B-Eye Puffy Eye in Brown and Grey

October 15, 2014

Holaaaa~~~!!! I am here with another post to talk about the lenses that I have been using recently. Finding a good lenses is easy, but how about finding the gorgeous one? That's a tough task I must say
I mostly trust my lenses supply from Indonesian online shop named Sparkling Chix because I never have any eye problem with their products. They produce B-Eye series which are amazingly comfortable and come with many types to choose from. I used Puffy Eye this time for my trip in Bali and Tokyo. So yes, if you happen to follow my Instagram recently, this is the lens that I have been using!

Although my hair is quite brave, picking eye color can never be that bold. My hair can be in any color but usually I always stick to brown and grey eye color. B-Eye stands for Barbie Eye, and the recommended usage is 6 months

I have with me the series of Puffy Eye in Brown and Grey and below are the colors on my eyes :

Top : Grey
Bottom : Brown

Surprisingly the color has more colors despite only certain color mentioned. As for grey, they have some blue hue with a little bit of yellow color near the iris
For the brown, it has darker color than grey, and it has more green-ish color there and has cool undertone

Both of the lenses tend to be more cool tone, making it to give more aetherial effect
About the comfort, there's no slight of doubt that this is pretty comfortable and moist! Enlargement wise, this one has quite normal enlargement but not as big as Milky Way type because it doesn't have limbal ring to create bigger eye illussion

Here are some pictures of me using Puffy Eye :



For me, Puffy Eye is more natural and soft, perfect for feminine look!
Also the pattern is not too anime-ish like Milky Way that I wore before, so it's much better to use for daily usage. The color is not too bold either, but having some layers of colors so it blends better with eyes

I got these lenses from my sponsor Sparkling Chix 
The price is also reasonable for around 10-20 USD for an amazing comfort like japanese lenses ^.^

Which one is your favourite colour?

Stay beautiful, stay gorgeous!
See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. you look like a pretty vampire ... like the ones in Twilight!! >.<

    Slumber Talk

  2. Ohh the brown lenses look so dolly on you Stella! ^ v ^


  3. Link didn't work for me

  4. Stell!! Tambah cantik bgt apalagi foto pertama & terakhir. Love the softlens <3

  5. You are looking great in your last photos! I love how your hair looks with those lenses ( grey)
    I have the grey one too! *-*

  6. So cool lenses *o* the second ones colour is really strange but cool!

  7. Ah these look so pretty on you! <3

  8. what lip color are you wearing here?