Japan Day 18 & 19 : Last Days with Menard Japan

May 04, 2013

Sorry it takes so long to finish my first japan trip, and I have already came back from my 2nd Japan trip as well O____O;; 

So on 18 & 19, I visited Menard Beauty stores and factories to see their latest innovations!

First of all, we stopped by a Facial Esthetics Salon that collaborated with Menard Japan! This kind of salon is very common to be found all over Japan. They provide facial massage, body care, and such, and everything's provided by Menard!! 

This one is located at Nagoya and one of the best salons! The owner is about 50 years old but she still looks gorgeous!!! *0*
She swears by Menard too omg!

Next stop is Menard Factory!! Where I saw how clean, professional, and efficient their system is! 
They make sure that each product is 100% perfect, it's passed after very tight prochedures, and if they find a single mistake, they are not going to sell it to the market. It's to make sure about their quality and professionalism!
Unfortunately I cannot show the pictures inside the factory, only the lobby :( 

Some of their brand ambassadors. Spot Fukada Kyoko!!!!
She's tooo beautiful *3*

The factory is super super huge!
I even had to wrap my shoes with their plastic wrap to make sure that everything's clean! Not a single dust is allowed there o_o
And to get inside the products room, you need to wear hair cap and other necessities as well


Next stop is official Menard Beauty Salon!
That provides luxury for body, hair, face, even nails!!

These are some of the samples from Menard Salon Nail Art Section. 

And I got a chance to try their nail art yatttaaa~~!!! 
I picked only simple french manicure with gold sparkles and some stones!
As it can never go wrong XD

The staffs from Menard that helped me!! Their nails are amazing!!! 

They turn my ugly chapped dirty nails from this


OMG OMG~~~ <3 <3 <3

To be honest, my nails never been so pretty and sparkling clean like this before!
They make sure that each nail has same length and perfectly neat!!! 
I know that it's very simple french manicure extension, but the level is very very high because they make it like real one, and not a single mistake is allowed!!! ><
I kinda regret I only pick the simple one. Wish I had time to get more unique nails lol

Thank you Menard for sponsoring a few days trip in Japan for me!!
I wish they would also make their salon including nail art salon in Indonesia because it's too good to be only in Japan!! T___T

You can support Menard Indonesia on facebook HERE
and if you would like to come to their counter, they have a few branches, find the nearest one from your place =

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  1. Love the manicure! :D They sure have some pretty strict hygiene and quality control. *thumbs up*

  2. I had visit Menard branch once at Seibu (GI), asking about the products, facial, and of course the price.. but the BA kind of "galak". Jadi ya agak" males balik ke sono lagi :|

  3. Whooooh...Fuka-kyon brand ambassadornya Menard? Sekarang masih nggak? Saya suka sekali dengan dia.... Cantiiik...:)

  4. They are really really strict about the hygiene and quality of their products!!
    I am amazed!!

  5. ah really? :/ Well some beauty assistants are like that though tsk tsk tsk
    I will inform it to ce Winny, the brand manager!!

  6. udah umur 30 lebih tapi tetep cantik si fukakyon ini *_*

  7. the place are amazing.
    your nails are really beautifull

  8. omg :D Do you really have your nails normally like that as in the "before" pic? :D
    It's a bit dangerous-looking ;D
    I really like the design you chose♥ It's simple & stylish. Sometimes when I have like suuuper long and colorful nails, I get bored with them quite quickly :s So from time to time it's good to have something "safe" but pretty~ ^^

  9. aduh aduh itu koleksi nail art nya cantik banget ya
    pengen >_<

  10. Pengen banget ke jepang, someday ikuzo!!

    nail artnya keren, ga akan tega ngehapusnya.
    salam kenal dr newbie.. :)


  11. haha yes my nails are like that usually XDDDD;
    I do not really put lotsa care on my nails lol

    Agree, simple is the best!

  12. lucu2!!! di jepang itu emang apa apa the besttt

  13. itu gel, jadi tahan sbulanan gitu sbelum copot :D

  14. Hai Stel.Kamu selalu bilang Menard itu alami gitu kan bahan2nya.. Buat Muslim halal gak yah?