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April 15, 2014

I have been wondering about this question for a while. And I want to ask YOU GUYS as well about this because hey, let's hear about every women's opinion regarding this matter as always!

Have you ever had a crush toward a girl, not in a romantic way but, you adore that girl and you somehow want to know her and be friend if possible ? 

Apparently, this topic has become so common recently people whom I met

I have seen and heard many girls are fan-girling other girls, and are envious toward their friends because those people can be friends of the girls that they admire. Like thinking omg why is she so cool, I wanna talk with her more. Something like that! And I have maybe had some girl crush too toward some people lol

Then I know some girls are kinda desperate to be noticed by their girl idol [though they are not idols lol] but are too shy to do so 

Take an example..
A friend of mine is a fan of Elle Yamada and when she knew that I am a friend of Elle, she says that she's jealous and she wants to meet Elle one day like me. Even maybe hug her if she sees Elle lol
Then I was like "Oh, then why don't I introduce you guys?"

And she's like "no no!! It's so weird... It's as if I am a guy!"


And this happened many times, whether it's me, my friends, of my friend's friends

I feel it is perfectly normal because girls are not supposed to only like guys as well, but they can also look up to the same gender o.O

I know that there are some girls that other girls cannot stand, maybe I'm sure that the majority will say that they don't like Cherrybelle [Indonesian Girl Band] because they act so cute or what, idk, but there are some girls that is admired by other girls and I am very curious about WHY is it?

 I often talk about business too with my business partners, and mostly are male. They're very confused about what kind of girl appeals to other girls. They said that for a girl to be liked by guys it's very very simple, just put the girl in bikini and they will like it  LOL

But for girls to like other girls, it's something that is not easy to guess

So here are my questions guys :

1. Have you ever had a crush toward a girl, in platonic way? If so, WHY?
2. What do you think the reason why a girl is being liked by other girls? 
3. What kind of girl that you cannot stand to be with?

I am interested to read everyone's answer and maybe we can collect the answers and you can come back again within 2 weeks to read other girls' answer LOL

So, leave your comment below! :D

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  1. My answer is yes. It's not that I have feelings for them. It's more I look up to them. They serve as my inspiration. I guess that's why girls can like other girls (in a platonic way) :p

  2. YES!! senior pas SMA dulu. Soalnya first impression ke dy itu, she's so "kakkoiii~". lol. Mungkin alasan cewe bis fan-girling ke sesama cewa itu karena alasan2 yg ga jauh beda kayak cewe doyan cowo. hehe. Cakep dan baik. Kebanyakan sih mungkin karena baik kali ya. Kl tipe yang "males"in buat aku itu ya yg semacam si ceribel itu sih. Too much pretending to be cute, sama yg bawelnya kebangetan juga nyeblin. lol

  3. for me, i'd crush to a girl because i got chemistry lilke she is my sister even she's not (cz i dont have sister). i feel i'd be safe if i'm being with her in all situation. she always be my inspiration, and... kinda hard to explain. i think the girl can be liked by another girl because she stand for something i dont have--to complete each other. lol~ the feeling like i've got crush into her is something i treasure the most beside crushing into boys, because i dont make friend easily with girls :(
    anyway, i can't stand sitting in the same room with girls who always take the profit for herself, and want to know every particular object about someone else (in bad way--i mean). i find it kinda annoying >_<

    nice post, stella. i always want to make a post like this but dunno how, hahaha^^
    keep writing :D

