Review : Etude House Water Color Blusher

May 09, 2013

One day I received a package as usual, and inside it's filled with many beauty cosmetics that I ordered. But I was surprised when I saw these new blush from Etude House  photo 18_zps6a561248.png As I recall, I didn't order this, but my sponsor must have known that I am such a freak of cute packaging, so they sent these babies to my home as a review purpose!  photo 14_zps9256a16c.png

I believe this is their new products because I havent seen their advertisement yet [or am I living in the cave?] and Etude House never fails to impress us for their attractive yet unique packaging! So, shall we?  photo 2_zpsae87ac1c.png

The theme this time from Etude House newest blush on, is water colour! So they purposely create a cream blush that looks like water colour! I am very happy of the packaging because it's super cute, and it's also travel friendly because you can easily bring this when you're traveling!
Especially since the size is quite small, around my palm size, so it doesn't take much space!  photo 2_zpsae87ac1c.png

Etude House Water Color Blusher comes in 4 shades, which in fact reminds me of their last cream blush, Miss Tangerine that I have reviewed before HERE. But to be honest, I like the color selections of this set more because it's more versatile and wearable!!  photo 17_zps5e02f649.png

The names of each blush is also very cute, say Strawberry Pink, Peach Coral, Baby Apricot, and Lilac. Besides Lilac that works as a highlighter, the rest are for blush on but in case of emergency, I think you can always use this as a lip cream as well  photo 11_zpsf7048e0c.png 

It's so easy to squeeze out the blush from the tube. In fact, it's way to easy, which leads to one problem. Most of the times you will end up with too much blush on when you try to squeeze out. But in fact this blush on is more pigmented than Miss Tangerine so it's a big no no

Make sure to really squeeze out a tiny amount of blush, very very carefully!  photo 3_zps1cb1205a.png

Enough talking about the packaging, now we're going to see the colour result!! 

From left to right = no 1 Strawberry Pink, no 2 Peach Coral, no 3 Baby Apricot, no 4 Lilac

The texture of the blush is unlike any other cream blush, it's more like water and really reminds me of water color  photo 18_zps6a561248.png photo 18_zps6a561248.png photo 18_zps6a561248.png
Because of its watery texture, the application and blending are much easier than cream, and suitable for those who have oily cheek in my opinion, because it's light. It's not sticky as well, and feels a little cold when you first apply it on your cheek, making it very very comfortable during hot summer day  photo 14_zps9256a16c.png

The down side is, as it's pretty light, the color doesnt last long, approximately 3 hours. I've tried using powder blush to set it up, but the best this blush can last, is 5 hours  photo 4_zpseb189f5c.png

From left to right = no 1 Strawberry Pink, no 2 Peach Coral, no 3 Baby Apricot, no 4 Lilac

I prefer this newest set of cream blush of Etude House compared to their last Miss Tangerine. Because the colours selection are much more wearable for most of us! Although it only comes in 4 shades, but these 4 are the essential colors and each color represents their own shade  photo 2_zpsae87ac1c.png Frankly speaking, buying all the colors wont disappoint you because it will give different impression when you wear each color  photo 8_zps5547545a.png

For me, I really like Peach Coral the most for everyday use. But when I want to create doll/gyaru make up, Strawberry Pink fulfils my needs the most  photo 19_zpsea30aab8.png
The same goes with Baby Apricot when you're in need of mature / fresh look  photo 14_zps9256a16c.png
With Lilac, you can use it as a highlighter to give pinkish light on your cheek. Just dab a little and it will do you good!

The pigmentation of this blush is very good, so a little goes a long way
Again, make sure to carefully squeeze out the product! The tube gives you way too much if you're not careful, while in fact you only need tiny amount!  photo 6_zps880db718.png

Creative and unique packaging that looks like real water colour
Comes with versatile & wearable 4 colours for cheek
Very easy to blend
A little goes a long way
Travel friendly!
Pigmentation is pretty good

It's a little difficult to squeeze out the product in a right amount
Doesn't last long, approximately 3 hours

So this is the end of my review for the latest cream blush from Etude House! This product will be very efficient for traveling, and also to impress your friends photo 2_zpsae87ac1c.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

Considering my review, are you guys interested to get this product as well?
Do let me know  photo 1_zpscccab512.png photo 23_zpsff500481.png photo 23_zpsff500481.png

The products are sponsored by Rie Butik as a review purpose

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. OmO! These are so cute! I like the concept of these blushers, ^_^

  2. Awwww these are so cute!! I wonder if there's a whole collection to go with this too though!?!? That would cool! Like a painters set kekekekekeke!

  3. nice blog.. interested in following each other..??

  4. Ohh you got all of them! I go the apricot colour. The Lilac one looks so pretty, I want to get that too^^
    Thanks for the review!

  5. Whoa, this is some really interesting packaging for blush! Sadly, I've never had good experience with cream blush because the application is never consistent for me or it doesn't last long. :( But Etude House always tempts me with cuteness. T_T As always, thank you for the review! <3

  6. I ordered this last week and I'm so excited to try them out (Etude House is definitely making me go into money deficit -__- omg)
    Anyway colors are so pretty too and wearable in so many ways!
    I'm even more excited now, lol.
    Thank you so much for this review :)

  7. I think they look like cupcake all over colors :x

  8. wow this is pretty cool! the colors are so pretty too >.<
    great review!

    xoxo Sarah

  9. Peach Coral and Baby Apricot look really nice! Etude House has such cute products and packaging! I'm very tempted to buy these even though I'm trying to save up for something big right now. >_<
    Thank you for sharing! ^_^

  10. I'm about to buy this but when I read your review >> Doesn't last long, approximately 3 hours... I decided to not to buy :D

    anyway thanks for the review!

  11. hahaha yes esp if they make brush set too lol

  12. yea as I mentioned, it doesnt last long either :/
    Well, Etude House is merely for packaging-addicted I guess

  13. hahaha saving is more importang la!

  14. probably it's also because indonesia's humid weather so it melts easier lol

  15. yeaaa :( but korean products are cheaper than others, so.. *shrugs*
    have you received it? :)

  16. I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one who thinks it would be a cute set! ^.^

  17. etude house always come with a cute packaging !! love it ! thanks for the review :)

  18. they look amazing! :D the packaging is so cutee >3<

  19. Peach coral! I first chose the pink one but my sister said that the coral looks more wearable for everyday use. :)

  20. suka suka sama strawberry pink nya ><

  21. Yeah x.x totally, the lilac color looks alot like blueberry and the apricot looks like when i mix orange + peach all over colors :x

  22. Kemasannya kya cat aer beneraaan~ <3

  23. it didn't last long but the packaging is too cute to resist. etude really know how to get their customer back. sigh. lol

    10 things you can learn from your kpop idol:

  24. The packaging is really cute. It's similar to Too Cool For School's art class blusher (I did a review on my blog for it)...but the consistency of Etude House's seem to be more liquid?!