I'm Graduating Soon!

July 15, 2014

Hi Hi!!!
I have just come back from uni, finishing some papers that I have to do and it's over ^.^ Now only waiting for graduation in October and so I have been at home, doing nothing lol

Well technically still blogging, eating, and peeing wtf, but other than that, I watch movies and historical shows!!

 Game of Thrones, Noah [since it's not aired in Indonesia, I've to DL it], Ancient Aliens, Brave, Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, Heaven is For Real, 300, and also my recommendation, The Bible!
It's a TV Series by History Channel that summarized Bible [Old and New Testaments] to 10 hours long lol 

Read about my summer life story on this post~!

I love talking about religion and also studying about them, so it's very awesome to watch about the thick Bible in awesome movies. The Bible touches me and I am thankful that I watch it. If you're Christian as well, I really recommend it to you ^.^

Also for non-Christian, you can enjoy the shows as well and think of it as Historical Lesson. You might have a good view about what happened about Israel-Palestine conflict because ugh well... 
Technically Israel has been in war for around 3000 years, there's many fights and wars against each nation to win the Promised Land

I had a plan to fly to Japan for private holiday right after I finish my thesis but then thinking about it, it's July, it's summer, it's hot.. 


So unless I am being called for a job, I don't think I will come to Japan personally during summer. Last year I came during summer and it was like hell. Then people told me "I thought Indonesia is hot?", umm yeah but we don't walk here.. And wherever we go, we have AC please otherwise we will cry *lebay* lol

Therefore I prefer to stay in Jakarta for a while and lazying around with my beloved AC and laptop.. Also met up with many friends whom I have lost contact with for the past year bcos of thesis lol Now everyone bombarded me by saying "We haven't met for a while and you've finished your thesis, let's meet!" haha. So that's what I have been doing so far

My friends have gone to Bali or overseas for graduation trip but IDK.. I have plenty of time in the future to go overseas and it will be a part of my job later on so I don't feel any rush to go abroad

So.. A lot of people have also asked me what I would be after I graduate

Not trying to brag, but I have been asked by some companies to work with them. Whether it's PR, Marketing, Product Manager, Social Media Correspondent, and so on. Not only local, but I have a job offer in Japan too, as a Beauty Writer

I am very grateful for ALL the opportunities given to me. I never thought I could be trusted by many people to handle a job in their companies, especially during crisis like this where many people are jobless but I have many offers. Also, some offer me to work in Japan, my dream country

And myself 3 years ago would slap and kill me for this but

I reject all the offers

Even for the job in Japan


The reason I reject them is not because I have a permanent job in here either *shoots myself*

I, will continue blogging, and I will make this as my job

It's not a job where people can write on their CV, neither a fixed income. No one to teach me either, and it's a pretty risky life. I even said to myself how dumb I am for chasing after something that is not concrete yet, it doesn't promise me anything either

But I feel I want to create something with it. Therefore I have to work harder than most people bcos I have to open up my own path. I'll become a full time blogger and make it a job where people will find it promising, and I want to show that chasing a dream can be done by everyone

I want to keep spreading make up and japanese culture through social medias, and I love doing this

When you do something you love, you won't feel like you're working, and I want to continue doing what I love [of course if it feeds me also la lol]
I have to pay some instalments and I have to feed myself and so on.. I told my mom though this job is not stable, BUT I promise to her that I would never be her burden and I will make her happy too. Convincing parents about a new job in our era is quite difficult so it's not like she agrees 100% either, but I'm glad she understands a bit now

I have a few projects through blogging in the future which I hope will succeed

My dream and everything that I can do can be done through blogging. I like writing, photography, make up, traveling, meeting up new people, and I hate office LOL

It's very difficult to tell about my whole future plan on a single blog post so if you meet me in the future, I might tell you in person instead :D
Or later when I have achieved all my goals that I want in life through my risky path, maybe I will share about the whole journey. For now it's still the beginning and I hope you guys support me ^.^

The greatest thing in life is you get paid for doing what you love, right?

And it's not like my blog will change either

My first priority is YOU guys!! So even though I get paid for blogging or promoting stuffs, I will still tell you about my HONEST REVIEWS 100%
Bad thing about my personality is I hate lying, once you lie you have to cover it up with another lie, and I am never afraid with anyone [Only God] so I am not afraid with any sponsors who push me to only say good things about their products. Thefore maybe some people hate me for my honesty, kalo kata orang Indo, terlalu blak-blakan lol

Good products are good
Bad products are bad
And some products have their good and bad points, hence explaining why my reviews usually have its positive and negative points

And in fact many are wondering about this but no.. Blogging doesn't pay you much in Indonesia, at least that's what I think
If it's in Singapore or Malaysia, you can see like XiaXue has comfortable life through blogging. In here, I have to get additional projects outside blogging. What job I get through blogging one of it is Hosting Events ^.^
So that's the trick lol

Also other top bloggers earn good amount not through blogging, but through social medias, such as having their own online shop. Blogging helps them to boost their sales, so that is.. 

But anyway I also think about the worst, if I don't succeed here, then I will accept one of the offers that I have la lol


My wig is Brightlele Wig in Ash Pink. I have always loved their wig because it's not as expensive as other Japanese wigs, but they offer nice quality. This is the second time I get an Ash Pink wig from Brightlele, last time is the long straight wig, and this one is wavy medium length wig. I have been using it for a while because I adore this. It makes my look so dolly so I really recommend this colour

The wig comes in ashy blonde colour but with streaks of pink that blends beautifully with the brown, making this colour magical and difficult to get in real hair ^^;;

I get my wig and the kawaii hello kitty glasses from my sponsor Hazelnutz Cawaii ^.^

Also this is the wig that I use for my first CM for Indomaret-Beauty With Style!

Thanks for listening about this ramble haha, anyone graduates on the same year with me as well? What's your future plan? :)

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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