  4. 1.SERING BANGET!!kalo misalnya ada cewek yang menurut aku imut/boyish/keren gitu aku kepengen deketin tapi takut hahaha.__. tapi entah knp hampir semua cewek yg aku idolain kebanyakan udah temenan sama aku._. padahal dulu aku sering banget ngidolain dia AHAHAHA-_-tapi untung deh udah ngerasain jadi temen dia gimana :D
    2.In my opinion sih, aku kan tipe org yg pengen banget punya pertemanan yg kayak di film/komik2 itu, jadi aku kepengen punya temen yg cool/imut gitu trus do things together always together gitugitugitugitu-_-tapi aku gatau kalo org lain gimana._.
    3.I can't stand cewek yang kalo ngomong suaranya diimutin.OH GOD-_-sama aku gasuka cewek yg suka ngomenin style orang lain. well, everyone has right to wear what they want. knp mereka harus 'nyibukin' diri mereka dengan cara judging someone else's style?:(

    maap kalo kepanjangan._.soalnya aku sering banget nih punya girls crush (apalagi boys crush HAHAAA)


  5. 1. Yes!! sebenernya aku juga suka sama elle jess!!! mungkin karena faktor iri. hampir semua temen-temen aku juga pada tau ellejess. cantik, putih, dan seperti orang jepang, hubungan kakak adik nya juga bikin aku iri, karena deketttt banget keliatannya.. sedangkan aku ga punya kakak atau adik perempuan huhuhu
    2. yang pertama menurut aku penampilan dia dan sikap nya. pernah pengalaman ada anak baru di sekolah, cantik banget, semua cewek cowok pada kagum sama dia, tapi sayang sifat dia tidak secantik mukanya, jadi dia dijauhi teman2 dia
    3.yang suka pamer, sok tau, sombong, suka merendahkan orang lain.
    hehehhee nice post btw :P


  6. 1 and 2. Actually yes, since girl will adore other girls that better or approach their 'dream' to be the best girl. I think every girl knows how she sees other girl and think "how beautiful and gorgeous she is!" yet embarrassed to know deeper.

    3. The girl that wants to be noticed in bad way.

  7. 1. Have you ever had a crush toward a girl, in platonic way? If so, WHY?
    YES.to bubzbeauty/Lindy! She's not a girl anymore since she already married months ago xD but i love her simply because she is like a big sister that i never had. Bubbly,loving,CRAZY and give good advices! She's not perfect but that make her stunning
    2. What do you think the reason why a girl is being liked by other girls? Her style (fashion,etc) and personality :) and for being unique and stand out
    3. What kind of girl that you cannot stand to be with? Annoying girl who bashed another people. Like the one in Mean girls movie lol

  8. Ah yes, girl crushes are quite common these days. ^^


  9. 1. yes. when i was in junior high school, i really admired my friend. 'Till now she's still cool, adorable, calm and mature. I feel like a child if i meet her. But actually i'm the older so she call me 'bibi'
    2. maybe they hope they are the girl they had cursh on
    3. i can't stand with a liar, an arrogant, and like to ignoring other. hahaha... i think my opinion came from my experience

  10. Anggie LiandisshantiApril 15, 2014 at 8:52 PM

    what an interesting topic!
    1. Yes. Mostly because of the wittiness and remarkable style <3, but usually I'll find myself too shy to befriend that girl. hahahaa
    2. I think because of the ability to 'speak up' or express herself. Not trying too hard to be called unique and please everyone, but just showing everybody who she is. In addition, she must have such a wonderful life and a good looking, so any other girls must be envy to her. Hehee~
    3. I can't stand to be with a close-minded girl, bcause imo, closeminded-ness will lead to the worst thing a girl would do, like...pointing out another people's flaw and delivering her stupid judgement to others ._.

  11. Ok, I think I can help a bit .

    1. Yes. I still have, haha. I think that the style of girls I have a crush on usually have straight long hair, really light porcelain-like skin color and are not exactly trying to be cute. I don't know, these girls have something ethereal (?) Something different and unique that I absolutely love.
    2. I dont think that the girls want to necessarily be the other girl. Is just that they have a style that looks really cool and I want to befriends with the person just because she looks like someone interesting to talk with. Envy and have a crush is two things completely different. I envy pretty girls with pretty bodies, but I had crushes that I didn't envied at all.
    3. Besides ignorant, spoiled and this sort of characteristics, I hate when the girl doesn't recognize what other people do for her or doesn't give enough attention when people are talking to her. I really hate when someone doesn't show interests because that hurts even more than just disliking.

