, I don't think curly hair suits me..

But it's not Japan if they cannot make it work!

See this = 

I look like japanese girl already or not???!!!!!!

Omg omg so in love with my hair!
I fell my hair is the prettiest and on the best condition after 21 years living on the earth!
The colour and cut is perfect, it's bouncy and shiny and smooth, and the curl is soooooo awesome!!

I can't believe that hair is my hair T_____T

Sorry if my face ruins the hair, you can hate my face but please don't hate the hair!

Here's how it looks like from the side and the back = 

Ever since my visit to Kilico Hair Salon, I began to curl my hair again like they did to me, but I only could master it into 30% of their skill
Their skill is so good to be true. It looks so natural!

And anyway, here's how the colour looks like under sunlight, without filter = 

I got a nice gradation of ashy dark brown colour, which will turn out lighter and lighter after a few washes ^^
But Kilico has done some techniques on my hair to make the colour lasts longer too by layering the hair dye on my hair!

The colour changes depending on the lighting though
You guys just have to see me to see the real hair XD

Anyway, what impressed me the most is also their time efficiency. Usually I had to wait at salon for a whole day to take care of my hair, cos it's freaking difficult ._.

But at Kilico. I only had to wait for 2 hours for cut + treatment + colour, and the result is even much much better than spending days in jakarta salon lol
Such a high quality standard! As expected from Japan

Overall I am super pleased with my hair!! There's not a single complain that I can give to them
Everything is just perfect
My hair also looks and feels very smooth and healthy and it's easier to be styled now

I will definitely come back to this salon when I visit Tokyo again!

And in case anyone is wondering how much is the total cost of cut + colour + treatment for my hair there
Here you go =

Do I think it's worth it?


Best service in my life!

For you who want to visit Kilico Hair Salon, you might want to check their website HERE
Also for more interior pictures, you can google Kilico Hair, and it will show you their artistic interior

I couldn't really take pictures there because there were other customers there

Here's their address : 

〒150-0034 Tokyo, Shibuya, Daikanyamacho, 20−17, 代官山AビルB1
+81 3-3780-1991

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Your hair color looks good! i wanted that kind of color but no bubble hair dye could obtain such color T_T im surprised the price is not too far compared to salons in jakarta (because, well it's in japan! so i thought the price would be 3x compared to japanese salon here lol) but still its expensive though >_< *aku bokek :(*

  2. Warnanya cakeo banget stell!!! Harganya itu yang ga nahan :D

  3. Harganya 11-12 ya kayak salon di sini >.<


  4. lovely decor!! :o
    the color suits u ciii~ :D

    cheer, michelle

  5. May I know on which Online Store you bought this one? I'm still searching for the best price.. and I'm struggling between this one and the NARS one. LOL

  6. Now you can find The Balm Cosmetics in some Metro Dept. Store :D I'm considering buying this palette and some of their blushes.

  7. I very love the color you did!! That's remind me a little of the Palty Candy Ash color!

    That made me want to doing again this color, but it during only 2-3 weeks I was so saaad.
    Did you know a really good brand that made the aproximately same shade, but during in the time?

    I already eard the Japanese saloon are extra cool! Need to try too, but always very expensive haha.
    Thank you ~

  8. Look great on you! BTW, did you purchase their hair products as well such as shampoo, mask, serum as well? Thanks for the review, Stella~ Btw, can I suggest that you to make a post about 'what to do for a first timer to Japan' like how to choose a cheap but good hotel, how to rent a personal tour guide since most of us not a fan of travel tour but we can't speak Japanese T_T Thanks again Stella, good luck for your thesis! ^^

  9. It's difficult to get the exact hair colour that you want by yourself unless you're professional :(
    Hence, I recommend salon now..

    Yes it's expensive but not that exp in fact lol
    So I think if you happen to have chance to go to Japan, please consider trying this as your experience too! ^^

  10. harganya mirip tapi sama salon2 disini sih menurutku XD
    kemaren2 ak cat di salon aja satu juta bzz

  11. This colour lasted me for a while! :D They did technique to make it last longer! Even until now [it's been 3 weeks already], the colour is still ashy!

    Hmmm I don't really know which brand i can recommend yet to get this tone :(

  12. No I don't! Because my luggage was limited T___T

    Okay okay! I will keep that in mind ^^
    AAAA dont mention my thesis T_T *slaps

  13. I do love the way your hair turned out, it's lovely! I've always had good experiences with hair salons in Japan. I've tried a few, and I was satisfied each time. ^__^


  14. Baka, both your face and hair looks great! You show us such great places in Japan, you're gonna make me poor when I go there D: Anyway, I also think that this is totally worth it, you could spend almost the same amount on creams and wouldn't look as good as I think the result looks. *O*

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  15. Your hair looks really great now! And the service looks great too from all the photos ^^

  16. omg cicik you look so cutee aaa .

    jadi pengen ke salon jepang jugaaaakkk T__T

    xion xiu's blog

  17. Hahaha!! I still have a lot of things that will make you poor too there :P So stay tuned!
    i really recommend this salon next time you come to tokyo!

  18. You live in Japan? :D This is my first time but i have to say I'm so impressed!

  19. I lived in Tokyo for a year back in 2011/12 and I have been there a few times on holidays. ^^ It is impressive, isn't it?

  20. you're being too much and exaggerating. of course Japan doesn't have the best salon in the world or the best quality in the world. you gotta meet Kim Vo first before you roar something silly.

  21. halo kebetulan browsing2 nemu blog ini
    salon jepang emang top banget :)
    met kenal


  22. cantik banget ci stella!! warna nya natural 💟
    cuma ongkos ke jepang ny mahal 😯😫

  23. stellaleeisuglyandfakeApril 14, 2014 at 5:55 PM

    your face is so ugly, a little like monkey especially the one on your profile :S don't ever think that you're pretty

  24. you are beautiful!

  25. kerenn banget..
    itu 15.750 kalo di rupiah kan jadi 1.575.000??? tambah 00?


  26. What type of camera do you use (The white one)

  27. Iya sih, lagipula Japanese quality ga perlu diraguin lagi :))

  28. Thank you for sharing the information.

    I would like to inform that I recently came across a site called changing room salons who is providing the services of beauty treatment like haircut, styling, curling etc.
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  29. I like your blog on this topic is well-written and original. Your information is really interesting to all readers. Hope you continue to keep up with this blog and will provide us some more information like this.