Ninja Akasaka Restaurant Review

August 12, 2014

Back with another must-visit-restaurant in Tokyo hahaha. Pardon me as I am not really a food blogger so I can't critique the food but I am more recommending you Unique and Kawaii places to experience things that is difficult to have in Indonesia, or even other countries

And one of it is a Ninja Restaurant !

Yes you're not wrong, it's a Ninja Themed Restaurant that is so so popular and located in Akasaka. It has been on many magazines and TV Shows and one of the shows that talk about it is Kokoro no Tomo from Indonesia. Lucky enough, a colleague of mine booked a reservation for me because he heard that I wanted to visit a themed restaurant YEAY! 

The decoration and interior are to die for. I don't know who designs it and how they did it but they made the whole atmosphere very ninja-village-like!
It is seriously very very dark inside there and there's a ninja that guides us to our table [around 2 minutes walking] and there's even some awesome ninja door technique and hidden door so it is very very cool!!! (*0*)

Since it's very dark, it's very difficult to take the pictures there so I am sorry since it's a little bit blur and shaky. Also I have edited all the pictures on photoshop to make it appear brighter that it actually is so you can see the design well

A ninja can show up unexpectedly here, and also hide rapidly. Like when I was about to take the picture, he suddenly hid LOL

Even there's this dragon pond inside a restaurant OMG OMG

Imagine yourself eating there!

Finally, our table!! Looks normal enough though for me haha

A ninja as our waiter and butler kinda thing, he explained about the rules to us, like minimum charge, and also we only have 2 hours to stay T___T 
So it's not really a place to talk leisurely like cafe

Most of themed restaurants have 2 hours policy because they have many visitors 

But within that short time, I manage to snap interesting menus to show you!

Beauty Cocktail LOLOLOL

Since I am a fan of Egyptian History, of course I got Cleopatra so I can be as pretty as her lol [though fact said that she is not that pretty in real]

But if you want, there's also Ninja Cocktails which I regret for not trying!!

And for the food menu, seriously, they have this ninja paper [gulungan kertas] and it's very very long like maybe 1 meter or more! It's all about the menus that's offered by Ninja Akasaka and we took time picking it because there are wide options!

I went there with Kaila too! You guys remember her as Philippines Kawaii Leader? ^.^ 

Ok Kaila now you owe me one cos I took sharp picture of you and I got blur one *steps on her toes* lol

Some of the menus written there : 

I must say that the price is pretty expensive ^^;;

Signature dish of Ninja Restaurant!

There are hundreds of menus including sushi, sashimi, set menu, hot and cold meal, and so on. It's better to do research about what you want to order so you won't waste 2 hours limited time by only picking and awing the menu

Kaila's Beauty Cocktail. I think it's Komachi? 

My Cleopatra comes in bright yellow colour that really represents Egypt! 

Taste is fine, alcohol level is bearable even for me who is weak! 

We have this long stick that I don't know the name since my colleagues ordered it for us lol;

And awesome Shuriken Blade Grissini


And along with Foie Gras Dip omg so luxurious right!

At first I didn't know it was Foie Gras but the taste is AMAZING and out of this world omg, so I kept digging it and wanting for more. After writing this post and looked at the menu, I noticed that it was Cold Appetizer Shuriken - Foie Gras set. And it's only 1000 yen for a set so I recommend it!

Any Ninja wants to marry us? lol

Also Sashimi that comes with dry ice around it to give a feeling of ninja bomb. You know when ninja drops its bomb and he disappears after a thick smoke? This dish reminds me of it and it's so cool for them to play with foods like this

Mother always tell us that we shouldn't play with foods, but if it's for an art, why not?

The fishes are fresh and taste good but I recommend sushi & sashimi specialised restaurants such as Ginza Sushikoh or ZAUO Restaurant

They mix shoyu with flower for a better fragrant! ^^

Kaila ordered this roasted pork that comes with thick black sauce. I think it's supposed to be demi glace but I don't know how they're able to make the sauce as black as it is to really represent Ninja Color, Black

The pork is well-marinated and beautifully prepared, moreover the dish is very beautiful with a pop of colours from the vegetables

We also had grilled fish ^^

And my dish is this beautifully well done Lamb !!!!

Can you see the perfection of the lamb and the sauce?

The sauce comes with dark brown colour with thick consistency that gives a sweet taste, and with gold flakes all over that reminds me of stars. The lamb is very soft and fresh so I am in love with how beautiful the dish is

Also comes with this side dish that reminds me of woods [reminds you of ninja again? hehe]. I forgot about the name but it is Japanese specialised food I think D:

Also there's a special attraction for a table. The ninja waiter will come to your table and present magic trick! :D
Unfortunately we cannot take pictures or record video while he's doing it but it's a very entertaining 5 minutes!
Kaila is the one who got to try the card magic prepared by the ninja and here it is, her with her card ^.^

My colleague, Kitade-san ordered this amazing sake. He said that it's called Dragon Sake [if I am not mistaken] and it is very difficult and rare for a restaurant to have it. So he ordered one and being an adventurous myself, I tried a small cup of it!

The ninja poured it to me directly
Look at my derp face LOLOLOL

Jealous jealous? HAHAHA

Last but not least, we got to take picture with the ninja YEAY!!!
He taught Kaila and I about the real ninja hand position when doing the pose! XD

Kaila's turn!

Both of us together!! ^_^

And when we were outside and I was freezer to death because of the super strong wind [see the picture where my hair flies everywhere wtf] suddenly the ninja that serves us jumped in front of me and opened the big rolled paper rapidly and it was like one of the best surprise I have ever received in my life until I laughed so wide!!

He wrote Terima Kasih, Sampai jumpa lagi, which is Indonesian language for "thank you, see you next time" and it is very very heart warming and I felt so happy!!


The text is hand-written with traditional brush to give the effect of traditional and ninja-like so I am super happy!

Everyone seems very troubled with my camera because my picture looks blur lol

He came back for a seconds and come with another message for Kaila in Tagalog!

See, when I took Kaila's picture it's so clear and sharp hahaha

You can also join the experience by visiting the restaurant too!
Ninja Akasaka

Akasaka Tokyu Plaza 1st floor
 2-14-3 Nagatacho, Chiyoda
Tokyo 100-0014, Japan

The place is very easy to find! Just stop at Akasaka-mituke Station and the building will be across the station!

See you guys on my next post by letting the ninja to say good bye to you on my behalf, and don't forget to follow me on my other social medias photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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