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  12. 1.Hahaha I'm surprised finally someone brought up this topic. Well yes that happens to me too, I love looking at attractive and pretty girls, especially if they're smart, talented and have distinctive style. Sometimes I even wonder if I'm actually normal lol cuz I love pretty girls! I find that in real life the population of attractive girls VS attractive boys are like 80 : 20, attractive boys only exist in doramas lol However I think my likings towards them are just admiration. To be honest I never thought of or had a wish to befriend them or wha. I don't know, I think admiration is enough. But I'd like to if there's a chance though. ^_^

    2. Because of the quality she has.

    3. a girl who likes to act cute and think highly of herself

  13. Nice & hot topic! Well, I think it's perfectly alright & normal to admire anybody. Doesn't matter if that person is a female/male/transexual. If that person has possitive traits & looks nice, I don't mind to say "hey, you look beautiful/awesome/else". But I differ this feeling of admiration with love-like feeling. (Yumie)

  14. interesting topic!

    1. Have you ever had a crush toward a girl, in platonic way? If so, WHY?
    yess! Especially girls who are not only gorgeous but are also talented, especially girls who are in (rock/metal) bands! *-* I also look girls who seem cool and down to earth and have an unique style.
    2. What do you think the reason why a girl is being liked by other girls? they look up to her in a way that they want to be like her because of talent, beauty and personality.
    3. What kind of girl that you cannot stand to be with? fake girls, trying too hard to be cute usually just to attract guys.

  15. Gawd! So glad you bring this topic up!

    1.have you ever had a crush towards girl in platonic way? If so, why?

    YESS a young,smart,talented girls who give a lot of positive influence in my life, and change my whole life become more colourful..YOU,cominica,michelle phan,xiaxue,bong qiu qiu, my life turn to be more cheerful and colourful after i see you all and i know how does it feels when people who used to bully u at school because you are ugly finally said you are beautiful lol

    2. What do you think why a girl is being likes by another girls? Well i think its because they have something that the other girls dream about..like talent and luck

    3.what kind of girl that you cannot stand to be with? A girl who always think they are superior and underestimate others, and always badmouthing people who actually talented just because she's envy the girl..

  16. If I have a girl crush it's because I admire something about her. Like her confidence, the way she speaks or dresses, or her personality.

    I would think that a girl is crushable because she exudes traits that another girl admires.

    I can't stand girls that complain or talk about stuff that doesn't matter. Like their distaste for how another girl dresses, or when they talk about someone else's relationship.

    I liked these questions! :D

  17. 1. Seriiing bgt punya girl crush. Dulu di kampus aku ada 3 - 4 cewek yg aku suka haaahaaaa. Sebagian krn tomboy dan keren bgt, sebagian lg krn cantiiik trus lucu dandannya dan ga neko2 anaknya :p Skrg pun msh punya, mostly bloggers, kaya fourfeetnine, xiaxue, tricia, bongqiuqiu, miyake and esp. CHEESIE!!! Kyaaaa omg >.<

    2. Umumnya krn rupawan (cantik/cakep etc) lol, tapi ya ga selalu, buktinya yg cantik/cakep banyak tp ga smuanya aku suka. Ga neko2, pede, terlihat keren dan nyaman sm dirinya, LUCU haha itu yg penting.

    3. Paling ga tahan sm yg manja and act cute, yg ngomongnya kaya bayi gt dibuat2 -.- makes me feel like ugh, talking like that may works for your parents or bf but not me, stahp it!!! Yg sombong bgt dan sok kecantikan/kecakepan jg, social climber yg pilih2 temen juga, pokoknya yg aura2nya ala2 mean girls gt lah ihhh situ okehh -.- lol

  18. That's one interesting topic! I don't know if it existed before in secret, but certainly is more common nowadays!

    To answer Stella's questions, in my case I develop girl crush in non romantic ways when seeing someone with many similar interests and tastes as myself. That makes it appealing because it's someone you could talk to about those things comfortably. And the interest for this person would increase if they look approachable, nice, welcoming despite their awesome appearance. So the formula would go like: good looks + welcoming aura + having things in common = crush!

