Tokyo Disneysea Halloween 2014 and Horizon Bay Restaurant

October 28, 2014

Clearly I'm on a roll with my blog posts these days! Seriously guys, I'm trying real hard to be a diligent blogger here and I hope to stay as such for a long time lol.  Anyway I'm here with something to ramble about with you guys and let me tell you how absolutely excited I am of this post!

*drum roll*

It's Tokyo Disneysea special post! 8D



And this was my make up of the day!
Using Starry Light of course hehe

I was in Japan for a business meeting right after my vacation in Bali was over, and there really wasn't that much time to play. Luckily I got a boss who is just SO VERY KIND, he seemed to understand exactly that I'm still somewhat not over my holiday. 

So right after our meeting, he brought me here to have some fun in the little time that we got!

When I was a kid I always thought meeting would always be in a serious setting, involved important people and does not extend from an office room. But here I am years later, in my little black dress, a flat shoes and my blond hair lol hanging out at one of the most famous theme park in the world right after a business meeting!

Of course this isn't my first time here. In fact very first experience in Disneysea happened 2 years ago during my first ever visit to Japan ^.^ I was there for a month and therefore had two amazing days to spent on both Disneysea and Disneyland. It was one of the best moment in my life!

So this time with one of the colleague, we only arrived at Disneysea at 3PM. Usually people would wanna go early when visiting a theme park because well, if you're spending money for it, you should make the most of it, no?! And beside there's just so many rides which takes long minutes or even hours to get into, it's really important that we get there early.

However, because this trip is very sudden and unplanned, I'd take any ride I could given the little time I got. As a result, I only got to ride one roller coaster and the rest are merely kids ride. It was still fun nonetheless!

I came during Halloween Event and to be honest I could feel only slightly difference between the event and non-event.. Maybe I didn't see around well enough?

The weather was perfect! It was neither too hot nor too chilly, hence I guess thats why it was super crowded on that day!

Took a bunch of pictures because its too amazing to not be captured in camera :D

Honestly if I had to pay for my own ticket I would spend most of my time playing, but considering my boss paid for my entry and it's already late when we got there, I should do the second most important thing to do when you're a blogger on duty = taking pictures LOL

We haven't had any lunch yet because of the meeting, so we decided to just get something to eat at the theme park instead. If you guys didn't know, Horizon Bay Restaurant offered a dining experience with the disney characters. I've been curious to try this out for the longest time, the inner child in me demanded Micky to come out and eat with me loll

With 3000 yen each person that will let you have a set lunch menu, you can have your meal accompanied by Disney Characters and they will take picture with you!

And so he did come. Mickeyyyy! <3

With Minnie Mouse this time! She kindly spared my head even though I sneaked a kiss on Micky's cheek before loooool

Also with Pluto!

I really wanted to take pic with Donald but they only offer 3 characters
Anyway if you don't eat at Horizon Bay, you can still take pictures with Disney Characters however the queue was pretty long so I don't really recommend it :<

And here's what I got!

Rice (you can either choose rice or bread), salad (you can either choose soup instead), and I picked cream and beef stew as my main menu, including apple tart as the dessert

My colleague picked another main meal which is steak, and a fruit tart as a dessert. The menu comes with a drink that you can choose. I always choose melon soda when I go to restaurant during lunch because Indonesia doesn't have melon soda. But turns out that melon soda is only for kids so everyone always blink at me whenever I order it. I-DONT-CARE-HAHAHA

The food itself wasn't bad, but it wasn't like amazing or anything. Well to be fair it's quite okay for a theme park restaurant that cost you 3000 yen / set, but really nothing you should expect coming from a michelin star restaurants at all LOLOL so lower your expectation guys, this is just a theme park! people come here for fun and experience, not much for an amazing meal ^.^
However I must say that Tokyo Disneysea meal is much better than normal theme park restaurants which are usually YUCKS.. This one is pretty decent!
I had to change my clothes afterwards because Disney Sea is too beautiful to wear only one outfit lol

I hardly wear any jeans these days, it's mostly dresses, skirts, or shorts. It felt a little weird to wear something that fully covered my legs. Plus I'm actually quite petite in real life, so something that doesn't go underneath my knee usually helped me achieve longer legs! 

