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April 08, 2014

This time I will bring you to Japanese Beauty in nail art field!
It is my job to show you the beauty and kawaii from this little country, Japan, and so I will bring you along with me to try their gel nails! 

There are hundreds or thousands nail salon in Tokyo and I was confused about which one I had to visit. After all, the only time I had my nails done was with Menard last year at their salon in Nagoya

After research and asking everyone about their recommendation, I decided to visit this salon that NHK Kawaii International Producer recommends! It's located at NakaMeguro and it's very easy to access the place from my place in Tokyo

After stopped at Naka-Meguro station, I walked for around 15 minutes following the GPS to reach this little kawaii shop
The salon is located on the basement and they have their mini billboard placed in front of the building, including some nail designs to attract the customers!

I slowly walked down and was greeted warmly with the staff

The salon itself, like any other places in Tokyo, is quite small and compact but feels very cozy and relaxing. The lighting is dim and the floor is made by woods to give warm atmosphere

They also have some certificates to show that they're authorized nail salon in Tokyo!
That means their quality is already recognised and reached certain standard!

Here's what it looks like inside : 

The chair is very very soft and the music which was played was so relaxing and I swear if it's not because of sake of this blog post, I would have just slept already!

Look at all those nail polishes !!

They have their basic nails and of course New Spring designs as well!
To be honest I prefer black nails lol but since it's spring and the staff also recommends me the spring nail art, I decided to give it a go

And die me, I have to pick one design from hundreds of kawaii nails!!


It took me 10-15 minutes to finally choose one
And I decided to get one of the simplest one so it's easier to match with my clothes

The one that I chose is from the picture above, second row from the top, and the most left nails
It's a mix of white matte nails and pastel colour gradations like sakura petals

But hey hey, look at the other nail designs too!!!

And it's only half of it!!

They got more but the lighting was quite dim so it's difficult to take pictures
And I don't wanna feel like a stalker or what by snapping every stuffs lol 

And so we started!!

It took them 1,5 hours to finish 10 fingers, including manicure, and like 10 layers of gels to make sure everything is perfect and won't chip off
The staff worked super fast and efficient and didn't make any single mistake

Such a japanese quality!

Here's the result on my nails

I knowwww... It would look much better if I had longer nails
Next time I come again, I would come with longer nails!

And anyway, the reason why I picked Naka-Meguro area is also to see this =

Naka-Meguro is one of the most popular spot to see sakura blooms!
They have dozens of sakura trees along the street and it's super super pretty!

Kawaii spring-inspired nails along with amazing sakura, that's what I call a perfect day!

In case you happen to be in Japan next time and want to try nail salon in Tokyo, do come over at Verita Nail Salon and take pics with the sakura!

Here's the address : 

〒153-0042 東京都目黒区青葉台1-13-11 

Simply put it on your Google Maps and it will lead you to the place!

For more informations, you might want to visit their website HERE

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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