Mazda Fashion Street 2014

November 01, 2014

How many of you are excited for the most awaited fashion event of the year?
Yes, Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 is just right before your eyes and I myself is very excited to go. But before that, why don't we get heated up with Mazda's very own fashion show in Senayan City? 
Let's get the fashion party started with Mazda Fashion Street 2014!

Mazda Fashion Street 2014 is a street [literally] fashion show before Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 in which they are introducing The All New Mazda2 with SKYACTIV. The fashion show is held on 31st of October 2014 around Senayan City and ended in Portico.

I was one of the blogger invited to attend this event, and because this is a fashion event I made sure to try my best looking presentable because I know that it's going to be filled with so many fashion people. Of course you wouldn't want to be the only one looking like hobo right LOL And surprisingly I am the only Beauty Blogger to be invited for Mazda Show so I am pretty excited

I tried to get ready early, but truthfully there were a lot to handle before that. Not to mention I just pulled an all-nighter with Elle to complete our halloween look and it was fun, but tiring! The event started at 6.30 PM, so I had left my home around 4-ish just to make sure I got there on time.

Living in Jakarta, traffic is just like an old friend - it stands by your side, always there to accompany your every life moment [which you spent inside a car] T______T You thought you knew it like the back of your hand, but meh, there'll always a surprise.

At 7.02 PM I was still on the road, and I have been stuck there for hours! Jakarta why are you like this??? I just absolutely hate to be late, be it meeting up with friends, a meeting, or for a job like this. I especially hate it when I'm late for an event that I look forward to attend!

In the end, that was the first time I tried valet at Mal and just abandoned my car to the staff, running to the venue lol. What a total despair! Elle said I didnt miss much thank God, because the opening was only the MC Talking, so I still saw the fashion show

The crowd gathered by the time I arrived. There are a lot of people who stood there for the runway, some documenting. No wonder the traffic was really awful! Everyone was very fashionable and excited for this night!

All the collection was stylish and elegant. It incorporates edgy cutting, and monochrome color with a pop of red as the accent to match Mazda

Without a stage nor any fancy decoration, it was still mesmerizing to see all these models walked along the red carpet and around the Mazda2 installation, which was the star of the night!

The All New Mazda2 Installation at Mazda Fashion Street 2014!
I'm seriously thinking that I want Mazda for my next car lol it just seem so fashionable. I hope I gain enough money this year.

With my partner in crime that I always count on, Elle. As you can see, we had two different outfit style tonight, but I guess we both had a thing for bold lips. All thanks to Mazda

I also met Michelle for the first time. Omg she's just so bubbly! It was really nice to see you!
I also met my fellow blogger friend, Clara. It surely has been a while, I'm also glad to see her in this opportunity. Going to an event is really the best when you have friends to enjoy it with you ^.^

Left to Right : Me, Clara, Michelle, Elle

I didnt manage to get to know other fashion bloggers as it's very crowded. Hope to meet and talk to them in the future

Mazda was the official sponsor of Jakarta Fashion Week 2015, and this street fashion show was surely a way to kick a fabulous start of this much anticipated fashion event of the year!

During JFW2015 [1-7 November 2014], Mazda will set up a booth in Senayan City for a photo contest where you guys could come and take pictures of the models [everyday at 1PM, 4PM, 7PM], or better yet, BE the model and take your very own fabulous OOTD to get a chance of winning prizes up to 10 Million Rupiah EVERYDAY!

Simply snapped your best outfit with the All New Mazda2 with SKYACTIV at Senayan City and then upload it to your instagram and twitter. Do remember to follow and mention their instagram @mazdamotorid as well as twitter @Mazda2_ID with hashtag #Mazda2Alive when you uploaded your entry! Easy peasy right? ^.^

I hope all my readers will participate and win something!

For more information on Mazda Fashion Street 2014 as well as other great article:

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Make up of the day anyway
Just my usual make up but using red lips this time as a pop of color.

Regardless of the traffic this event has made my night! Have you guys thought about coming to Jakarta Fashion Week 2015? Don't forget to have a little fun at the Mazda booth!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. So cool~ I didn't there was an event like this before... you rock that red lipstick! XD

  2. This event looks so cool! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Hi there! Great post, I enjoyed reading!! BTW I've nominated you for the "Blogger Recognition Award". Being quite similar to the Liebster Award, I hope you enjoy doing it! Keep the wonderful posts comin'! =)

  4. You look like a barbie doll!!! Lovely shoes. <3

  5. Suka banget sama style kamu stel. Keren!
    Stella pake kamera apa ya? Keren banget hasilnya. *Eh, salah fokus.hihihi*

  6. I want my first car to be a Mazda. Their units look great!

  7. You look so pretty !



  8. Ohh this event looks like lots and lots of fun! ^ ___ ^

  9. Everything looks so beautiful! You looked amazing!

  10. love your makeup here, stella ^^

  11. Hey Stella! Sorry I've forgot to include the link to the award. Here is it;

  12. So sorry for my late reply!
    Thanks for reading my blog T__T

  13. Aw you're too kind! thanks for reading :">

  14. yuppp it was! thanks for reading ^.^

  15. yeah, very stylish looking car! Thanks for reading :D

  16. Makasih banyak! :D
    I've mentioned it before on both FB and IG actually. Since October 2013, I begin using SONY NEX-5R