The Balm Lou Manizer Review and Swatch and GIVEAWAY

July 11, 2014

Few weeks ago, there was a little surprise on my home. I always received surprises from beauty brands and it's always exciting to open up their boxes but I couldn't be more happy because I received Cindy-Lou Manizer and Betty-Lou Manizer! That means I completed my Lou Manizer Series! I had the Mary-Lou Manizer before and I already used it on my Plastic Surgery Make Up Tutorial before

Since it's complete, why don't I just review them altogether and make a comparison swatch too? ^.^

I already lost my Mary-Lou Manizer box so I couldn't include it here. Anyway, the name is quite a pun because this series is Lou-Manizer, which also can stand for Luminizer HAHAHA get it?
These babies are from The Balm cosmetics, which are from USA. It's very famous to be used by MUA and Beauty Gurus from Uncle Sam's country, and thorough the world because their luminizer is a top class in its field

I love The Balm because their packaging is soooo cute! I'm such a fail when it comes to packaging, I mean, the quality of the products are of so good too, but the cute illustration all over their packaging like 20's American Girls are also their main attraction ^.^

So we have here, Cindy-Lou, Mary-Lou, and Betty-Lou!
At first I thought it would be another luminizer with different shade, but turns out it's more than that, lets take a look!

Mary-Lou Manizer is a yellow-based highlighter that comes with blond bombshell girl illustration on the packaging that reminds me of Marilyn Monroe's image! 

I have used it frequently so I apologise for the not new picture review
It is a soft shimmering highlighter with light gold tones. It gives very healthy and dewy looking skin and the glows is very natural but buildable. It works on everyone but since it is more into gold-shimmers, it works better on people with warm skin tone, that means Indonesian girls can pull it off because most of us are warm skin toned ^_^

Next is Cindy-Lou Manizer, red-haired girl with green eyes on the cover is totally fresh and goddess-like and totally captivates my interest. 

In contrast of Mary-Lou Manizer, Cindy-Lou offers pink shimmer instead that's somehow kinda has peachy tone. Despite the difference on the shade, the outcome and the texture is same with Mary-Lou. Since Cindy-Lou offers more pinkish outcome, I recommend this for people who have cool tones to balance out the whole look. Sure it's fine to use it if you are warm toned, if you're looking for a healthy rosy cheek!
Sometimes I use this as a blusher too, though it's a little bit too light for my skin tone, but it's kinda multi-functional because of its rosy colour

Last but not least is Betty-Lou Manizer! Black haired with tan skin and plump lips is so sexy and glamorous, and it comes with magenta background on the packaging design as well. This is their bronzer that works as luminizer too

Betty-Lou is a shimmery bronzer with warm medium gold tone that you can apply like your usual bronzer or contouring powder, but with subtle yet nice shimmer on your face. The glow is fantastic and it makes my face more healthy looking

This is the comparison of Betty-Lou, Mary-Lou, and Cindy-Lou

The three of them have totally different purpose and result, and I recommend using only one of them for one look, otherwise it would be too shimmery all over the face
Like, if I want shimmery bronzer for my look today, I will only put Betty Lou and leave the cheekbones matte or glossy

Or if I want to use Cindy-Lou for natural glow on my cheek, I would use matte bronzer for contouring [like The Balm Bahama Mama]

I don't like putting too much glitter on my face otherwise I will become a disco-ball-walking lol

As for the quality, it's a top notch on their field. I really think highly of The Balm Luminizer! It's around 24$ for 1 pan but it has 0.30 oz product, which is almost double the size of what other luminizers offer so I personally think it's highly a great investment for healthy glowing skin! 

For comparison, here's the amazing swatch :
Left to right : Betty-Lou, Mary-Lou, Cindy-Lou

The product is silky smooth and blends very well, and I only need a little bit of it to make a subtle glow on my cheek, so it's truly an investment. The packaging is very well made with mirror attached, sturdy to be said. Besides using it for luminizer, you can also use it as eyeshadow so it's very multi functional!
The colour is so pretty and I honestly can't find any flaw from this product


Since I love this so much, I decided I would host a giveaway to win these 3 luminizers!

Unfortunately it's only open to Indonesia ^^; 
So I will write this in Indonesia!


1. Follow Instagram ku di @stellalee92 dan like post nya
2. Re-gram foto ini di instagram mu dengan hashtag #StellaLeeGiveaway dan #TheBalmIDContest dan tulis luminizer The Balm mana kah yang kamu inginkan dan kenapa
3. Satu account instagram boleh mempost ini maksimal satu kali perhari

Caranya gampang banget kan hehe 
Akan ada 1 set luminizer untuk dimenangkan, yakni Betty-Lou, Mary-Lou, dan Cindy-Lou! Akan ada 3 pemenang yang masing-masing mendapatkan 1 luminizer pilihannya! 

Giveaway ini akan berlangsung dari tanggal 11 Juli - 1 Agustus 2014 [3 minggu]
Pemenang akan dipilih secara acak dan pemenang akan diumumkan di Instagramku


Good luck for those who would like to join this! :D
And I hope this blog post is helpful for you guys!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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