April 27, 2014

I'm back with another J-Drama to recommend! And gals, you will totally LOVE this drama because it's about our problem



Ever envy why those girls are so skinny despite eating so much?
Ever wish to get into that dress that you like?
The guy that you like say that they don't like fat girls?
Diet with all your might to maintain that figure?

Well guess what, there's a drama about this whole story of us, and it's Rebound
Played by one of my favourite Japanese Actress, Aibu Saki [who used to be ex gf of Tomoya Nagase, whose ex is Ayumi Hamasaki in case you don't know them :x ]

Read more to find out!

I have watched this years ago in fact, and when I found out about this drama, the couple is Aibu Saki X Mokomichi Hayami and it's like they're reunited from Zettai Kareshi Drama! 
Ok so Zettai Kareshi is a Japanese Drama based on popular manga, it's a story about a love story of human with a robot and that drama successfully made someone like me crying endlessly wtf. I really recommend that! [And in fact I am on Mizushima Hiro's side, although Mokomichi is the main hero hehe]

Back to Rebound! 
So maybe because of the chemistry between Aibu Saki and Mokomichi Hayami, they have another love story drama for them! And what's better is we also have one my Girl Crush, Kuriyama Chiaki, to play as Aibu Saki's friend!

So here's the little summary from me : 

"Oba Nobuko (Aibu Saki) is a girl who loves eating, well who doesn't? It's because her family owns restaurants and her addiction toward sweets which make her body growing slowly but surely. By the time she reaches adulthood, her weight is 78 kg's and growing. She thinks it's fine until her boyfriend can't take it anymore so they break up. Being broken hearted, she decides to lose weight and everything turns perfect after that. She can wear cute clothes, all the men's stare are after her, and she works at prestigious fashion magazine that she always dreams of! 
But it doesn't last long because she has to make a review about a cake shop that she used to like when she was kid. There she met the handsome patissier and the owner of the shop, Imai Taichi (Mokomichi Hayami). Though his handsome appearance won the heart of Nobuko, sadly the cake says is not. The review becomes bad, and so the shop is out of customers afterwards. Feeling guilty, Nobuko tries to help Taichi to make delicious cakes but what awaits her is endless cakes eating progress and so she rebounds to her old self again"

And yes, that's the main character... lol
Japanese make up is so awesome they're able to make someone so pretty like Aibu Saki to a fatty girl, and it looks so natural!! O.O I wonder how they do it? I wanna learn !!!

But *cough cough* okay back to the drama
So there's endless everyday dramas going on her life. She rebounds to her old self after helping Taichi and she falls in love with him. The feeling turns out to be mutual but when she rebounds, she asks Taichi through phone what kind of girl he likes. He says any girl is fine as long as she's not fat. From that point, she struggles to make her weight going back to normal before she meets him again to confess her feeling! Her boss will also fire her if she doesn't go back to normal, since they're working in fashion industry so she has no other choice than diet

I mean, who won't gain weight if she has to eat that many cakes everyday?
And damn! Now I want to eat cakes as well but I don't wanna gain weight. Such a pain

The best wish that I could dream of :
Gaining no weight no matter how much I eat

When watching her action to be in shape, I suddenly feel an urge to work on my body as well too!

I know some of you find me not fat, but I have fats on areas that is difficult to see such as upper arm and tummy. I have big upper body although my legs are skinny T.T Anyone has the same problem?

So I promise to myself that I will be more active in working out after watching how Nobuko can get in shape nicely! If she can, why can't I?! 

But as always, I'm always tempted by nice foods, like her... 
That's actually kind of explaining my face when I'm in front of foods.. 
Did I mention my favourite place for shopping is in fact supermarket ? I'm so happy when I think about cooking T____T

So of course we see how problematic and difficult life is for Nobuko! But when she gets back in shape there's another problem waiting! While Taichi didn't see Nobuko, he's busy making cakes and he becomes fat! 

Turns out that he used to be fat, that's why he doesn't want his girlfriend to be fat as well. Though Taichi giving up to be back in shape, Nobuko cheers him up [Kind of..? lol] and so he resolutes to do any thing that he can to make Nobuko like him too!

The drama will continue about the life of this couple who tries to keep in shape to please each other's feeling. A woman who wants to be skinny so the man will not leave him, and the man who will still be skinny to make the girl happy and love him back

They resolute for diet pills that's dangerous for bodies too to the point I was wondering,

" Is the skinny body really what I want until I risk my health? "

" Do I have to be skinny to please someone else? "

" Won't anyone like me if I were fat ? "

I only watch half of the series because at that time it's so difficult to find this drama and some episodes were not subbed yet and I didn't understand Japanese! T____T So I still don't know what the ending is about, but thanks to WAKUWAKU Japan TV! Now I can watch it on my TV without waiting the long buffering [Only God knows how bad the internet connection in Indonesia is], with great subtitle, and of course high quality and clear images! 

So, any of you will watch it together with me and find inspiration to lose weight as well?

You might want to check this out as Rebound will be aired 4 times on WAKUWAKU Japan!

It will start from Wednesday, 30th April 2014!

First Slot : Monday - Thursday, 7 p.m - 8 p.m
Second Slot :  Tuesday - Friday, 1 a.m - 2 a.m
Third Slot : Tuesday - Friday, 11 a.m - 12 p.m
Fourth Slot : Sunday : 12 p.m - 4 p.m

Keep your date to watch this cute drama! 

And seriously, I can't wait to see those cakes in HD TV! Yummmmmm~

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