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October 23, 2014

I have been going back and forth Japan for the past two years that it feels just like a home to me, be it for business trip only or with holiday on the side, Japan never lets me down as I always get to experience new things each time I come to visit! You can never get bored of Japan!

Luckily, I heard that for Indonesian citizen, obtaining a Japan visa is getting easier, which mean that now more and more people get to travel. Who knows, maybe we all get to hang out someday when it's time for me to return ^.^

I often on the lookout for new places worth to visit as well as to see whats on the trend. Beside from keeping my topics updated when meeting business partner, it gives me more idea on how to make my time well spent whenever I got the opportunity to play <3

Sometimes I got friends who would ask me to go out with them, but oftentimes I was the one who came up with places. For you guys who's coming to Japan the first time would probably love to see Sky Tree, Odaiba, and of course happiest place on earth, Disneyland! But honestly there's so much more to enjoy in Japan!

I often do my research to find good places all over Japan, that's why I manage to visit more places than the others, simply because I do research more
So I will share with you a website that is on my list when I am looking at places to visit in Japan
Everyone, it's Tsunagu Japan~!!

This website mainly serves to introduce Japanese culture and travel information for us, yet what we got is so much more as the website covers seven broad categories such as fashion, food, travel, otaku, culture, entertainment, as well as art. It's a heaven filled with EVERY informations we possibly want to know about Japan, making it very ideal media to learn about the country ^.^

My favorite categories to stalk is of course fashion, food, and also travel! but sometimes I would find myself amongst the articles for culture, and even art.

Here are some articles that I really like:

Three words. SO DAMN BEAUTIFULLLLLLL!!! This article by Tsunagu Japan gave us recommended spots to see the autumn foliage all around Japan.
Since I will be coming to Japan again this autumn, I really want to experience the real momiji [leafs turning colors] so I was looking for some spots, and Tsunagu Japan really helps me finding where to go! They even chose the prettiest image possible omg omg now I cannot wait to come back!

It's not Japan if they cannot place different anime characters to fit in your NAILS LOL yes, nails!!
Japan and their nail arts has been something I enjoy to follow recently. I've had my share of Japanese nails and they are absolutely amazing. From romantic flowers decoration, simplistic design, and basically anything-you-have-in-mind-we-got-it-designs, Japan doesn't look like it will let down even your wildest nail-art dream!

I look up this article especially for my muslim readers in Indonesia! Being abroad in a country where not most of the citizen is a muslim can be tricky, mainly because finding a halal restaurant would be a great task! On my trip last year, me, Anggy and our friends were out looking for dinner on our last day, it was stressful as Anggy kept pointing out "no, that said Tonkotsu!" at every restaurant door we were about to push open lol. Do not worry though, because in Japan there are muslim-friendly restaurants located in several places in Tokyo as well! The food looks awesome too, that makes me wanna try myself! ^.^

7 Mysterious Japanese Custom

This is also one very useful article be it for newcomer, or for someone like me who most of their time in Japan spent interacting with the local people. Knowing custom is really important because we never know when something that is regarded as simple in our country become something very important while we are in a foreign country. For example, in Japan we are not allowed to eat or call while using public transportation. Very different with Indonesia right? even though the rules may apply here too, but I think the social sanction is bigger, thats why most people decided to obey.

I have friends who video-record during a concert, and it was their first time in a Japanese concert so they didn't know of this. Yet rule is rule, and unfortunately they couldn't stay inside because they were considered breaking the rules (less than 20 minutes inside the venue!!). That's why to be mindful of the local custom and rules is very important!

10 Incredibly Useful Pieces of Japanese Stationary

I actually really like stationary, especially if it was as unique as the ones in this list!!! From a waterproof memo, to erasable pen, staple-less stapler, basically I just want to own everything on this list LOL they make a great omiyage too, because even though these might be small yet it's useful and it's unique and well, it's from Japan! I will surely check these stuff out on my next trip and bring home what I can found ^.^ it's really awesome that Japan invented well, even for something as simple as stationaries. They surely take it to the next level!

So those were some of the articles I found to be interesting, but of course there are so much more.
I'm really glad to have found this website, omg!!! It saves up a lot of time, and even my Indonesian friend read their articles too to help her write her thesis! So informative, and absolutely credible to use as the people behind this website is Japanese. I just simply hate it when I read stuffs coming from unknown source, it's confusing and sometimes misleading :/ 

The articles are also pretty up to date, and not simply a copy-paste writing like the ones we tend to find from non-japan-based medias, so you won't be bored reading at all. Like me, once I start looking for traveling articles, I wouldn't top until I ended up on other categories LOL. Sometimes I was too distracted in reading that I forgot what I was really looking for haha

What I also love about Tsunagu Japan is that the website is very neat~! The layout is not confusing, they seem to keep it simple, and it has every categories at the top of the page, making it easier for you guys to jump straight into the topic you're most interested in ^.^ Easy navigation is totally a plus! <3 
I also sometimes browse through my phone, they have different display for mobile but it's still convenient, and the best part is that IT DOESN'T LAG! O.O
OMG seriously Japan, your technology even on website is awesome!

As far as I've been using the site, I found it helpful and well, it's fun to read about these stuffs. A little additional knowledge never hurts anyone right?! If you guys plan to visit Japan or just simply have interest in Japan, you should check it out!

What do you think? Care to do some reading? ^__^ let me know your definite go-to websites to find out about helpful information!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. thanks for posting this~ its very informative ;))

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  2. That nail art is so cute! I wonder how long it would take to do that at home XD


  3. Omg that nail art looks like it would take forever to get correctly! Japan seems like such a cool place to visit.


  4. Lovely :3

    I want Kuroko Nail art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Murasakibara is my favourite!!! ^^

    恵美より ♥


  5. I had my nails done in Japan but never to that extent XD we should definitely try it out one day!

  6. must take HOURS XD But in Japan only 1-2 hours lol