Fuji-Q Highland Theme Park in Japan

August 05, 2014

It is not enough to visit Japan without experiencing its theme park. Japan has so many theme parks across its nation however usually people only visit Disneyland, Disneysea, and Universal Studios in Osaka. I haven't had chance to visit USJ, but there's a famous theme park that's next to Tokyo. It is Fuji-Q Highland that's located on Shizuoka, around 1,5 hours drive with bus or around 1 hour by car or so


Nom-ing my melon bread as I came to not waste every single second there

So what's awesome from this place? Well besides that it's not very beautiful and difficult to reach from Tokyo, it's all about experience. In here they have 4 famous roller coasters, making it the best roller coaster theme park in my opinion. 3 of these roller coasters are world record for its individual ability to make you scream to your heart content and 1 is like super famous for its unbelievable route

So if you are a fan of thrilling ride, then you might want to consider this theme park
However, even since morning there are dozens of people there queuing for the line as you can see from the picture below

So I queued altogether with them for 2 hours in the morning to try Fujiyama Roller Coaster, the tallest one in Fuji-Q. FML 

While waiting for our turn for Fujiyama Roller Coaster, I snapped pictures of the surrounding. It is very close with Mount Fuji so if the day is clear then you can see it well!

Fujiyama Roller Coaster was once the world's tallest roller coaster but ss of 2007, it is the world's 8th tallest, 5th longest, and 10th fastest roller coaster. So it's basically still a pretty fun ride. Waiting for 2 hours for 2 minutes ride seems worth it

My current favourite fruit in the whole world is available everywhere in Japan! Yes it's difficult to find peach-related products in Indonesia so whenever I visit Japan I MUST eat any peach-related stuffs, including this mineral water with peach taste XD

Oh and my favourite alcohol is umeshu too, it's a sake from peach so yeah, I like sweet stuffs so much!! 

Next roller coaster is Takabisha that holds Guinness World Records for the steepest roller coaster in the world. You might have seen it somewhere on the internet and you will know it for sure

In case you're wondering how it looks like, it looks like this : 

Fuck you right when riding it LOL

You lost like 3 years in your life but after you try it, you will feel like the bravest person on the earth cos omg seriously, it's fckin scary as hell when you basically see nothing on the next turn. It's like, WHERE IS THE FCKIN RAIL AM I GONNA DIE

And that's how I really thought when I was riding it

But I survived so all is good


Then I also tried like 3-4 other rides, but mostly it's very difficult to take the picture of. Also I was super tired of waiting all the long line just to ride a single attraction
So it's better for you to come with a bunch of friends to distract you from the waiting line. I was there only with one friend though we're supposed to be there with many people

I hate waiting T_____T

Too lazy to put on circle lens and fake eyelashes because well, I am afraid something will get stuck on my lenses like dirts or so when I was playing, and also I was scared my lashes will come off LOL

So natural look is very recommended for theme park!



They have this sign on water attraction hahaha.. I know Japan is weird but idk if it's weird enough to shampoo on water ride

They also have ice skate ring outdoor because it's still March and very cold in mountain area. We could still see some leftover snows there

Another world record is eejanaika, for the world's greatest number of inversions

2 minutes on the ride.. Can you imagine how long it will be lol

And as if you're not scared enough, they make your feet fly without gravitation as well like the picture above

Yes.. It is really like what you really see. You seriously cannot touch or feel anything with your feet unlike most of roller coasters

Finished my day with Merry Go Round ~

Super tired as you guys can see from my face ^^;;;
I am not really outdoor person so outdoor activity makes me tired very fast and I always talk because if I don't talk people will think I am mad or upset or what. So my energy drains so much for outdoor activities T___T

But well, I had fun! Though I could only ride like 6-7 attractions because of the long waiting line, but at least I tried 3 amazing roller coasters that I won't be able to try in Indonesia so all is good!

And on the night, they decide to put on amazingly romantic illumination lights outside the gate

Also Fuji-Q Highland has so many cute shops inside and outside the theme park which you won't want to miss

Unfortunately it's difficult to take pictures inside the shop because it's too crowded on that day so I apologise. Well, you will visit it one day too so you can check it out by yourself hehe

In case you want to visit the theme park as well :

 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida
Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan

You can take bus to visit Fuji-Q. I took a morning bus from Shinjuku
Visit HERE for more info about access there

Good night *blows kisses* photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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