My Experience With Teosyal Ultra Deep and Teosyal Redensity II

September 30, 2014

Do you think that the latest photo looks prettier, even a little bit, compared to my old self?

In case you say yes, you have sharp eyes!
I was contacted by Teosyal months ago for collaboration and that's how I found out about this brand. Read more about this post to know about what "Teosyal" is!

At first I rejected the idea of nose filler because I prefer to fix my eyes [being a design student makes my dark circle worse!] and the last filler only last for 3 months, so it's not worth it for me
But because they said they really wanted to do my nose and they need model, and convince me that their filler is one of the best in the world that can last up to 12 months, so I was like, "why not?"

After all I feel it's like changing your hair colour

Teosyal uses Hyaluronic Acid to redefine your face, and so it is very safe for your body because of the purity of the ingredients made it safely absorbable by the body. It can also be used on your neck, decollate, and hand. Teosyal treatment is not limited to women, men can also use it to accentuate their masculine look. 

  Do you know that Teosyal products are not registered under the name of "beauty cosmetics" at health department but instead "health" ? Because it is basically safe and promoting health for your skin!

Teosyal itself is imported from Switzerland, one of the most expensive countries in the world with high standard of health, technology, and service!

I used to think that any fillers would be the same. I mean, it's just hyaluronic acid right?
But a friend of mine who works for beauty clinic told me that it doesnt work that way. It is the same like if you say "oh every lipstick is same right, just gives you coloured lips"

No it is not
Side effect, longevity, result, naturalness, and so on becomes some of the points for the good product, and she said the best brand for Filler or Hyaluronic Acid injection available in Indonesia, is Teosyal

And I was like "wow I didn't know that such a good brand would contact me!" lol

So from now on if you visit any clinic for any filler or hyaluronic acid injection, ask what brand it is and if they mention Teosyal, that means it is very trustable clinic! Some of the clinics that I know which are using Teosyal are Profira Clinic, Rejuvie Clinic, Miracle Clinic, and Maharis Clinic

Doing anaesthesia to numb my face, preparing for the injection
I wear nothing on my face not even circle lens, just draw my eyebrow
Yes that's my natural eye, I have quite big eyes yeah XD

Anyway, a little bit introduction about dermal filler itself
Our body produces hyaluronic acid to keep hydrating and moisturising our skin, however due to age, living condition, stress, UV Ray etc, the hyaluronic acid decreases and makes skin dry and aging faster. That's how dermal filler is needed, to give our skin a boost of Hyaluronic Acid to turn the clock and make it appear like before, baby maybe lol 
Teosyal ingredients is 100% natural and biodegradable, thus making it very safe to be absorbed into the skin and there's even no need to do skin allergy test

So I have here with me Teosyal Pure Sense Ultra Deep
It is for giving volume on flat face, such as changing your nose shape..

The difference of each dermal filler's brand lies on their technology during gel making that affects the Hyaluronic Acid genuinely. Teosyal gives their best to make sure that their Hyaluronic Acid is made as close as what Hyaluronic Acid that our body produces to ensure its safety to be injected. Also, there's a special technique as well to inject it to make sure the safeties, therefore picking the right brand and doctor is essential! Because of its high technology, Teosyal is much more safe and last longer than other competitor brands

Pure Sense Ultra Deep and Redensity II also has lidocaine or anaesthesia to make sure it feels less painful for the patient. Although I still use anaesthesia cream because I cannot tolerate pain lol 

The pictures on this posts are totally unphotoshopped. Usually I always photoshop my nose or find my best angle. My face is okay from the front side but if I move to the side, my face structure is kinda flat so I want to make it more three dimentional. Hence the doctor from Teosyal would give the injection on my nose bridge only

He also mentioned about other imperfections that I have when I asked whats wrong with my face

Besides nose, he said my jawline becomes quite a problem because it's uneven and it's square and has some fat on the jawline so I gotta remove the fat. Then the hollow of my cheek is very prominent and my cheekbones are so high.. 

Some people might like my high cheek bones and hollow of my cheek, they said it makes them appear slimmer, and that's why so many people put bronzer on their hallow of their cheeks. You see the picture above? I don't put any bronzer at all but it's already quite sunken LOL 

But grass is always greener on the other side, I usually put lighter concealer or highlighter to make it appear rounder so I don't look sick.. 

