How to Earn Money When You Are A Student

July 18, 2014

I have been meaning to share about my experience when I was a student *cough, pointing myself who has finished the study and just waiting for the graduation LOL*

I have received some reader mails for sure and I always try my best to read them and sometimes reply it, and some well-written mail deserves to have a blog post hehe
This post is triggered by this reader mail that came like 3 weeks ago but I have to write this post longer that I thought.. 

Now excuse me while I take my tissues...

Ok back~

I thought since it's a beauty blog *maybe?* so you guys won't be that interested with my life LOL
But I have heard, many of you who are wondering how come I earn money, and how come I can save to buy every things that I want

And I know I have impression of rich girls wtf, everyone always said that since I was young and to be honest I don't know how my face can be interpreted as rich which leads to many wrong assumptions wtf. You know what, the real rich one doesn't look rich

So BOOOO for guessing wrong.. 

I seriously feel that this is what keeps me going. To have people know that this is something reachable..
I am just a normal girl like you, from a normal family background
My parents name are unknown yet the wealth is far from what most of my friends have
I don't have amazing lifestyle so it makes me confused about what to write about my daily lifestyle

Some people are born lucky with amazing wealth and can share about their luxurious foods, cars, and bags. But one thing I am sure about, I am very good at saving and finding money than most people [maybe.. wtf], and I was born with this ability instead of physical wealth o.o

Though MOST of my friends have more allowance than me, and have less expenses to pay, I can say that I might have more than them on my bank.

My mom gave me decent amount of allowance when I was younger.
Not as much as the other students, but not less either. And I am grateful for it because there are many kids who are starving on the street. So I am happy that I at least can have pretty decent life
But there are things that I want in real life that will be pretty difficult to get through parents

One of the biggest dreams of mine was visiting Japan..

I have started working since I was around junior high school and I have not received any allowance for years . Little by little... Now I will share what I know about what YOU can do to earn money, and how to save it to reach your certain goal.

Anyway, I haven't reached a point yet where I can say that I live the comfortable life that I admire, not yet.. But I hope that this gives you all a little insight how I earn money here while I was a student
And no.. I don't have to sell my body.. LOL

First thing first, I know it's difficult to get money by working part time in Indonesia. Because duh, in overseas they have part-timers because they lack of human resources but in Indonesia, everyone crawls to get a single job and companies prefer full-time workers as well. So working at McD is not a good choice..

Things that you can do in here :

1. Multi Level Marketing [MLM]
I know it sounds fishy, or it sounds lame. But that's what I first did when I was in Junior High School. I was a member of MLM companies with initial "O" and "S.M" LOL You may guess.. However it doesn't last long because once 1 person goes into MLM, then the whole class becomes MLM as well so nobody to sell the products to wtf.. But it's a good start for you who doesn't have capital, and also they have system to work on.. It's easy to do.. I sold the products to my families and neighbourhoods to earn little commission, from those money I can buy mangas and pay for my J-Music CD's hahaha

2. Online Shop
I decided to open an online shop when I was in high school, trying this and that, with a lot of errors and complications, to the point I feel it got into my nerves because so many stupid questions come to my BBM everyday o.o Anyone who has online shops must have known about it hahaha
I feel, that THIS is the best way to earn money when you're still a student. You can start from doing reseller for any goods.. Whether it's apparels, shoes, cosmetics, and so on..

Reseller can have you free time to work and you don't have to throw money for the capital and stocks
Once you have enough profit, try yourself to find good suppliers online and see what you can sell.. 
I once became a reseller for a circle lens shop just to have free circle lens HAHAHA what a time.. If I sold 5 pairs, I got a pair free for me.. And I talked to all the girls in my high school, recommended them the lenses, and they purchased it and I got free lenses. The same thing also happened for clothes and make up. Sometimes you don't have to be paid through money but through product exchange that you want

You don't have to let someone ask you to be their reseller, or wait until someone gives you capital. Just simply mail some big online shops and ASK what kind of job they are opening right now. Make your own opportunity!

3. Blogging / Online Writer / Website
I earn money through blogging too. There are many ways to earn money from it, whether it's sponsored post, endorsement, CPC, Google Ads, Sidebar Banner, Affiliate, and so on. Howeverrrrrr, I honestly say that it takes a longgggg time before you can start earning money through it. I don't really recommend you to get on this part because building a website is difficult and it might take years to start having a single job. I started blogging for fun for years, and it just happened that I can earn money through it too so it's a jackpot for me. However if I had to start now from zero, I wouldn't want to.. 
Best thing is, make this as a side job first and check if that works or no

It doesn't have to be a blog, you can also make a website and in fact it works much much better than blogging because a website is more accessible and has more informations. If you can't or don't know how to, you can start by becoming an online writer for a website. An online writer is good but you have to apply, use google to find, don't be such a lazy fat ass
There are many websites that offer commission per article as well. Some websites that I often read that I know are up for commission article is listverse, also rocket news. You might want to google them. Listverse pays up to 100$ for a single article as far as I know

4. Agent [Insurance, Property, etc]
Being an agent is somehow better than MLM because well, they're being backed up by big companies so of course they will pay you better, and have much better facilities.. You can try going to Ray White or Prudential Insurance, but I believe you have to be over 17 years old to be an agent. I have tried Prudential once because my mom is under Prudential, but I decided to follow my blogging career more because I feel that's where I belong. However, Prudential has nice income and stable *unlike blogging LOL* so I said to my mom that if I cannot eat through blogging, then I will follow her later on. For now, I just wanna try my career :D 

My mom is only high-schooler graduate and she can't speak english but she earns pretty well.. Anyhow if you'd like to join as well you can mail me so I can pass you to my mom LOL Oh, I also have almost tried to become agent of my English College [Wall Street Institute] to get students joining it, but since the schedule clashed so I didn't do it.. There are many opportunities you can have if you look closely around you!