  19. 1. yaa pernah.... soalnya alasannya pengen seperti dia.. bisa dibilang dengan katain iri juga sie... tapi nggak pernah terobsesi sampe segimananya c.. cuma seneng aja liat cewe cantik dan pengen jadi kayak gitu dengan cara sendiri..

    2. pertama dia seolah-olah sempurna, bisa ini itu, kaya, banyak uang buat beli ini itu, cantik, fashionable.. walaupun dia bukan idolaa tapi bikin orang-orang jadi ingin seperti dia.. XD lol

    3. cewe yang manja, sok imut dan sombong, kalau memang dia pantas dijadikan girl crush harusnya dia nggak akan sombong.. dan bagi-bagi tips, gimana caranya jadi cantik, agar semua wanita bisa jadi cantik.. XD

  20. Yes, beberapa kali. pertama kali punya girl crush pas SD. saya suka karena wajahnya yang cantik. and that's it. tapi kalau suka karana attitude, dll ngak pernah karena biasanya saya tidak kenal / tidak dekat dengan cewek2 itu, meskipun sekelas karena temen mainnya selalu beda. Diantara semua girl crush sy, ngak ada satupun yg jadi teman sy, mungkin karena sy jadi bersikap aneh disekitar mereka, sampai2 sy sempet mikir 'am I straight?' and the answer is yes, i'm straight. saya sebenarnya sangat mau sekali berteman sama mereka, tapi karena alasan tadi mungkin jadi ngak bisa.
    Dan beberapa bulan lalu pas kursus sepertinya sy yang jadi girl crush seorang cewek. dia dari pertama kayaknya ngebet banget pengen kenal & temenan sama sy. pas baru kenal aja udah sok akrab & sok kenal banget, pengen duduk di sebelah sy terus, dll. awal2 sy ngak sadar, sampai suatu hari temen yg main sama kita cerita cewek itu pas pertama masuk kebelet banget pengen kenal sy, dsb, dan membuat saya berpikir kalau tu orang jangan2 lesbi, makannya saya menjauh & ogah duduk disebelah dia lagi. pas udah jauh itu juga dia sering ngeliatin saya dari kaca! serem abis! sy main bareng cewek itu cuma 1 bulan pertama doang & ngak pernah lagi karena tingkahnya yg membuat sy takut. So saran dari saya, girl crush boleh2 saja tapi jangan lebay, karena membuat si crush itu takut.

  21. I have had many girl crushes (-^w^-) I usually have crushes on girls who are very small and short, even though they are the same age as me >.< Something about being tiny makes me feel drawn towards them. Maybe it's because I wish I was tiny tiny too X3 Ahahaha. I am also drawn to girls who have super cool tomboy personalities. o-o

    I think the only type of girl I cannot stand to be around are girls who only care about boys. That, or girls who gossip a lot ><;; I really dislike drama.


  22. Very interesting topic.
    I have girl-crushes too, who are mostly celebrities or ppl I see on YT. So, it's not someone I know irl (at least I can't think of anyone right now).
    Hmm, why do I have a crush on a girl? I think it's because I adore/admire something about this person. Be it the style, their confidence or just the way they talk..something you look up to in a way or you think this person is similar to you in a way. I for one like cool girls (like 2ne1's CL, Kiko Mizuhara). The type of girl I hate the most are those drama queen who gossip about everything. Ugh!

