Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette Review and Swatch

July 17, 2014

The almighty Urban Decay NAKED 3 is on my hands now!! *maen petasan*
I have tried Naked 1, and it was amazing. Now I have this Naked 3 and really curious about what they offer because duh, this series is maybe the most popular eye palette in the market. Even my friends who are not into beauty stuffs have heard about its name

If NAKED 1 you get free UDPP Travel size and NAKED 2 you get free lipgloss/eyeliner, on Naked 3 you receive sample size of all of their UDPP in Original, Eden, Sin, and Anti Aging. It comes in a sachet that can be used for a week each

All of the colours from NAKED 3 is claimed to be totally new and consist of many gorgeous shades from matte to shimmer!

The first thing that I notice about UD NAKED 3 is their palette is heavier and sturdier, and also it has this cool wave design on the packaging unlike the smooth surface like most of the palettes in the market. It comes in beautiful brown metal tin box and quite big, I find it's a little bit difficult to open and close the box but I think on the good side is, it's closed tightly so if you bring it in your bag, it won't get accidentally opened

 NAKED 3 comes in beautiful gorgeous brownish shade but has different tone with the older NAKEDs. NAKED 1 is warm brown, NAKED 2 is cool tone brown, and NAKED 3 offers rose-hue colour, hence the eyeshadow is more into brown pinkish so it's perfect for romantic look!

It comes with 3 matte eyeshadows and 9 amazing shimmer eyeshadows, as well as a dual ended high quality eye shadow brush. Here are the colours :

Strange : White eyeshadow with pinkish tone
Dust : Light Metallic Pink Eyeshadow 
Burnout : Medium Peachy Pink Shimmery Eyeshadow
Limit : Matte mauve Color in Rose Hue
Buzz : Metallic Rose with Silver Shimmers
Trick : Shimmery Rosy Copper Colour

Nooner : Matte Pink Brown Eye Shadow
Liar : Light Shimmery Brown Colour
Factory : Ash dark brown shimmer with rosy shimmer
Mugshot : Pale shimmery medium brown colour
Darkside : Dark Taupe Color with light shimmer [compared to the other eye shadows]
Blackheart : Dark brown eyeshadow with red glitters [it appears purple-ish on this picture because of the glitters]

I love Urban Decay brush! It comes in a soft and dense flat eyeshadow brush for eyeshadow application and blending. It's good enough to use these 2 brushes to make simple eye make up if you're traveling and don't want to bring many eyeshadow brushes

I love their gradation colour on the brush bristles. The brush is high quality and helps me a lot to build and blend the colours

Here are the swatches of NAKED 3 anyway :

From left to right :
Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart

So you can tell that this collection has more rosy brown eyeshadow colours. I feel it's very good collection for those who love feminine eyeshadow and this is just perfect for anyone who is bored with normal warm and cool tone eyeshadows. I mean, PINKISH BROWN? That's quite rare to find!
It'll be awesome for wedding too in my opinion because it can create amazing feminine look

This EOTD is using 
Strange on the eyelid, Mugshot for the crease, and Blackheart for the outer corner

The eyeshadows are absolutely fantastic. It has awesome pigmentation, easy to blend, the colours are rich, and comes in beautiful shade. However I notice that some eyeshadows [like Dust, or other too shimmery eyeshadows] have a downside point for falling down to my cheeks during the application. It is not as much as other drugstore eyeshadows but I am disappointed that the quality between each eyeshadow is not equal. Some is harsher than the rest, and some fall down but the rest are amazing

My favourite colour are : Buzz, Factory, and Blackheart! I often combine these 3 to create amazing smokey eyes, but hey, it's NAKED Palette so the combinations are endless!
Blackheart is just awesome for night-out! It is a pitch dark brown with red glitters and because of the rose hue, it becomes somehow purple-ish under some lights as well. Very pretty!

Worst thing about NAKED is of course the price

*cries altogether*

The original price for NAKED 3 is 52 USD and blame the rising Dollar to Indonesia Rupiah, It becomes around Rp 800.000 - Rp 850.000 if you buy on online shops in here so it's very pricey
However,  IF you think you use brown eyeshadow EVERYday, then I think NAKED is just for you. Because where else you can find good quality eyeshadows with amazing colours, also it comes in each big pan [0.05 oz] so it can last you for a year or so. 

As for me, I never can finish a single eyeshadow colour because it's just a lot!

I recommend to use it by sharing with your mom or sister because I don't think you can finish it if you only use it personally lol

 Unique metal packaging with wave decoration
 Tight & Secure Grip
 Comes in new 12 Urban Decay rose-hue brown eyeshadows like never before
 Comes in free sample of each Urban Decay Eye Primer
 Comes with dual ended high quality eyeshadow brush
 The eyeshadows have rich colour payoff and blends easily
 Wearable colours for everyday or even party looks
 Giving feminine colour on the eyes due to its rosy tone
 Will last for a while, big size

 Bulky packaging
 The packaging is a little bit difficult to be opened and closed
 Some eyeshadows fall out
 The quality between each eyeshadows are not equal

Is it worth the price? I guess yes and no, but I prefer Urban Decay NAKED 1 though because I love warm coloured eyeshadows. However if you'd like a different eyeshadow palette into your make up collection then I believe NAKED 3 is just for you

If only Urban Decay staffs read it, I would love to have the mini size of NAKED Eyeshadow Palettes, with half of the size of the eyeshadows instead. Because I think I won't be able to finish it by myself.. 
That would also make it cheaper and more pocket friendly (ToT)

But anyway, I am not too impressed with this palette because of the inequality between each eye shadows. 

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I hope the review is useful for you guys

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Yes, the price is the big issue for Naked T___T


  2. Hi, i just love reading your blog, as we have the same taste in music (L'Arc, gackt) fashion and Skull! hahahaha i assume you adore them as much as i do!

    Great review! Will dig in your blog like a lot in the future hahaha

    Salam kenal :)