Re-union at UNION Plaza Senayan

August 27, 2014

It's been a while since I last saw Sophie, last time was when I was in Singapore for an event, but unfortunately we didn't have much time to sit and talk. So last week she suddenly contacted me and said she'd have a short trip in Jakarta. And of course I almost say no to a friend invitation, especially when they're from overseas and we haven't met for a while. So I adjusted my schedule, picked her up, and brought her to a nice cafe she wanted

I am not really an outdoor person and though I love nice cafes and restaurants, it is mostly heard from a friend. Some of my friends mentioned UNION recently so I am pretty curious to check it out. Hence it becomes my choice to bring Sophie here!

I dressed for a very simple and casual outfit
White crop top and Flare Skirt from Chlorine Clothe [she's my classmate btw]
And also Denim Jacket from Gowigasa [my bestfriends run this shop]

Some of my friends have worked on e-commerce and I think it's gonna be a pretty promising career in the future for young generations. 

Sophie helped me to take pictures.. 
Usually it's pretty difficult for me to take outfit photos whenever I'm out because
1. Nobody to help me taking pictures because the other party is a client, not friend
2. If there's friend, then that person is not blogger and they don't know how take ootd pictures
3. Going out at night with friends when there's no sun or good lighting
4. And of course, when I dress shabbily :x

I should do this once in a while!
Taking outfit pictures is so fun ^.^

The lighting at UNION is mad awesome during the day! Because its window design from top and side reflects the sunlight and it gives you enough lighting to help taking a selfie!

Super bright and clear, it's all thanks to sun! 

I recommend this place to take pictures because you can have good outdoor lighting for selfie, but still chill enough to stay indoor. Last time I went to Odysseia is pretty good, but however it's outdoor so it's humid and hot while the indoor area is pretty dark :x
Oh the pain of looking for cafes for selfie lol #BloggerProblems 

I ordered Roasted Chicken with Barbecue Sauce!
The food is pretty nice, the meat is pretty tender and well marinated. But my tongue has tasted Japanese Fine Foods and this makes the score only around 6,5/10 haha

UNION is pretty crowded during that day, but everyone mostly said that it's always crowded, so better book beforehand or prepare your time waiting! Also though it's crowded, it's still a good place to eat and chat with your friends. Sophie and I were given 2 hours to have a meal at UNION and though it's quite common in Japan to set a time for each guests, this is the first time I have the same experience in Indonesia

That shows how popular this place is wow!

Bless the lighting . . 

And took a cake like a pro food blogger
Sophie arranged the whole thing lol

Only need a little bit of photoshop to help sharpening and give a tone of colour, but omg I love love love UNION lighting.

For dessert, we have Flaky Doughnut with Ice Cream. I was too full at that time so I didn't order one but I tried Sophie's dessert one bite. 
We're pretty interested with the cakes and everyone said that the cakes are so good, but we're shocked with the gigantic size!

If we share one cake together it would be ok, but I was not in mood for one

Maybe next time I really should eat one!! 

The elegant Sophie!
Come back again ok!!! 

After eating, we went to Senayan City for shopping some stuffs, and I drove her back to her hotel as I had next appointment. It was so fun to finally catch up and share stories about bloggers job, our life, and boys lol
I wish she would come back again pretty soon!

Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8 Gelora Tanah Abang Jakarta Pusat DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Plaza Senayan [Inside SOGO, next to Starbucks]

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png
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  1. Wooww, I agree with you stell.. hard to find cafe with perfect lighting *-* lol
    eh tp ngga terik ya jadinya kalo langit2nya diganti kaca gt? o.o

  2. Wah sering ke mall ini tapi belum pernah ke unionnya :).

    Nice writeup, suka banget foto makanan yg diambil persis dari atas!

  3. you look lovely! :)
    love everything from head to toe <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. halooo ci, aku pernah ke union tpi pelayannya bilang gaboleh foto pakai dslr. Is that true? plus pelayannya so rude teehee

  5. i just can't wait to try UNION, it is so packed and i don't have that much time to wait around :(

    Slumber Talk

  6. I love your style! <3 I enjoyed reading ur blog posts too. Keep it up! :D

  7. This place look really nice and selfies turned out really good! :D