  23. Wow, crush wit a gal?

    For me, I admire her as my role model or inspiration, such as my YT celebs, famous bloggers, celebrities, and famous make up gurus. They will become my inspiration to do more good stuffs, give my references or infos and encouraging me to do the best in every area of my life. Because they are hardworkers, I think:
    My girl-crushes : Martina from EYK, Jenn Im from clothesencounters, Jen from Head to Toe, Stella Lee ( :D:D:D ), Elle and Jess Yamada, Song Hye Gyo, Erika Toda, Angel from Beautifymeeh, and Javabeans and Girlfriday from Dramabeans, (OMG such a long lists :p).

  24. ~people always said that I'm weird beacuse I'm crazy about idol group like AKB48 or JKT48 lol . everyone around me always said something like " why on earth you like those young-childish girls???"

    but man, if they look much better than a guy, so what can I do?xD

    everytime I do blogwalking, I always ended up screaming '"woaaa how could she looks sooo cute?? kawaiii, etc etc"

    ~because they're cute?they have something that make them look more appealing than a guy?

    I have no exact answer, but I'm sure that pretty and cute girls is not only admired by a guy, but girls too!!

    ~kawaii, moe girls, all japanese-style girls, as I love all 48 Family girls, lol

    ex : I do love Yuko Oshima and Haruna Kojima from AKB48. they definetely have a cute charm !! xD

  25. Girl crush on Youtubers yessss, i like it when a girl is smart and confident about herself like the way she talks and walks like she owns the place it's just so asdhsgf. O My God i can't stand to be in the same room breathe the same air with some Unhygienic girlTT

  26. Of course i have! LOL. I'm not weird just because i admire another girls, right? I think that way LOL. There are some girls i really admire, from their matureness, physics, skills i don't have, and their knowledge.

    I think we, girls, like another girls because these girls have something we want for ourselves, but unfortunately we don't get from God, for example, appearance. I think all girls are rather fond of beauty, even for the most tomboy girl on earth. So when we see pretty girls, we kinda respond in the same way as boys, like, "OMG. Look! How beautiful she is!" or "Whoa! what nice legs she has!", etc, etc. Other things are things that we can work on ourselves, or maybe, we're working halfway to, like her personality, her matureness, her kindness, her knowledge, and so on.

    As for girls i can't stand.....maybe girls with fake personality or attitude, like trying to act all cute or stupid, or the annoying one, like bugging you all the time with silly questions. LOL.

  27. 1 - Yes, I have had a crush towards a girl in a platonic way! I think it is just because I am quite quiet and shy so I find it hard to make friends - I would rather wish from afar that I was that girl's friend but I'm too shy and awkward to do anything about it haha...maybe I sometimes gravitate towards the girl's friend group if I know one or more people, then I can at least make myself known!

    2 - I think a girl is liked by other girls because she has admirable qualities that are admired by the person with the crush. If you surround yourself with good people with nice qualities, they will rub off on you and you will only want to have nice qualities! Most of the time whatever that girl you crush on has, you wish to be like her. For example, if you're shy and quiet, you might crush on a girl that is more confident and happy (but not too loud and annoying haha) because you want to be like her. She might have a fashion style or look you admire and want to wear more! Or she might have a job you admire and want to learn more about.

    3 - The kind of girl I cannot stand to be around is a girl who is loud, obnoxious and makes everything about her. The kind of girl that, if a group of friends are talking, she always has an example or story that makes the conversation about her again. She cannot stand to be out of the spotlight or not the centre of attention. It might be because she feels she is not good enough, so she has to make up for it or overcompensate but then she really needs help with that. People like that drain the energy out of me and I can't socialise with them haha.

  28. Interesting questions! :D

    #2 - I think maybe the reason why girls are liked by other girls is because they are admired. We fellow girls want to be more like the girls we admire, and usually these are also the girls who are approachable and whom you'd want to be your friend. :)

    That's why I think it's funny what you told us that "as long as you put a girl in a bikini the guys will like her". I think 'bikini girls' don't always appeal to fellow girls because there is the connotation of 'bikini girl/overly sexy girl = mean girl' and we view them as 'threatening' in a way and not approachable at all. Of course, it's not always true that sexy girls are mean girls, but there's still that stigma, I think.

