My Make Up Book Update

May 17, 2013

So, just in short..

It's cancelled

 photo 4_zpseb189f5c.png

In case you want to read the long reasons why, please prepare a cup of tea to accompany you while reading on my rambling story

Okay, I give you 5 minutes


Welcome back

So, I received the offer for making the book since a year ago. I worked so hard for the script, and to make it as easy as possible for even beginners

The reason in the first place why I accepted the job, was because they said that they would like to get it for Korean-Japanese Make Up

It is something that I am quite confident about

I do not think that my make up is that great, but Korean-Japanese Make Up are quite easy to follow, and I love doing Japanese make up. As for Korean, well, if you can do Japanese Make up, I am sure you can also do Korean Make Up as well cos it's simpler  photo 11_zpsf7048e0c.png

So, I accepted it..
Thinking that it wouldn't be that difficult

Since it's made for beginner

Then they kinda insisted me to get some American Looks after we made a deal  photo 4_zpseb189f5c.png
I wasn't that confident because I dont know much about American Look.. After a long debate, I gave up and put some Western Looks. 

I worked for the looks.. I need to get 10 looks at least for the book. And the models are also from me. I asked my model friends, my uni friends, as well as some bloggers help to appear on my book

Then we did the photoshoot around, October? If I am not mistaken.. 

My home, is at North Jakarta.. And I had fashion brand to sponsor the items for me. But for each day, they could only lend me 10 items from their brand. Yes, 10 Items! So 1 shoes, 1 top, 1 pants, are considered 3 items

And I had to come to South Jakarta area, to get the items.. And need to return it with perfect conditions [otherwise I'll have to pay for it], within 3 days. And the photo studio was at Central Jakarta. And Jakarta, is very worst in traffic, like, seriously

So the schedule becomes like going back and forth from North [home] to South [borrow clothes], then the day after, go back to Central for photoshoot until late. And the day after must return it again

It happened like 3/4 times? Within 1 month
I know it's probably not considered that much-work, but I had school everyday, not to mention still need to maintain my blog, and task, and such

But I think it's ok, just for 1 month photo shoot, then it's over right  photo 14_zps9256a16c.png

I rest assured after it's done. During November, I had 2 beauty classes then.. I focused my free time for that class. I would like to give something for my readers as well as meet them..  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

Then when I went to Lampung, they suddenly contacted me and demanded more photoshoots!! 

They said they would like to make the book contain more fashion shots. And I was like  photo 6_zps880db718.png Isn't it make up book? 
The editor told me that the boss would like to see more fashion photos as it weren't enough for them. They would like to get 2 fashion outfits for 1 make up look

Well, why didn't they ask me before that?? So I said impossible, since I was in Lampung, and I already skipped classes a lot for the October shot

And December I had my final-exam and school is important for me. And January I had to go to Japan. So no time at all

They finally gave up, and said okay the book would be finish soon. At first they said November, then December, then at last January.. 

Before I flied to Japan, they gave me the E-Book version and it's all DONE!  photo 9_zps7055d5e3.png
I was very happy and reading it altogether with my mom.. Finally all the problems are finished!

That's why I made announcement for the book. I don't like to announce something that's unfixed yet.. 

But although I came back in February, there's no sign of the book launched on the store

I received an email at last, they said they're working on the layout again. They wanted to change the layout. So I waited
Then they said again after weeks, that they would like to still put more fashion looks again on the book

And I was like  photo 3_zps1cb1205a.png "But the E-Book has finished, and everything's okay back then. Why need to put more fashion look again?"

They blamed the models right now. They said the models that I got back then, weren't good enough in posing so they would like to change them on the fashion shots. But there's no need to re-take the make up sessions

To be honest I do not want to get the shoots again since it's taking so much time, and my schedule is very very hectic  photo 12_zpsa1b67bb4.png I hardly have time to hang out with my friends as well.. But cos I felt bad for the fashion sponsor since they waited so long for my book, and for fashion, it's whether autumn-winter, or spring-summer right? So the fashion was about to out-dated! 
I thought of making the fashion shots the last chance. All for good.. 

Then during long conversation, they suddenly demanded more, they would like to get EVERYTHING re-done.. Not only the fashion, but also the make up..
They said, they're going to publish it after that around June
And I snapped

Why, the book, that has been done, and I already received the E-Book already.. And just need to wait to be printed out, needs to be redone? They already asked me to show it to some colleagues of mine for testimonial on the back of my book.. I even already sent one to Kak Diana Rikasari [top fashion blogger]  photo 3_zps1cb1205a.png 

Also before, when we did photoshoot in October, they said they would publish it around November, then December, then January.. Now they said by re-doing it, they're trying to make it out around June but I cant believe it will be on time

So many inconsistencies in their words, so I make a choice to not believe them anymore

I quickly apologized to the fashion sponsor and compensated them in return of their loss
I, do not wish to work on this book further

It wastes so much time and effort

I also want to apologize to my readers who have been waiting and asking me so many times on twitter and facebook regarding my book

But that's the truth

in fact, I do not really blame them either
It's also because my schedule is too busy to catch up with a single request of job

And in case if people are wondering why I am busy
Well, I have classes, EVERYDAY

Yes, although I am on my 3rd year of university, I have no holiday during weekdays, unlike other universities  photo 12_zpsa1b67bb4.png
I envy those who only come 2-3 times a week

