Miura Haruma - Samurai High School

April 13, 2014

During my last trip to Tokyo, I had my first experience wearing the real kimono!
I have been always a fan of Japan, and although I love the pop-culture more, the historical stories are something that I want to dig in further! I LOVE HISTORY too to be precise, that's why I like sightseeing to old places. And of course when we're talking about old Japan, we will think about samurai!

That's why today I am going to talk about another drama recommendation that involves samurai, but in a way where we can relate easily about how they live! Most of us maybe hate boring old dramas, so that's why comedic samurai drama is something that you should see!

We're talking about Samurai High School here!

It's a drama where I had finished long before (What do you expect, I'm a J-Drama lover! LOL) and it features Miura Haruma, Shirota Yuu, and Anne! If you're a J-Drama lover, you will have known those popular names but if you're not, you will eventually fall in love with them when you're watching the drama :D

Here's my summary about this Drama =

Mochizuki Kotaro (Miura Haruma) is a normal student that's good at nothing. He has bad grades, unmanly, and no dream, spending his life as a waste. He suddenly has to make a paper about samurai and so he visits an old library to get reference books and meets a mysterious librarian named Himiko who recommends him an ancient book about samurai period 400 years ago 
Upon reading the book, he finds out that the samurai has the same name with him, and suddenly he feels something on his chest. From that time he is possessed by the spirit of samurai and faces everyday trouble in samurai way, creating chaos to everyone around him

I first watched it because a lot of people mention how good Miura Haruma is. And although he is not my type, but I have to admit that this man's acting skill ROCKS! 
I don't know why Amuse always produces the best actors, talk about Takeru Sato too!

I have watched a lot of Miura's dramas and to be honest, I really like him acting as samurai. Maybe it's just my personal preference because I like a guy like samurai. Cool, Dependable, Manly, Strong, and Have a good way of live

I mean seriously Miura. How come you can act as someone who is dumb like above picture, and on the second you change to something like this =

Who to not fall in love with that eyes!!!! (*Q*)

Okay, so basically this samurai often possess him and teaches Kotaro indirectly about the way to live as samurai in this modern era. We also learn about how to solve some everyday problems that often occur in our life by fighting our own justice and defending who is right. 

Well, literally maybe... lol

But the point is, I'm just in love with this drama because :

  • It is very relatable. The problems that appear on the dramas are problems that we all will face, and somehow we just decide to let it go and run away from it. Our samurai teaches us how to face it and become a better person
  • It is a light comedic drama that you can watch with everyone. Die yourself from laughing at silly things that is very manga-like, and spend your time leisurely watching it. I know some J-Dramas are so difficult to follow as they like detectives and not a fond of love / comedic drama, so this one is such a refreshment! :D
  • AMAZING ACTING of Miura Haruma! You just have to watch it to know the appeal of his acting! Seriously, he can be anything! And oh, do you know that he will be also the main actor for Attack on Titan Live Action Movie? I believe he will do well, because he is Miura after all 

Now please excuse me if in the future I marry a man with samurai spirit. Seriously GIRLS you will want a samurai to be your man after this!
How I wish I would live at that time and marry a samurai

But I don't want to be a widow at such a young age T___T

Because usually samurai has to go for war and often dies young. Back then it was a very tough time, hence explains why the people are very strong in physically and mentally. Looking at our period now, I feel it's such a waste for us to just live our life wastefully. I'm sure you will be inspired to live your life in samurai spirit now like I do LOL

Kotaro helps to fight and help his friends in various circumstances and we will know the reason why the Samurai possess Kotaro's body in the end

Why, you ask?

Find out by yourself by watching the drama! ;)

WAKUWAKU JAPAN will air this drama starts from 15th April 2014!
It will be aired at 4 different times, so you can see whichever slot you can watch and adjust it with your schedule ^^

First Air : Monday - Thursday, at 7 p.m - 8 p.m
Second Air : Tuesday - Friday, at 1 a.m - 2 a.m
Third Air : Tuesday - Friday, at 11 a.m - 12 p.m
Fourth Air : Every Sunday, at 12 p.m - 4 p.m

I want to watch it again too because how awesome it is to watch Miura Haruma's acting skill with big screen and high quality pictures?

Anyone will join me as well? ^^

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. sounds fun! x3

    cheer, michelle


  2. I have never added something to my to-watch list as fast as I added this! :D It looks sooooo cool and cute I can't wait to watch it! Thanks so much for letting us know about it! :D

  3. I haven't seen this show, but it looks so interesting! ^__^


  4. Ganteng banget astagaaaaa;_;
    Cowok gondrong kalo di kuncit setengah gitu imut yahhh:3


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