  29. I just read this post and feel so excited to join to leaving a comment about my opinion. I've been admiring some girls during my junior-high school. It just simply because I think they are beautiful, they are popular, have a lot of friends, they can being crazy together. Well, on my high school, I was a bit serious. I do crazy things, but I always thinking their 'crazy things' are so much more fun than mine, and I really wish I can be the part of them. I wish I could be as popular as them and join them do crazy things.

    As I grow up and stepped to the new world of my life--university life, I change my point of view. I do adore a girl because she is sooo clever. She isn't as pretty as model. But her other sides such as optimistic, influencing others, her leadership skills and communication skills are make me so adoring her! And I can say, I feel so proud that she knows me, however we can't be counted as a 'real-friend', but at least we are a 'greeting-friend' (greeting hi and bye).

    So I guess the reason why a girl is being liked by other girls is simply depends on the girls. What they are searching for themselves. I wish I can be a popular girl, so I'm starting adoring a popular girl, and so on. It just because the 'idol' has something that we don't have, AND... we don't know her. So she still has a good image and become our idol.
    [if u have a friend that is very loveable and adorable, has something u dont have, I guess mostly we're going to get jealous and hate her instead admiring them, Lol]

    The kind of girl I can't stand for is obviously a pretty-smart-popular-mature-and most important is, FRIENDLY. To be truth, I don't know u before. I know u from Elle and Jess's Instagram and read their blog about u. They said u are a friendly, u kind of a friend that can be bullied (lol), etc. and just a sudden, I talk to myself, "woh, i guess Stella is a good and a fun friend. It would be good if i could be friend with her." hahaha.. So, if u ask me what kind of girl who can be loved by other girls, u can see what u have, because u have the criteria to be loved by other girls. hahaha

  30. that's eaxactly truueeee!!!
    about the criteriaaa...
    something that is keep in my deepest heart that i haven't realize before >.<

  31. Well, I seldom have a really strong crush towards other girls, but if I had to name one, the honor will go to the late Audrey Hepburn. I admire her enormously mainly because she has many qualities tht make her stand out among other Hollywood actress, such as eternal gracefullness (look at her pictures even when she was in her fifties! She could still turn heads), wittiness (which is a sign tht she is smart), and her generous heart. Also, to answer the question no.2, I think we can have a girl crush with somebody whom we think met the criteria that attract us, and the criteria do not have to be based on looks only. We girls tend to fall for strong personalities tht we look up to as ideals, like me, for example, I like one who can still look graceful even when she only wears a sack :).
    And about the kind of girls that I can't stand? Whiny girls who complain abt everything. I used to know one, and by God living and breathing next to her is a constant nightmare!

  32. Why? Maybe because of inovation, talent/skill and unique side ....every girl have unique sides, talent/skill. But only a few girls have a real unique sides and talent. Why I admire girls like you or elle and jess are because you guys have it. Even though I can't explained it so well.... but I think you guys are very cool, about your styles, its not only about beauty but skill as well. A girl admired by others is a girl who has something every girl wants and wants to be. A lot of girls only have a beauty but no skill or inner-beauty. They think it's cool but it isn't. And I think a girl I admire is a girl who has skill, enterpreuner, inner beauty, confident and strong mentally (strong as a girl , doesn't mean you don't care about what people said, or done to you its about caring and evolved to be better without changing yourself) thats what cool is.

  33. 1. i has crush toward Uzbek model named Julia K. Why? idk when i met her my heart was beating fast like crazy. Maybe because she looks androgynous? An even though we have been friends for almost 2 years i still feel nervous around her. And I actually wouldn't mind dating her lol

    2. maybe because of their talents and charisma

    3. i cant stand flirty slutty chidlish girls... especially cewe sok imut they are so disgusting ^^; (sorry for my harsh words)