Also I have job, I need to maintain my blog, which requires quite a lot of energies
I have beauty class sometimes
I had projects back then, like NHK Kawaii International and such. And in the future I have more upcoming projects

But like I said, I am not a person who wants to announce something when it's not fixed yet. So please just wait  photo 16_zps5de46f29.png

Not that I abandon any of you or my friends. But I hardly have time to even reply my close friends message on LINE [the only message application I use these days] because either I was too busy or too tired  photo 11_zpsf7048e0c.png
I really want to have a long holiday.. I really do  photo 12_zpsa1b67bb4.png

But like some people said, better being busy than doing nothing, right?  photo 13_zps0e34a866.png
I wish you guys would still support me in the future

I promise to make more tutorials too in the future  photo 17_zps5e02f649.png

Right now, I don't think that I am going to make a make up book anytime sooner. During my experience, I find it's too hassle. Probably it's the publishing company, but also probably my fault as well for being too busy to meet work demand out of blue

All in all, I take it as a life lesson

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  1. cia youuu!! fighting !! Ganbatte !! Jangan nyerah stel

  2. I dont think its ur fault stel, ure trying ur best ! I hope this displeasing experience doesn't make u giving up on writing a book :)

  3. it's ok! we'll still waiting for your next projects :D

  4. The problem is with the people you've worked with the book (publisher?). They are so inconsistent and demand much time and effort after all the hard work you've done. They should have said everything they wanted before you've made the deal not after. Anyway I wish you luck on your next projects! Fighting! :)

  5. Yea, because I thought I only need to get everything done before the shoot [sponsorship, content, models, looks, etc], and after the shoot is over, so is my job. So I had fixed my schedule, therefore I had no time for sudden additional request again :(

    Yea, I wish they had said everything before made the deal and the shoot. But I think that's how they work? They probably think I am not busy lol;

  6. one door closed leads to another! :)
    line ngadet nge-chat tapi I love cafe tetep yaaa, ga ada asupan point nih gwe =)) #kabur

  7. Maybe they thought you'll give all your time to grant all their sudden requests. :)) How I wish we could also see your book.^^

  8. Begitulah stelll.
    Join sm perusahan agak agak geloo..
    G pernah rasain, sampe kapok..
    Cape berasa, untung ga ada, eh dongkol ati yg ada

  9. why don't you post the e-book to satisfy your reader? lols.. it's okay for us to see the pic only if you don't mind :P

  10. I really wish for it to be published too.. but cant help :( im sorry

  11. Well, this is Indo.. Yes, you know what I mean..

  12. 2 thumbs up for you comment ._.

  13. that's how Indonesians work isn't it ce? ._.
    sudahlah mau diapain lagi~ cukup tau aja..
    waiting for your next project! <3
    Keep the spirit!!! ^o^

  14. Hmm, didn't you have some sorta contract with them where you have all the things you are required to do for the book and likewise for the publishing company? :s That would solve all the problems ^^
    Next time, make sure you get a proper contract and everything is well defined :)

  15. I do really know that feeling when you're being haunted by dateline !!
    Just take this as an experience for you stel ! Keep fighting

  16. stupid me, that i just read the contract throughly after the case. It's not written what I should do, the date is not clear, and not written when it'd be published. Just, will be published approximately 1.5 year the book is finished. I need to read contract very thoroughly before everything, from now on.. I was too naive lol;
    there are a lot of things that I cannot describe as well in here, otherwise I can make K-Drama lol

  17. Sorry to hear that..
    Padahal aku udah nantiin banget bukunya keluar. Fufufu..
    Aku doain biar tanpa buku tetep makin sukses ke depannya :)

  18. syang skali tel ga jd terbit :(
    ya sudah deh mau digimanain lagii..
    smangat tel buat project2 ke depannya :D

  19. maaf yaaa.. tunggu tutorial aja di youtube XD

  20. maaf sudah merepotkan ya ceee :(

  21. stel, udah batalin kontraknya?
    menurutku kalau kontrak udah batal, buku (yang sudah jadi e-book) itu jadi punya kamu, ga ada sangkut pautnya sama penerbit lagi.

    dicoba self-publishing aja di scoop. kalau ga salah, kata temenku kalau mau self-publishing di scoop itu biayanya around USD 200. dia publish majalah sih, tapi bisa dicoba dicari tahu lagi.. :)

    semangat stella!

  22. udah setauku.. batalinnya via email lol~
    masa? o.o scopp itu apa ya?

  23. tetep semangat aja ya cece
    pasti banyak jalan yang lebih indah di depannya ^^

  24. i always love reading your post...
    i never barely never read something till it finished
    but your post is always makes me wanna read more.
    i wish i had writing ability like yours

  25. Do you know that the compliment that you give to me, is the best thing that a blogger can receive?

    Thank you so much, thank you <3
    I feel happy to be alive now lol

  26. Self publish aja, you can always sell the ebook! Ga hrs bentuk buku fisik :D Sayang kan, all the efforts, plus pasarnya jg udh ada, yg mau kan banyak hehe

  27. scoop itu app di ios/android, isinya buku/majalah digital semua. coba download deh.
    scoop itu populer bgt buat e-book. :)