Then I asked "is there nothing good on my face?"

He looked at me and said "your forehead is very pretty"


Injection began!!

Instantly a higher and more defined nose bridge!!! T____T Such a love!
Yea I had a pimple on my eyebrow, PMS I guess -_-; 

Next is Teosyal Redensity II and it is for my dark under eye!
One box contains 2 x 1 ml and I only use 1 ml for both eyes [0,5ml on each eye]

Redensity II gives a little volume specialised for eye area to and on my case, making my sunken eyes more healthier. It also has a mixture of vitamin cocktail named Dermo-Restructuring Complex [DRC] and the vitamin ingredient itself is only available on Teosyal. They make this specially for eyes area because it has different anatomy and different skin character, hence we should not use the same product that we use for face on the eyes

Need to numb down my under eye even after anaesthesia to make it less painful and less bruise after the treatment
The ice cube is so cute, it comes in egg shape!

The doctor injects it on my under eye, following the trace of my under eye line
It feels NOTHING! Totally pain free even though I am someone that cannot bear any pain hahaha

He injects it on a few spots, so my under eye and nose area became red, and the bruise last for 3-7 days depends on some people. As for me, the nose area is bruise-free after 3 days but under eye takes about 2 week or more to completely recover. However even the day after do the injection, you can already put on make up and cover the bruise!

Look more lifted from the side view!!
Also my mom told me that I look somehow mixed bcos of my nose
I guess because my eyes are naturally quite big for Chinese, it helps
And oh, because my nose is getting taller, and the skin around the centre of my face gets stretched, my eyes become bigger and wider as well O_O

My face after the treatment!
Some redness and purple-ish appeared on skin on my face where Teosyal was injected to my face, but it was gone after a few days! 
I also do a little chin sharpening using Ultra Deep left over to make it appear sharper. However the change is hardly noticeable as I only put 0,5 ml

So 0,5 ml on each eye
1,5 ml on my nose
and 0,5 ml on my chin

That's the suggested dose ^^

And as the result, I really really LOVE how my eyes appear brighter and livelier and healthier! It also somewhat makes my cheek plumper and rounder!!!

You can see the before and after my eye treatment below, I am using the same make up, and even I don't put any concealer for under eye. The pictures are taken with one week between each pic

Do you see that my dark under eye circle is hardly noticeable compared to my old pic??

I am surprised by how this really can help fixing my under eye problem!

Teosyal Redensity II is a filler, but doesn't give volume as powerful as Ultra Deep. It gives just the right amount of volume that under the eye area needs and with additional benefit such as brightening effect and makes the skin around the area smoother and healthier. Basically I feel it's a magic filler for my tired eyes! lol


And about my nose, I have never dared to try taking pictures from below because my nose looks like a pig lol

But behold!! This is my pic 2 days after the injection!

Look at the nose bridge!


Totally unphotoshopped pic of mine, after treatment with Teosyal Ultra Deep and Redensity II!

My view? It does improve my face but it doesn't change my whole face completely. Some people might not recognise your change but might think you're getting a little bit "prettier"
That's what happened to me because some friends of mine can't tell what's going on with my face until I tell them. They just say, "you look prettier! What do you do?"

I am so happy to receive the treatment, although it lasts on 12 months only. I will be sure to come back for a touch up!

Anyway, after 10 days, the bruise has gone and it has settled into natural shape
This is the final before after :

Front, 45' view, and side view

You can tell that my sunken eyes are more lifted and my nose is more well-define!

And this is the before and after eye injection!
My under eye circle looks much better!!!

So far I really love Teosyal, and I hope and believe that this would last me longer than my previous filler as I didn't know about the brand much. Now I know which brand to rely on! 

Anyway, this pic is taken a few days ago in Bali during my birthday trip.. Totally unphotoshopped [I only brighten it up] and I am amazed how nice Teosyal sets on my face! 

Anyone else has any intention to do the same procedure as well?

Special thanks to Universal Estetika, the official distributor for Teosyal in Indonesia for letting me trying out their products 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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