5. Educated Freelancer
When you are good at something, NEVER do it for free. 
Are you good at drawing? Take commission for any art you do. Make an account on devianart, start charging, and do it!

Are you good at singing or playing piano? Give a lesson to young kids and teach them about how to do it properly.

Are you good at accounting? Find any shops of anyone you know and offer your service. Don't be shy and just tell them how much they need your service

Are you good at make up? Start charging your classmate whenever they have party to attend. Doesn't have to be expensive, charge them decent amount from the start, and they will recommend you later!

Are you good at photography? Try taking pictures for sweet seventeen parties, or any couple shots! Use your camera and talent well

You don't have any special abilities but good at studying? Be a private tutor for kids! 

If you are not good at anything, well... Try the other options from above..

As for me, I also had some money from teaching make up [my Gyaru Make Up Class]! Also I did some hosting as well, so yeah, everything can be done whatever you are. Just be CREATIVE with whatever you have..

6. SPG
Especially if you're in university or over 17 years old.. You can start applying for SPG, and if you don't want to be too exhausted during your study, then apply during PRJ instead. Find any contacts from anyone you know, and apply for one. Nowadays it's very easy to get contacts and ask for one. Just put status on your Facebook asking for help and I am sure one or two at least will tell you. You can become SPG for snacks, foods, or even cars. Work for a month or so to have nice allowance! Becoming SPG for PRJ is quite popular among some of my friends though I have never done any

In fact there are those things that I could come up for now, and now as I see, it is a LOT of opportunities in fact..
What matters the most is your willingness to find an opportunity, and your creativity to use your own talent. Then pray to God and it's all yours
Don't forget, you have to know yourself before deciding to jump into any job. Find the talent in yours

Now let's talk about HOW I SAVE MONEY :

1. Differentiate between NEEDS and WANTS
You go shopping for a pants because you need it since the last one is broken, but you see a new cute dress but your money is limited. Don't push it, just buy what you need for now, and save the money for your first goal. What I do to save my shopping lust is I visit a website, I put everything I want on the cart, and then close the tab after I finish wtf..
This is the most important thing in saving money because most of the time, we buy what we don't need..

2. Always find cheaper price for everything
I can walk 5 minutes in my university just to buy a mineral water that is Rp 1.000 cheaper, that's how stingy I was.. Don't have to be ashamed, you're still a student tho.. Find something that is on discount, sign up on discount / website deals..

3. Lessen the outcome, as stingy as you can
You can try saving your money by cooking your own meal, or bringing your own lunch to school. Also, bring your own mineral bottle!! It's also much healthier for your body.

4. Find the Goal
You can never do anything without a goal so get your goal right. Do you want to visit Korea or Japan? Do you want to buy the latest gadget? Do you want to buy a car or a home? Write it on big paper and stick it on the side of your bed. Do not spend any money if you haven't reached your own goal

I won't say that I am successful or rich yet. I am still saving for a bigger goal of mine and working hard for it. I have many many goals to pursue and I am working on it now

BUT, as someone who comes from an average background and living a life that is not bad right now, I think my tips would be quite useful lol

Okay, so what I have done so far with my own money ?

- Machiko Manga School Course
- Extending Korea Trip on my own [The flight was sponsored but I paid the rest on my own]
- Buying all the gadgets that I want by myself [Smartphone, Laptop, Camera, etc]
- JAPAN TRIP for a whole month
- And other Japan trips extension [if I extend after the jobs, I have to pay on my own]
- Basic necessary girl stuffs [clothes, hair stuffs, make up, shoes, etc]
- Car.. I own Toyota Yaris and is still on debt bcos of the instalment LOL
- And mostly other daily things like meals and movies when going out with friends, etc etc.. 

What my mom supported me right now are only my home and food at home, and oh, my phone bills and internet LOL

I am saving right now for other overseas trips [Europe, Egypt, etc] bcos I LOVE Traveling, then I also want to save to buy a house. House is a long term goal ^.^
Why I wanna buy a house? Cos I have been living at apartment for years and I prefer having big room :"(

I also want to save money so I can pay for mom and I to travel to Jerusalem to visit Holy Land [My dad is a Buddhist and my brother, well, he should pay for himself LOL]
And I want to have white christmas, eating Turkey and Bread and playing snow and exchanging presents. And many more dreams to come ^.^

Basically I have survived independently but I want to have more so I can let my parents stop their jobs and live peacefully. Later on I want to be the one who feeds my family
But no no, not my young brother LOL
He will be a man, and he will have to at least survive on his own

Being a student doesn't close your opportunities, your mind is

Anyway, I am not trying to show that I am better than anyone
Everyone has their own good side, and sometimes my stinginess is also my negative point

I only hope this post would motivate some people to start saving and working
You can also share this post if you like ^.^

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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