Introducing Starry Light - Magic Eye Tape

September 09, 2014

Introducing you  Starry Light

My brand that produces this magic lace eye tape!

First of all, BIG EYES with deep eyelids are what I love and is also the key of my japanese make up. It makes eyes look bigger, brighter, look like doll, and easier to put on make up. There's nothing to not love about big eyes

I have quite obvious eyelids for Chinese descendant, but it's uneven and sometimes it disappears. so I always ask for eye tape since I was 11 years old. I have tried EVERY TAPES in the market that I can find, and I swear this is the best tape so far and let me tell you why :

1. Eyelid Tape / Skot : This eye sticker tape is very cheap. But people will notice you have something on your eyes because it is shiny texture, and the shape is also very thin. It doesn't work for some people with hooded lids or very small eyes. Also, not very strong as it sometimes gets peeled by itself during the day

2. Eyelid Glue : Most known product is Koji Eye Talk. It was popular years ago by the video tutorial, what I don't like is it's sticky and it takes long time for the application itself. Also it becomes obvious on the eye after it dries as if there's a line on your eyes

3. Eyelid Fiber : is one of the most natural one, but apparently it often breaks if you're not careful. Also it involves scissor and cutting the fiber near your eyes, so it's somehow risky. Also when it's done, people notice that there's a line on your crease too. Most popular is Mezaik Double Eyelid Fiber

4. Double Side Tape : Most popular of this category is D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape. I would say it's the easiest and the most natural and I would use this a lot, however it is not available easily and quite expensive I must say. Also the product can't produce too big / too deep eyelids

At first I knew about this kind of tape from another brand from Taiwan, named Miss Bow Bow. However the price is quite expensive for around 12-15USD per box, not including shipping. However being as vain as I am, I tried it and I hooked up with this eye tape. Because I like it and believe it, hence I want to share it. Especially if I can offer you a great price!

I never sell any products after I focus on blogging, because I don't want to be biased about a certain product. When I was high school, I used to sell Korean cosmetics and such, and when I decide to become a real beauty blogger, I stopped because I never tried all the products yet I had to sell it and lie to my customers by just saying "yea yea it's good just buy"

I want to be selective . . and really sell honestly

Took me long enough to decide selling this eyelid tape.. 
I find eyelid sticker is the easiest and most convenient and what people will use for regular basis. I love how it makes my eyes so big and the crease so deep, and also the efficiency and simplicity of using this. I'm in love with it and I have difficulty finding this in Indonesia. So I was like, "why not I sell this and help people to have big eyes too?" 

The biggest reason why I am willing to sell this one is because every time I put make up on clients or friends, there are those people with hooded or small eyelids that no eyelid tape can help [Unless you customise it by yourself, but it looks super fake and only good for party make up]

I have tried to every single friend of mine, whom I had surrendered for YEARS to create eyelid on them by using many eyelid maker , and Starry Light works on them. There's finally hope for them to have big eyes! Well, 90% of them works, the rest of 10% is because they have too much excess fat on their eyes [not like they're fat, it's just fat on the eyes].. So I won't lie by saying this will definitely work on you 100%.. It still depends on your eyes

HOWEVER, the chance for having one, or making bigger and deeper one, is much much higher with this tape. Got it? lol

So I can't see any reason why I should keep this magic by myself

Starry Light itself comes from my name, Stella Lee
(get the initial?)

Also Stella means Star in Latin, and star also brings light. I hope Starry Light will help you to find a little light and hope in make up, like a star ^.^
Also for me, a star is unique in certain way. And I believe it really represents each person as what God said, descendant of Abraham as numerous as stars. Something is so magical about stars and I am really happy that my name is linked to it

This magic lace eye tape is famous in Taiwan, you can look for Meng Meng Lace Eye Tape or Miss Bow Bow. But now you can have Starry Light in Indonesia with affordable price ^^

Starry Light Magic Eye Tape comes in 72 stickers [36 pairs] for Rp 85.000 !
You can use it for everyday and it still last for a month! [Give you additional 6 pairs for practice hehe]

For the first 100 customers, the price will be Rp 75.000! [Anyway I heard from my CS that it's running out fast so better hurry!]

I think the price is totally reasonable, and I really want to make it affordable to everyone!

For now, Starry Light is only available on Instagram : Starrylight_id 
You can place your order to or SMS/Whatsapp to 08571439733, or add our LINE on starrylight_id. We are also available on BBM : 7E87D1A5

You can also watch a short mini tutorial about how to use the tape

This one is just a trial though, and I'm just trying something new :D
I don't plan to sell this forever, but happen to find good supplier for this and instead of buying pack per pack, it's easier to just sell it to you too so we all get good price LOL

Any feedback or suggestion is welcomed and loved!

Thank you so much for your support!
Talk to you soon! I'm flying to Bali for my birthday hahaha

And no no I am not the one who handles all the orders, there's customer service handling all the stuffs for me. So they will be more than happy to assist you with your order ^.^

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Congratulations Stella~ ^ ^
    I can see lots and lots of girls rushing to buy this tape teehee! ^ - ^

  2. I never knew eye tape was a thing until now! I love how informative your posts are.

  3. congratulations Stella ^^

  4. I am in Taiwan and this type of lace eye tape is definitely better than the clear plastic type because it is less obvious and also cosmetics stick to it better because it doesn't repel! Nice of you to offer in Indonesia too :)

  5. Congrats for your new business ^^ The eyelid tape looks unique, I've never tried one with such lace details :) I wonder if we have to stick it with glue first before applying?


  6. Congratulation on your business! They look really lovely~ I've never used any eyelid tape though :D

  7. OMG're such a success story for me!!! Congrats on your first product..I actually really2 want to try your product! But too bad I'm already have a deep double eyelid, I wish I have a single lid so I can try the product from you, I really2 adore you for everything, you're cute & perfect, and also, is successful! May u find the true success u been finding in ur life, god bless! <3

  8. package is so kawaiiii :) Congruts on your brand ! You've such a creative name for it !

  9. love ur hair!! nice color

  10. congrats and best luck on your business, these look really awesome :O Do you ship international?^^

  11. Congratulations ^^ I wouldn't mind trying it! Is it available internationally? Packaging is also very cute!

  12. congrats !! such a cute packaging hehehe!!

  13. Congrats and wish u luck stella :)
    And also I love your hair .

  14. Congratulations Stella! I'm so proud and happy for you <3
    The product looks so cool! I hope to try it someday ^___^

  15. What great news, congrats Stella! The lace looks really natural and effective, I have never tried any tape because when I see someone wearing it in real life it always looks so obvious O_O