B-Eye Milky Way Circle Lens Review

July 26, 2014

My adored circle lens pattern is just a simple one. A black limbal ring on the outer corner, and a pop of colour. My most used colours are brown and grey obviously
I have here with me B-Eye Milky Way Circle Lens from Sparkling Chix

I love playing with circle lenses because it's just a fun thing do, it instantly gives you a different look by simply changing the pattern of your eyes! 

My eyes is a little bit sensitive so there are not many circle lenses that I can wear [yes I can no longer wear GEO] but surprisingly B-Eye from Sparkling Chix suits my eyes more! The owner said that the factory was the same factory who produced a lot of Japanese Circle Lenses. So that explains ^.^

Here are my pictures wearing their Milky Way Series :

- the doe eyed angel - 

I wore this the most because it gives my eyes a natural big eye effect like a doll, this reminds me of Candy Magic King Series which I LOVE so much. It produces a little sparkle to make my eyes more innocent as well

- that mysterious woman - 

The blue colour really pops out and instead of a dark blue, this one offers a bright ocean blue that looks very magical. This one really reminds me of anime eye character too, perfect for cosplay I guess!

- this quirky girl - 

The violet looks very very bright pink for me and to be honest this one is quite scary for real life because the colour is so strong! ^^; I don't really like this one as it makes my eyes quite bloody but maybe for another quirky look next time, this would come in handy

Milky Way has a great enlargement effect, and also the colour really pops out. The pattern reminds me of anime character because it is somehow looks fake and anime-ish, however the lenses itself is so moisturising and I can wear it all day without having to put eye drops on my eyes!

Even the other day, I went out with my friends all day for 15 hours or more, and my eyes is still fine. For other lenses, usually can only last around 3 hours on my eyes

So I totally recommend this ^.^

For grey it is wearable for daily look but I think the blue and violet is too strong, unless you wanna go bold! :)

I got these lenses from my sponsor Sparkling Chix 
The price is also reasonable for around 10-20 USD for an amazing comfort like japanese lenses ^.^

Which one is your favourite colour?

Stay beautiful, stay gorgeous!
See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. waw keren banget sih soflent nya, plaing favorit warn apink pengen ka :(((