Romantic Sakura

April 07, 2014



I know I'm back in Jakarta already but half of my soul is still sucked to Sakura in Tokyo..
After church in Mitaka Area, I had appointment with my friends to see sakura together in Naka-Meguro area

Naka-Meguro is one of the most famous area for hanami
Though, unlucky me, during that day it was raining and so windy super bad and my curl had gone instantly after 10 minutes I was out


But doesn't matter!
Take all the pictures with sakura!

My Outfit Coordination of that day

Crop Top : Gowigasa --> Super fluffy !!!
One Piece Dress : Liz Lisa from Japacolle
Legging : Tutuanna
Shoes : Esperanza from 109 --> Super comfy! Costs me a lot but OMG Best purchase ever!
Bag : From Shibuya 109

I could't stop staring how beautiful the sakura is
Finally, after 21 years living on earth, I managed to catch one of the most beautiful flowers in the world

Sakura , or cherry blossom . . .

I dressed up in inspiration of sakura. Pink and white of course

But a friend of mine said I was too pink on that day lol
Doesn't matter, usually I'm always black LOL

I had crazy shopping moment in Tokyo
I bought all the good stuffs cos I was tired of the cheap harajuku stuffs that is painful to wear
I used to shop at Takeshita Dori but now I purchased everything from Shibuya 109. Simply because the quality is a proof!!

I had sore and painful legs for 1-2 weeks before I decided to hop on Esperanza and buy any comfy shoes
The logo of this shoes said "Angel Walk" LOL
And seriously, I never had a shoe as comfy as this

It's about 7000-8000 yen if I am not mistaken. Quite pricey, but it stands for its price

Next time I come to Tokyo again, I want to buy more shoes!
Yes, I have shoe addiction.. I don't care about cheap clothes, as long as my shoes are fine!

How about you?
What's your fashion addiction item? 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. currently I also have shoes addiction!! black boots to be exact <3 since I'm inspired by vkei artists ^.^

  2. sakura <3 <3
    *nabung biar bisa ke jepang* XD

  3. i'm clothes addict, i thought so

  4. Nakameguro really is beautiful during Sakura season. Your outfit is so cute. ^^

  5. Haha, I also don't care about cheap clothes at all (but they must be cute), but I hate it when a shoe hurts my feet, so I'd rather buy pricey shoes. Would be great though, if I could find cute, cheap and comfy shoes e_e.

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  6. love your coordination, Stella! matched the sakura so well.
    yup sepatu itu penting bgt, kalo kita pake sepatu bagus (+nyaman), whole look kita pasti jadi bagus ;)

    Lova // clovers and carousel blog

  7. Marcela Marusera MaślankaApril 13, 2014 at 3:52 AM

    I guess my fashion addiction items are dresses ;) You look wonderful (and I love your dress, athough I can't see it whole.

  8. wahhh apaan tuuu gak pernah denger haha

  9. I like V-Kei style too!! <3 SO MUCH

  10. ayoooo.. sapa tau bisa pergi bareng XDDD ntar dianterin deh hehe

  11. yes, now i won't care anymore about the price if its comfy :x i already know the pain of being a cheapskate for shoes T_T

  12. hehehe makasihhhh =D
    iyaaa!! sepatu jepang enak2 en lucu2!! next time harus beli lagi haha

  13. for the whole pic, u can see it at japacolle Facebook ^.^

  14. Wah wah~ envy you! I want to go back to Tokyo soon! LOL~

    i love all the post regarding your trip in tokyo! I'm still waiting for your post about the shop in the shibuya though.. ;) *the one i asked in instagram..LOL~*

    anyway, you look so pretty in pink~ do dress up more often in bright color! You look stunning~
    I'm addicted to shoes and sweater at the moment~ <3 :D ahahaha...

  15. gak nyoba deflex nya payless aja stel? itu juga kayak make sepatu angin lol

  16. I love the outfit.