The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover Review

August 01, 2014

Make up remover is one of the essential products that every one has to have, and a good one is somehow difficult to find. Sure every make up remover helps removing your eye make up, but the good one doesn't irritate your eyes and gives your eye a squeaky clean feeling

I was run out of my favourite eye make up remover [which will I review it after this] so I had to go to a mall to buy one. Last Beauty Demo in Surabaya, it was by Profira and The Body Shop Indonesia and I got to try their remover. Thinking that it's affordable and comes in a large bottle, I decided to purchase one for myself!

It is said that it's suitable for all skin types and a gentle eye make up remover. With camomile and sea plan extract to help refreshing your eye area. Comes in a big and strong plastic bottle makes this product looks promising. 

For Indonesian based on products, The Body Shop sticks on Indonesian Language basic instruction about the product itself. Like any other make up remover, soak the remover on cotton pad and clean your eye make up using this product

The best thing about The Body Shop is it comes with natural ingredients [and this one contains Camomile from England], and it is against animal testing. So for those of you who have such care about that point, you might want to support this brand

The product cleanses my make up as what normally eye make up remover would but I feel that after using it, my eyes feel very greasy and oily. Also the fragrant of the camomile is very strong for a regular eye make up remover which is not relaxing for me, but instead a little bit sickening. I don't like the fragrant at all because it smells kinda weird and.. sour? I don't know how to describe but usually I love fragrance so I am surprised to find out that I have no interest of this product's scent

Every time I use this eye make up remover I feel that it doesn't help removing my make up completely. On the surface, the colour of eye make up is gone BUT I somehow feel that it doesn't completely remove everything due to the dirty feeling on my eyes. Hence every time I have to clean it twice and rinse it again with water as many as I can

I kinda obtain this clean-freak issue toward my face so I feel kinda uncomfortable when my face is not cleansed properly. Therefore I can tell that this product doesn't do wonder on my skin

The price is Rp 109.000 [around 10 USD] for a bottle of 250ml make up remover which is not bad considering The Body Shop is a good brand, however I couldn't say that it's all worth it

 Secure bottle packaging
 Uses natural ingredients
 Against Animal Testing
 Easy to purchase in Indonesia

 Weird Camomile smell
 Doesn't clean the whole eye make up completely
 Gives greasy and oily feeling after usage

I purchase this product with my own money at The Body Shop Indonesia counter for Rp 109.000

In fact, I write this so you guys don't buy it because ugh.. I don't know what to do with this lol
I might give this to anyone around me who wants but most of people around me don't put make up, even my mom only puts on powder and lipstick.. 

I am disappointed with this product, but luckily a friend of mine just came back from overseas so she brought me my favourite eye make up cleanser. I just restocked it so I will review it after this ok!

But for now, NAY NAY NAY for this stuff

I hope the review is useful for you guys
See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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