Autumn is Here

October 25, 2014

My friends keep telling me that I'm so full of luck, and while that might be true to some extent I guess there were times where I seem to be running out of it.
And especially when I do, it happens either at the most unfortunate time, or at something I really depended on.

Apparently this year, I'm welcoming the Autumn season with a new laptop. New as in I had to format and ended up losing every single data stored inside T__T so I'm now left with a laptop which is empty and clean as if I just got it yesterday.

Actually it's been broken for around a week now. It happened a night before I was supposed to meet my friends whom I hire to help me manage my business and other stuffs. I was going to write some blog post when suddenly my laptop just wouldn't start, the screen was just grey O.O I tried to restart it, hard reset, and basically I tried everything that night but it was so damn stubborn. My laptop stayed this way even until morning when I had to meet my friends.

For so many days I have to endure using my old macbook white [mind you, it's 7 years!!], which is already so old and became veeeeery slow even when all I was trying to do was write some posts! I've lost patience for so many times but I cannot bear to abuse it further or I wouldn't have any laptop at all and that means I won't be able to serve my readers with new blogpost T___T Really, thats how much I love you all! LOL *penjilat*

After a week, yesterday I finally be able to bring my laptop to the service center. I already had a bad feeling that I'd lose all, and well I wasn't entirely wrong. When I got there, I told them what was wrong with my laptop and they examine everything from me. They told me the cause of this is because I rarely turn off my laptop and instead let it sleep for days or weeks at a time. The other cause is said to be my habit to use it on the bed instead of a flat surface, I didn't know that really matter. APPLE, REALLY???

You know as a full time blogger, I'm almost never straying so far from my laptop. Whether it's blogging stuff, or handling other clients, I will have to do most of my thing with my laptop, in fact I never had a day where I don't need to use it. Therefore, rather than shutting and turning it back on over and over again, I thought keeping it on sleep mode would help!
And the fact that I used it on my bed more than anything is because there are many occasions where I had to handle several post just when it was my bed time. It wasn't a rare case to sleep next to my laptop, and this applies whether I am home or out on a trip LOL.

Anyway, the people at the service center immediately told me that there's still a hope for me to save whats inside, I just need to back up the content but the bad news is, it doesn't cost me a small fortune ._.

Honestly, I was so damn torn apart whether I should do the back up for not because I don't think the amount the charge is really appropriate doing only that! At the same time my heart broke a little because outside of the files from work, what I also lost is some photoshoot pictures I had in Bali and also Starry Light.

My friend Dea and I really worked hard to take beautiful pictures is Bali, and I feel like it was really a shame that I couldn't show everything to you guys because the files, well... the files would be no more T__T I have also taken so many pictures for Starry Light promotional needs, and now I probably had to retake it sometimes soon. Maybe when it's less hectic around here.

After pondering for a day or two, it's finally decided that I'm just going to format everything. Because I have edited some of Bali pictures and uploaded it halfway on my blog. At that point, I realise how blog can help you as it stores your data!! I almost forgot this point
So ta-da, it's basically empty now in my laptop. Almost good as new 8D *cries a little inside*

Well at least I'm no longer have to bear using my macbook white. Seriously everytime I got my hands on it I feel like I lost 5 years of my life lololol

Luckily though, a while ago I received another package of mine from Shopbob! A new bag always makes a happy girl ^.^ 
When my friend said I'm full of luck, I had to both agree and disagree since I lost my important files, but on the same day I finally got myself a new bag so it helped to mend my heart somehow LOL

This time I am wearing Cloth Inc Autumn Dress, this dark green color really represents the color of autumn in my opinion.

To accentuate the look, I wear high heels that I get from Harajuku, and my new beloved Tory Burch Small Shoulder Bag. These 2 items come in black with gold accent to compliment the color.

I absolutely adore these outfit set! Cloth Inc for me sells a very classy yet wearable fashion that is always comfortable to wear. And don't get me started with the Tory Burch bag, it's just a major love for me!

It's small, yet fits just what you need to have with you (cellphone, wallet, maybe your favorite lipstick for touch up?). The design is very simple, but simple is always more don't you think?
It comes in black too, which goes well with absolutely any outfit. Whether you want to escalate your fashion or wear it down for a casual feel, the bag fits just right with both!

Shopbob is one of my favorite online store too since they provide free shipping and tax calculation upon purchasing. So there's no more shocking charge when the item is finally arriving in Indonesia.

Dress : Cloth Inc
Shoes : Harajuku
Bag : Tory Burch

I think I'm gonna send these to my luggage for my upcoming Autumn experience in Japan LOL.
Yes I am back again to my second hometown next month for a lot of things ^.^
Will definitely share about it!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Should've bought an external HDD, preferably 500gb, and do backup via Time Machine app.
    It will really save the day, especially for us, full time bloggers who depend our lives on our laptops.

    By the way, I didn't know that using macbook on flat surface lengthen its life than on a bed or our lap.

  2. Ohh no I am very sorry to hear about your Laptop! ^ - ^

  3. Sooooooooo pretty!

  4. the heat trapped in the bed surface, made the laptop overheat and damage the insides. that's why it's better you use some flat base to put your laptop on if you gonna use it on bed or pillow or such bumpy surfaces. most laptops has 'feet' to make gap between the bottom with table surface so it can distribute the heat.. and it works for any kind of laptop, not only macbook. you can also try to use laptop cooler or such

    i'm an IT person btw, and i faced such stuff pretty often. i hope your laptop last for a long time, stella! it's really important little stuff..

  5. I feel you, Stel! When I arrived in Beijing suddenly my laptop does not want to start normally, I must force shut down and opened it in safe mode. But after a while, it finally blackout T T" and I need to purchased new laptop in here *sob*
    Btw you are so pretty Stel! *sparkling eyes*
    I also has difficulties opening bloodspot and other websites as China block most websites even though used VPN. T T" but I'm really happy when I read your new post :D
    I'm so sorry for my long rant :(((

  6. Oh no.. My macbook was once broken too because I repeatedly didn't shut it down for weeks and lost its data T.T I feel you... Thankfully you have uploaded some of the pics on this blog :)

  7. Laptop is everyone's life now, right T.T

  8. Oh my!! I guess everyone must have this "broken laptop" issue once in their life T_T I have had a few issues and I always was in lost every time it happened. People store their data there lol *hughug* feel so sorry to your laptop
    Awww thanks for the compliment

    You can try using anonymoux for firefox!
    My friends who studied in China keep annoyed by cannot open many sites either ^^;
    Good luck!

  9. Thanks for the explanation! I didn't know it could happen either.. But I mostly work with my laptop on the bed LOL Do you have any recommendation where I can buy some flat base for bed? D: thank you!!

  10. Aww, I'm sorry about your Macbook.... :(
    I really love your shoes Stella, and you look so so so beautiful!! ^^

  11. Stell, have you try using cooling pad for your laptop? Since I mostly use my laptop in my bed, I use cooling pad to cooling down the heat from my laptop and it's easy to find. I got my cooling pad just only 40ribu and bought at computer service store near my house. It has usb cable on it and a fan underneath.