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April 15, 2014

I have been wondering about this question for a while. And I want to ask YOU GUYS as well about this because hey, let's hear about every women's opinion regarding this matter as always!

Have you ever had a crush toward a girl, not in a romantic way but, you adore that girl and you somehow want to know her and be friend if possible ? 

Apparently, this topic has become so common recently people whom I met

I have seen and heard many girls are fan-girling other girls, and are envious toward their friends because those people can be friends of the girls that they admire. Like thinking omg why is she so cool, I wanna talk with her more. Something like that! And I have maybe had some girl crush too toward some people lol

Then I know some girls are kinda desperate to be noticed by their girl idol [though they are not idols lol] but are too shy to do so 

Take an example..
A friend of mine is a fan of Elle Yamada and when she knew that I am a friend of Elle, she says that she's jealous and she wants to meet Elle one day like me. Even maybe hug her if she sees Elle lol
Then I was like "Oh, then why don't I introduce you guys?"

And she's like "no no!! It's so weird... It's as if I am a guy!"


And this happened many times, whether it's me, my friends, of my friend's friends

I feel it is perfectly normal because girls are not supposed to only like guys as well, but they can also look up to the same gender o.O

I know that there are some girls that other girls cannot stand, maybe I'm sure that the majority will say that they don't like Cherrybelle [Indonesian Girl Band] because they act so cute or what, idk, but there are some girls that is admired by other girls and I am very curious about WHY is it?

 I often talk about business too with my business partners, and mostly are male. They're very confused about what kind of girl appeals to other girls. They said that for a girl to be liked by guys it's very very simple, just put the girl in bikini and they will like it  LOL

But for girls to like other girls, it's something that is not easy to guess

So here are my questions guys :

1. Have you ever had a crush toward a girl, in platonic way? If so, WHY?
2. What do you think the reason why a girl is being liked by other girls? 
3. What kind of girl that you cannot stand to be with?

I am interested to read everyone's answer and maybe we can collect the answers and you can come back again within 2 weeks to read other girls' answer LOL

So, leave your comment below! :D

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