What really bummed me is the fact that we had to wait for 2 long hours just to get into any rides. Like seriously, if it wasn't for a new experience, if I wasn't in Disneysea, I would have flee and just grabbed myself a cheeseburger or something lol. I usually couldn't stand a long wait for this kind of stuff, but this time I decided to wait for all it took, and I'm not disappointed! 

That's why I prefer to take pictures and stroll around to enjoy the beauty of Disney Sea haha

Look at the pretty view!!! can I please please live here forever? lol

Even though summer has gone, there's still time for popsicle!!!
It comes in the shape of disney characters too, super cute!! They always have popsicles even in the cold season too. At first I was like o.O but actually once you taste it, it wasn't really a bad idea eating ice in the cold weather lol. Or maybe I'm just in my disney-bliss XD

Taste like ordinary fruity popsicle. Or maybe a little better?

I also tried a pumpkin churros but I felt kinda cheated right after. It was supposed to be a halloween thing, but since it didn't taste any different than the usual stuff, I lack the halloween feeling from it as well. The taste was like normal churros and my colleague and I were like (-____-) when we were eating it.. Each churros is 300 yen. Thanks disney!! LOL

At the mermaid lagoon! As seen from the decoration, with the clamshell and all ^.^ 
Went for another photoshoot haha

And a lot of japanese stopped by and took pics of me I was like... wtf? I thought it's normal in Japan for people to be blonde and take outfit pictures.. But some people said Japan has changed. It's not common anymore for people to have blonde hair like years ago. They kinda went to natural look thanks to Idol Boom, so it's quite strange to see some people with super light hair like mine D:

And this was at Arabian area, you know, the Aladdin thingy haha lol I really like how the pictures turned out, if I'm like super rich I will definitely have a day dedicated for photo session only at Disneysea lolol. 

I didn't get to do much, really, but even in that short time I'm really happy and thankful to my super kind boss who took me here and allow me to have some fun in Japan T___T 
He even offered for me to stay at the Disneysea hotel, and its rate start from ¥36,000 per night. It was unbelievable for me, but unfortunately I had to say no due to another job that I had to attend.

My heart hurt a little as I had to refuse his kind offer lol I really wanted to stay at the hotel, hopefully there's a next time!!

I wished to see the fireworks and water show but too bad that on that night, the weather was a little bit bad and kinda raining so they said it's dangerous to put on the show and such (????). Hence I couldn't see any fireworks show T_T
Japan is too safe somehow haha.. So disappointed because the fireworks are AH-MAZING... 

Next time I will come again!

So before head back to the hotel, my colleague and I went to grab some dinner where the restaurant was still opened [forgot the name, but it's near MariCosta hotel]

Super full and super happy!!!

So that had been Disneysea! It doesn't only seem amazing but it truly is, and I hope I get to visit again someday. What do you guys think? If you're planning for a holiday, never miss a disney visit!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. You always look flawless Stella~ ^ 3 ^
    Disney Sea is on my list of places to visit when I go to Japan teehee! ^ ___ ^

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :) The food looks so delicious!
    Disney is wonderful <3

  3. that second matching set look so cute on you :)

    Slumber Talk

  4. Everything looks so lovely there! I wish I could go to Disneyland!
    Oh and by the way, that was Pluto (Mickey's dog) you took a pic with, not Goofy lol 〜(^∇^〜)Just a random info~

  5. You look so lovely!!! And the food looks amazing, wow. I had a friend that went to Disney Sea and she really loved it!

  6. Omg this looks like so much fun!! The sights and food and everything! I wish I could go there too <3

  7. You're so pretty! Also, the food photos look really yummy. :)

  8. I personally love Disney Sea more than Disney Land haha

  9. OMG Thanks for the correction, I was typing it wrong XD;

  10. You should get 2-days ticket so you can visit Disneyland too ^_^

  11. It looks so fun!! The meal at Horizon Bay is kinda pricey but it's Japan afterall... although it surprised me that the churros price is the same as in Korean's amusement park.

  12. Looking beautiful Stella - I love both your outfit choices! Jealous that you got to go to Disneysea - I went to Disneyland Paris last autumn and there were Halloween decorations everywhere, the only other change to the overall park was evil laughter being piped in over the music :D Love Disney so much! xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  13. Aw I'm so Jelly~ >w<

    I live here in Orlando, and I recently went to Universal Studios, and a few weeks ago at Downtown Disney.

    Someday I want to be able to visit Japan again and visit that place too!

    Following you now :D

  14. awesome photos! >w<)/