Where to Eat Sushi in Japan? Ginza Sushikoh !

April 04, 2014

Hello guys! I can't believe it's April already omg time sure flies so fast. And to celebrate the first post of this month, I am going to show you my favourite sushi in Japan!

Once you've tried this restaurant, you cannot eat sushi anywhere else anymore.. 

During my trip with 100Tokyo as Indonesia Representative for Cool Japan Project, the staffs held a welcome dinner at Sushikoh. They have some chains at a few areas in Tokyo but the one that I visited is at Marunouchi Area, it's an expensive area for young people and you can reach this place easily by stopping at Tokyo Station. Simply across the station and get into the building! 

This 100Tokyo Project consisted of many influencers from many countries in Asia and I am so honoured to be a part of this project! 

Anyway, enough talking about me. Let's move on to the food!

The chefs prepared special set for everyone! 

Red Fresh Shrimp on top of some small ebis. It's prepared fresh and raw and perfect for an appetiser

Warm clam soup to warm up your stomach! It doesn't smell fishy at all

Kani [Crab] !!

A set of abalone, shrimp, and fish! 
That's the best abalone I've ever had!

Some grilled stuffs. I forgot what it is but it's seriously tasty!!!
In case you don't like raw food, the chefs will prepare all the sushi in grilled! 

Cutting that fresh tuna! OMG see how smooth the cutting is? 

The chefs showed off their superrrrr fresh ingredients!
The key of sushi and sashimi's quality lies on their ingredients and the skill of the chefs. And Ginza Sushikoh seriously have both of it!

I mean, look at this!!!!


*vomits rainbow*

I can die in happiness!!!


I ordered a plate of uni sashimi, and it comes with a little salt on the side. But I ate it just the way it is because it's already SOOOOO GOOOODDD!!!

Uni [Sea Urchin / Bulu Babi] is my favourite seafood at the moment T_T

And seriously. DONT eat uni at cheap sushi restaurant. I ate a few unis before at other restaurants and you can really tell the good and bad uni. I mean, I am okay with 100 Yen Salmon sushi at cheap restaurant but uni is different

The quality tells you instantly. Even stupid person who thinks everything is tasty in Japan like me, can tell o.O 

Usually my taste is super cheap and everything is good for me. I only can differentiate salty, sweet, spicy, and so on wtf. Not suitable to become a food blogger I know. But for uni, it is different case LOL

Anyway, here are some other sushis that I got at that night =  

Look at how shiny and smooth the texture is! 

Hirame / Flounder! 

Oh hi Uni!!!

Everyone's favourite! Salmon!!

Akagai or Ark Shell!
It's chewy but so good!!

A bowl of Ikura!

And I think I ate more than what's on the pictures. Where's the pictures gone o.O Maybe I was too busy eating and was drown into sushi's heaven so I forgot to take more pics LOL

But anyway, here's the ala carte menu for you!

Which one you wanna try? ^.^

With Melissa from Thailand and Lala from Taiwan!

With QiuQiu and Xiaxue from Singapore!

Cannot believe I've reached to a point in my life where I can be invited along with my blogger idol, Xiaxue T___T So happy huhu

Cheesie whom I like is also invited but she sat a lil far away from me so no picture at that night lol

And anyway, in fact I have been to this restaurant before and that's why I can say that this is my favourite restaurant! The chefs even remember me omg o.O 

They're like "last time you came, you're sitting over there right"


So touched that the chef could remember me! T___T
Maybe it's because I always order no-wasabi and it's rare for customer to order it that way? lol

Anyway, here's what I ate last time =

My friend brought me to this place before because he knows that I LOVE sushi!
And I already swore on that day that it's the best sushi I have ever had in my life

I ordered a set of sushi set. There are 2 sets if I am not mistaken, around 7000 yen and 10.000 yen per person. I got the 10.000 yen one and it was too many for me in fact lol 

As for the trip with 100Tokyo, everyone had ala carte so the price for each sushi vary. 

The price is quite expensive at Ginza Sushikoh but do remember that this is a pleasurable experience that you will always remember in your life XD 
And of course, the price doesn't lie. Although it is expensive but you will NEVER regret the quality that they serve to you T___T

Everything just melts instantly inside your mouth and you will feel every sushis that you have eaten so far in your life are such-a-joke. And I am not even exaggerating 

With all the bloggers invited for 100Tokyo! Everyone are satisfied and happy with the food and service! 
Cheesie-Xiaxue-QiuQiu are not in the picture because they left earlier

In case you want to visit Ginza Sushikoh at Marunouchi, here's the address :

2-4-1 Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 
Marunouchi Building, 35th Floor
Stop at Tokyo Station if you use Train, and find Marunouchi Building

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Mata anime... Kagamine Len??? :P

  2. Arghh!!enak enak banget(; A ;)
    uni itu rasanya kayak mana?...belum pernah cobainnn><
    sushi memang enak tapi aku lagi diet hiks hiks;_;

    Visit my blog pwwease:3 Adventure of P-chan!

  3. rasanya kayak apa yaaa hahaha.. kayak telur ikan kecil tapi lebih lembut? meleleh di mulut!

  4. lens yg u pakai kek mata2 character anime.. kek Kagamine Len,Kagamine Rin~ ^^

  5. aaarrgghhh, pingin banget bisa ngerasain sushi langsung di Jepang. Sushi itu makanan favorite ku tel hiks, harus nabung. Pasti bisa :)

  6. Ayo bisa bisa!! cari tiket promo!!! :)

  7. Absolutely amazing I am so hungry right now! :D This is oneof the many reasons why I reeeaaaally want to visit Japan soon! Everything just looks so delicious, clean and fresh!
    Thanks for all the lovely pictures! ^_^

  8. I really wanna try this restaurant, because it is not that expensive! I saw the best sushi restaurant in Japan and it was U$500 for 2 people >______>, I totally wanted to go, but the price Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  9. Oishisoooo *Q*
    wahhh what a precious opportunity <3
    invited along with qiu qiu, xia xue and cheesie >___<
    Thanks for sharing stel! ^^

  10. Iya beruntung banget bisa pergi bareng mereka hahaha

  11. Omg so expensive! :(
    Maybe try this one next? ^^

  12. Stellaaa~ serius baca ini tengah malam itu salah bangeet.. jadi lapeeer Stel T,T hihihi
    semua fotonya kelihatan enak :3

  13. aku juga laper, pengen ksana lagi.. nabung dlu :9

  14. 10000 yen itu kisaran lebih dari IDR 1000k kan?
    Omg why everything in japan are soo expensive? T-T

  15. looks tastyyyy~ x3

    cheer, michelle


  16. Cheesie AND Xiaxue? Oh man you've made it lol good for you!!


  17. Marcela Marusera MaślankaApril 10, 2014 at 1:25 AM

    I'm not a big fan of japanese cuisine, out of everything I can only eat sushi :C

  18. Am I was fat? my height was just 152cm and my weight was 41kg:s

  19. Do you need to make a reservation before you go?

  20. gyaaaaa!! xiaxuee!! qiuqiu!! cheesiee!!! aaakkkkkkk *kemudian mati kena blogger starstruck*