New Autumn 2014 Nail by Verita Nail Salon

October 07, 2014

Back in Tokyo last time, and of course back to retouch my nail at nail salon in Naka-Meguro. It is Verita Nail Salon!
I always believe about the importance of head to toe beauty, and where else I should trust my appearance if it's not by Japanese? They have high standard of beauty and professionalism, so I am always rest assured when I let them do the magic on me! 

This post will also feature their designs on Halloween Themed, as well as Autumn 2014 style!

Verita Nail Salon was quite full when I made the appointment so I only had slot at night. I had visited this salon last March, and love the result and quality so I'm coming back!

A lot of nail polishes and colours to choose from!

The hospitality of Japanese service is the best! They prepare you warm drink, and also kawaii slippers, as well as nice fluffy blanket

Here are some new autumn 2014 nail styles by Verita!
Everything is gel nail and they layer the gel like 10 times or more to make sure it doesnt chip out easily! [I was doing it in Jakarta and they only layer 2-3 times usually]
Maybe you're interested to do the style by yourself, or visit them next time?

Since it's autumn, dark colours and red and gold are pretty common to spot!

Checkered, block, and straight cut pattern are also popular in this season! 

Not to forget since it's close with Halloween, they have special edition of Halloween Nail Art!

You can also ask the staff to make it as you wish! For me, I design my own nail and just ask the staff to do it as I want! 

Damn my ugly nails... It's all chipped off already ughh

And this is the result!!!!

All are my favourite colours! Black, Red, and Gold! And also it's slightly rock-agejyo style so I just LOVE it!!! It's so cool and glamorous and it sparkles amazingly in real life. They make it very very neat and precise!

My nail costs me around 10.000 yen. Quite pricey, but it's a normal price of a gel nail art in Japan T___T

You can check them on Website HERE and in case in the future you want to try it 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. wooow *___* it's a really nice place! and your new nails are really beautiful <3

  2. OH wow all of their designs are so beautiful and would be gorgeous to have on your nails! I love the way you designed your nails, it looks totally edgy and gorgeous.

  3. Aaaa~ lovely nail arts <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. Japanese nail salons are the best! ^ v ^

  5. I love the designs on your pinky and middle finger! So devilish and cool ^^

  6. So many pretty and cute designs! I love the Halloween themed ones.

  7. 10.000yen means: around 1000.0000 rupiahs?????? Seriously?! O.O

  8. Sooo pretty and SO totally worth it. I wish there were more authentic Japanese nail bars in London!! I can't wait to treat myself. I love how creative they are!

  9. ooooo sooooo sooo cute, so many designs *0*

    Your choice is amazing *0*

    恵美より ♥

  10. Always love it when you blog about nail art <3
    The designs are very lovely, I especially like their Halloween designs though. And I also love the one you've choose, the colors are very cool and it looks quite rockish hihi But 10,000 yen, wow, that's a looot O__O Well, then again, I guess it's also for the service and they did a really neat job =/

  11. Many beautiful nail designs *O*