A'PIEU Mineral Lip and Eye Make Up Remover

August 15, 2014

Introducing you my most recommended eye make up remover, which is A'PIEU Mineral Lip and Eye Make Up Remover. I have been using it for 2 years or so and so far I can't find any other better eye make up remover than this although I have tried any other brands from drugstore to high-end products. Though it would be easy to just say "this is good and cleans well" but the blog post won't be quite entertaining so I will just write longer to convince you about this product lol

I first spotted A'PIEU Mineral Lip and Eye Make Up Remover when I visited Korea in 2012, Myeong Dong to be exact. There are dozens of beauty stores over there and I visit every single one of them. Looking at A'PIEU store is really relaxing since the store's concept is more into natural and clean. I spotted a make up remover which is this product that you're reading the review right now, and I guess it was on sale or something like that but I grabbed one because it was very cheap and I ran out of my make up removers. However upon arriving back to Indonesia I have new stocks of make up remover so I forgot to use this

After half a year left it unopened, finally I tried this remover just out of curiosity and turns out it's amazing. First let's talk about the packaging

It is made by clear plastic bottle that shows you exactly how much is the product left. I got the pink one which is rose scented but they have another one in blue
The packaging is quite cheap and they have flower ornaments around the top area of the bottle to give a little bit of design on the plain packaging

All the products ingredients and informations are written in Korea. However, it's not like I read it thoroughly either lol

Once you open the bottle, the expiration date will last until 12 months after the first day you open it. Which would be pretty long considering that for 1 bottle if you use it everyday, it can last for about 6 months or so

The best thing about A'PIEU Mineral Lip and Eye Make Up Remover is that it is water based instead of oil based so it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean! However the removal power is light-medium so you might want to pour more on the cotton pad to remove heavy make up

The scent is pretty strong with rose fragrant and somehow reminds me of nail polish remover scent, which is a thumbs down. Not a fan of the scent but I fckin love the result on me

A'PIEU Mineral Lip and Eye Make Up Remover cleans my eye and lip make up pretty fast and thoroughly. I really really love how my eyes and lips feel very fresh and clean after using this remover. Also, the remover is pretty gentle on my eyes

I have tried many removers and sometimes it stings on my eyes / makes my eyes itchy. A'PIEU Mineral Lip and Eye Make Up Remover doesn't do any harm toward my eyes and lips so it's totally recommended! I have tried high and low brands but so far I really like A'PIEU for lip and eye make up remover so far!

Moreover, the price is totally cheap. Only 2500 won [3USD] for 100 ml!!

 Cleans make up pretty fast
 Cleans make up residue thoroughly
 Water-based, won't feel oily after usage
 Gentle, suitable for everyone
 Doesn't irritate eyes and lips
 Very cheap

 Difficult to purchase outside Korea
 Packaging looks cheap
 Smells like nail polish remover

I purchase this product with my own money at Apieu Store in South Korea for 2500 won each

Although there is some cons on this product, I really like the end of the result because it helps removing my make up much much better and obviously faster! I even have stocked some of it when my friend went to Korea. I just freakin love it so I don't mind re-stocking this ^.^

Do you have your favourite eye make up remover?
Do let me know!

I hope the review is useful for you guys
See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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