Rush Days

September 24, 2014

I was in Tokyo for a business meeting last week, and this time I could only stay there for a week. It was the shortest trip I have ever had in Tokyo, as usually it would be 2-4 weeks. But I have many jobs in Jakarta, including my new Starry Light brand that has to be taken care of, that's why I rushed back to Jakarta again

Hmm? What business you ask?
Well, I know technically I am still a blogger, so it is hard to imagine that a blogger has to attend meeting, moreover overseas business trip
But well yes, a blogger has meetings, in fact, a LOT, to talk about future collaborations and what I and the clients could do in the future. Sometimes the meetings last for months, and sometimes it gives great result of partnership while some might stop in the middle

This time I had some business with a company in Japan for a promotional activity in Indonesia. So they flied me to Tokyo for a meeting! 

Wore all brand new products for meeting of course. The meeting lasts for 3 days and the project should start soon. I can't wait!

Meanwhile, here's my OOTD info

Dress : Cloth Inc
Shoes : GYDA

I did dye my hair into platinum blonde before I went to Bali, and also put on some clip on extension that I dyed altogether to match the hair colour. I just love myself most with long blonde hair! Also my fringe has gotten longer than before. Turning 22 with more mature hair style really gives my look a more adult feeling, I guess!

In fact, I have a lot of jobs and meetings that I can't discuss here. Even I don't think any of my friends really understand what I have been doing. I just take any opportunities that jump into my face, and as long as I can do it and it's a good job, then I see no reason why I don't

Besides being a blogger, promoting Japanese Culture as Kawaii Leader, owning my own brand, I also help some companies in Japan to enter Indonesia market, and also help managing some social activities, and work on certain projects about advertising - social marketing - fashion - beauty - japanese culture, and such

I do believe there's no such quite right job title for me, so I call myself "entrepreneur" instead.. 

I do not work from 9-5 like most of people. I might be able to take long leave, but being one also gives full responsibility, such as when I was in Bali for holiday, I would leave my friends and lock myself in the room to take care of some businesses that I have. Busy handling phones and emails, and all the stuffs. My friends already know and understand about it, but I feel they're a little bit annoyed that I prioritise my work the most. They feel if it's holiday, then it's a total holiday with no job at all

Unfortunately it doesn't happen to entrepreneur. Once you stop working, then the money won't flow, and the business will collapse. 
It's different than being an office worker when you can really stop doing job during holiday, and still get paid leave. Your office that you work for, is not your own property. While for me, I manage my own business and stuffs

When I was young, I used to think that the owners and the top people were very lucky. They could take leave while the people work, and they only need to sign and meet people. Once I enter this kind of thing, I do realise that the upper people hold the most responsibilities and less time to have fun, even for sleep

But I can't complain much because well, I do enjoy my job!! SO MUCH!
I get paid for doing what I love, and what I can, and also learn about many new things and experience lot of stuffs. Even though it's tiring and most of the people can't imagine what my job looks like [not even my best friend really understand it, I guess not even my mother], I just feel that I have the best job that suits me the most!

And anyway, I got this Michael Kors Small Jet Set Travel Tote from Shopbop again! Recently I have been loving Michael Kors a lot, especially Shopbop is my most favourite online shop because they offer free shipping worldwide, and they sell authentic branded items, with much much cheaper price than Jakarta. I used to think that branded bags would be out of my context since it's crazily expensive here, but turns out it's not that expensive overseas

Now I know why many people say "I buy this overseas as it's cheaper"

I used to think Indonesia is cheap but no, branded items are soooooo expensive so I prefer to eat it overseas. You know the bag itself is only 228$ la overseas, and shopbop offers the same price but with free shipping!!
Such a bargain right!

With MK logo attached on the bag. This bag is such a simple yet versatile, and timeless. My mom really likes this bag when I brought this home. I don't care if my clothes are cheap, but I would love to have branded bags and shoes because it really shows whether it is a good one or no. And a good bag and shoes are stronger, sturdier, and esp for the shoes it is much more comfortable!

I'm such a sucker for bags and shoes!
How about you?

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. I love bags but can never find a designer one I like within a reasonable price range. however I love your bag and love your hair and outfit! xoxox

  2. i want to be a full time blogger so bad !! it's what i am passionate about and i wish i can be successful like you :)


  3. Goodluck for your new business Stella! :D

  4. I think Michael Kors is quite achievable :) esp if u buy from trusted US shops like shopbop, or ask ur friend to buy it at the counter there :D

  5. Good luck with all your partnerships and opportunities! Where you are is where I would like to be, so thank you for being so inspiring ^^. Btw love your hair!

  6. Yes you can! Took me years as well to get to this point, it's not like I suddenly become like this out of nowhere. I still remember the first month I blogged, I only had 7 views, MONTHLY lol

  7. Haha, yes we do have meetings but not so many people know
    It depends again though, if the bloggers get involved in certain projects, mostly big, as a talent or what, we do have to attend meeting
    However if it's just invitation for beauty event or received some samples, then it's done via mail

  8. Wish you the bestest luck tel!

  9. Stella, i always wondering about shipping overseas. Is the product will come to our home directly or we need to pick it up later at nearest post office and paid again for beacukai?

    Cos once i ever asked my korean friend to help me bought some korean cosmetics and send it to indonesia bcos i thought it will be cheaper than buy at mall. But after it, i received a msg from post office that i need to paid around $150 for my package, if not they will return back my package to my friend. I was very shock that i have to paid with that amount when all my package cost itself is around $300. :(

  10. Thank you so much!! :D
    Yes, I no longer want to wear 10-20$ like I used to, bcos it results pain feet T_T

  11. Yes... That happens.. :/

    If we do agree with the tax, they will ship it to our home usually and we pay it
    But sometimes if you want, you can argue about the price, and negotiate, then you have to come to office

    Indonesian custom for me is pain in the ass, and they charge too high
    However, I still think with the high tax, my bag end price still lowers than the counter. But sometimes for cosme, it's seriously much better to get it here
    And anyway, do u often receive overseas package? bcos if so, they'll charge you more i guess
    I also heard that if u live in jakarta, the custom is worse than other cities

  12. omg !!! ... i've a MK bag it's in a high quality .... but it's not like yours , it's different ..... but awesome though , hehehe .....

    and i hope that your not tired by returning to Bali ....

    gd luck stella !! ♥ ^^

  13. Oh God, you looked beautiful with the MK and the shoes.

    I love too but I don't know what online shop that sell the stuff with good quality.

  14. You're so beautiful, I love your new colour hair!

  15. Lovely outfit, I love your hair colour *^*

  16. I love your shoes! and the bag... and your hair! <3

  17. Just curious, who took your photos? XD
    Until now I still looking for cheap shoes btw, and I'm too picky to bag coz I want a multi-using bag.
    Your words like a new tips for me, thanks~

  18. Aaaa~ good luck on your work :)
    btw you look super pretty with this hair color <33

    cheer, michelle ~