Urban Decay The Feminine Palette Review and Swatch

September 01, 2014

Oh hi, sorry for the lack of updates, but there's some drama happens in my life so I don't really have mood to blog lol Also I spent too much time with my friends in real, so I don't really put attention on internet.. Somehow getting out of the routine is what I need before start doing this again. Hence I have booked holiday for it ^.^

Now I am here with a review of one of my used eye shadows palette, which is Urban Decay the Feminine Palette!

I am always a big fan of Urban Decay eyeshadows because they're very high quality and the colours are all so wearable. This feminine palette is slightly cheaper than their infamous NAKED Palette series as it costs 34$, and it comes with a travel size of Urban Decay Primer Potion and 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero. The packaging is small and compact with purple as the base colour which matches the feminine theme. The packaging side is beautifully decorated with purple rose illustration to give a sophisticated detail of the simple design of the top and bottom of this palette

The palette is unique on its own and very travel friendly due to its compact size. However due to the lack of the eyeshadow brushes, this somewhat always brings me down to bring this palette for traveling

Printed on the back of the packaging about the products inside and other informations. The best thing about Urban Decay is they don't do animal testing!

The palette comes with mirror and a travel size of Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero which is one of the best pencil eyeliner I have ever tried. The eyeliner is creamy, smooth, pitch black, doesn't smudge, and it stays on my eyes. It's super awesome!
However I secretly wish they provide a simple dual ended eye brush to help with the application

The design on the inside of the palette is very pretty but to some people it might look too much and not classy

Here are all the colours. It consists of 4 brown-peachy shades that's very wearable for everyday use, and also 2 other interesting shades. 

Stray Dog is a cool metallic ash brown colour with subtle shimmer

Swf is a light pink eyeshadow with silver shimmer, this eyeshadow is very pretty however it has a high risk of falling out

Midnight Cowboy is a shimmery champagne eyeshadow and it is my favourite colour for highlighting and brightening up my eyes. Unfortunately this is the worst among all of the eyeshadows in term of application because the glitter just goes everywhere

Aquarius is a pale turquoise color and I almost never use it because the colour is too scary ^^; 

Dark Horse is my second favourite eyeshadow from this palette and it is in a dark brown-mocha colour, I mostly combine it with midnight cowboy, using this colour to create depth on my eyes

Ecstasy is a light purple eyeshadow in a cool tone and has lesser shimmer than the other eyeshadow

Here are the swatches of the palette anyway : 

From left to right :
Stray Dog, Swf, Midnight Cowboy, Aquarius, Dark Horse, Ecstasy, Eyeliner in Zero

All of the colours come in a soft subtle shimmer and it is indeed gives feminine look. I really love shimmery eyeshadows because in Japanese make up, it is the key to help brightening up your eyes. However I am a little bit disappointed that some of the eyeshadows fall out, hence I have to carefully apply it or do my eye make up first before face make up.

All of the colours are rich in colour and easily blendable, and the pigmentation is not as strong as I expected them to be which is good because for feminine look, I can't imagine a strong and bold colour

This palette is just perfect for those of you who want to appear with simple and fresh make up

 Comes with high quality eye primer and eye liner
 Comes with mirror
 Unique packaging design
 Eyeshadow's colours are pretty and suitable with the theme of the palette
 The eyeshadow is easy to blend
 The colours are mostly very wearable for any occasion 
 Does not test on animal

 Some of the eyeshadows fall out
 Doesn't come with eyeshadow brush

I love this palette especially the colours that they provided but I am disappointed by the quality of some eyeshadows, I know the fall out is not as bad as some bad products but I expected a higher quality from a brand "Urban Decay"

I would really recommend this for those of you who would like to have nice shimmery eyeshadows and want to try Urban Decay products. Especially since this palette is cheaper than their NAKED, making it more affordable

I mean, 34$ for 6 eyeshadows, 1 travel size eye primer, and 1 mini 24/7 eyeliner in zero, I think it is not bad.. 

I hope the review is useful for you guys
See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. where I can get it?
    thank you.

  2. The colours look lovely <3 I love urban decay ^^;; adding this to my wishlist!

  3. daily look banget warna eyesedowya.. mau :D


  4. I had my eye on the Feminine palette when it first came out. The colors look lovely, and I love the cutesy packaging. Bummer about the fallout though (I've dealt with that using a glittery UD shade), but usually Urban Decay shadows are so nice!

    --Mari :)


  5. how about the price stel?

  6. The colours are great *_* Ecstacy is my favourite one :)
    Nice review

  7. It looks really nice, but I don't use eyeshadows much, so I giess it's not for me ^^"

  8. The packaging says it all! I love the shades :D
    ~Pauline @ http://www.kallony.com.ph/brand/urban-decay

  9. Great review! *u* I really like the Stray Dog and the Midnight Cowboy shade :o This seems like such a nice palette~
    ~Kiyomi <3