I Left My Heart At Bali

November 05, 2014

I haven't been in a real holiday for a long while, in fact it was back in 2013 when I was on a trip to Thailand with my university friends. Even with the constant flight to Japan, I couldn't really consider that a holiday due to the amount of working I had to do throughout it.

I was so used to a business trip that the idea of simply going out there to enjoy myself felt rather foreign to me. Well for one thing, I don't get paid during a holiday trip and all the accommodation was of course would be at my own expense lol. 

When Anggy asked me to join her on a short getaway to Bali, it took me weeks to agree. With changes of plan here and there, in which at one point I even decided not to go, at the end of the day I finally found myself in the glorious island of gods.

And, to put simply, I dare say it was one of the most rewarding trip I've had in ages


Actually, this Bali trip didn't happen on impromptu. When Anggy asked me to join her, I was eager to say I'd be in. It was decided the trip would take place in September. The two of us shared the same birthday month so it was pretty exciting, I even had my birthday planned and stuff, so rest assured we were gonna have the time of our life!

One of our long kept dream was to get a private pool villa and wear cute bikinis, and that was just the perfect opportunity for that. However, finding the perfect place proved to be more difficult than I thought! Sometimes the place was too pricey for four university girls, sometimes the price was ok but the villa is located in god-knows-where LOL.

In the midst of frustration and ticking time, I found this lovely place located in Canggu area. When I first gave it to the girls they were all "OH THIS IS PERFECT LETS GET THIS ONE" and let me tell you it was the quickest deal ever made throughout the whole planning process LOLOL I already blogged about the Villa and our first day here ^.^


Basically it took longer than expected to reach the Villa, by the time we got there, it was rather remote and there were even cows in front of our place!! We spent our first day lounging by the pool, thinking that life couldn't get any better (wrong!). The most interesting thing however happened right after dinner, in Seminyak 8D

Warning: long post with dramatic turn of event, missing items, suspense, and overall stupidity. 
Oh and due to my crashed laptop, images are very limited T___T </3

So we finished our dinner around 9PM, walked around for a bit, at 10 we were pretty beat and wanted to go back home. So we hailed a cab, thinking it was burung biru. A friend of ours have said "that's not burung biru", but alas the car stopped and everybody hopped in.

The driver didn't look like the usual driver to me, with messy hair, piercing, and he even popped his shirt buttons open up to his chest wtf. Anggy was especially skeptical when he didn't have any driver ID anywhere in the car, plus he didn't seem to know where the Villa is located. So as he made a call to the receptionist, Anggy went out to take picture of the car license plate to send to her mom LOL

We were finally on our way without the driver fully knowing the exact location of our villa. And the first 5 minutes of the rides were okay..... until he opened his mouth further.

First the driver said he didn't want to use the argo. We insisted that he does, so he did but said "ok but please give me commission because I really don't get a lot from bringing you home, and beside during night like this theres not many taxi. Even burung biru will be hard to find" meanwhile we've seen more than three burung biru taxi along the street =.= we were just unfortunate to stop the wrong one due to the similar color. 

So that remarked already set us off, but we tried to remain calm, yet he still wouldn't stop!! He tried to ask us whether we'd like to go to the clubs, and we said no we'd like to go home, still he kept pestering us about it, asking for our ages etc [told him I was 30 lol] and its so fcking annoying.

Until I was in silent mode when he was asking inappropriate questions like "do you like to play hard?", "do you want to try using drugs?", and such!


Suddenly, there's a message ringing and turned out it was Anggy in our line group lol She said she would like to stop somewhere because she didn't want this guy to know where we were staying. Make sense considering its a very quiet area, if he was a bad guy then he could simply bring more friends and god knows what could happen! [srsly Anggy watched too much taken and law & order lolol]

So just like that we started setting up a mini drama with me suddenly saying my husband was waiting for us in Kuta, so we'd like to be dropped off instead, but the driver managed to freak us out further by saying "it'd take hours from here, but I know the other route that would just take 20 minutes" Ok mr. Driver, idk how awesome your navigation skills but that just sounded way too unbelievable for us Jakarta people >__>;;;

 So again, we decided to stop at an ATM and all FOUR of us went out LOL this called for an emergency meeting! After brainstorming on what to do we thought it'd be best to just head back to Seminyak as it was more lively [plus its closer to go back there rather than risking going to Kuta]. When we told that my husband was picking us up in Seminyak, he did brought us back to the road, but then again, Anggy wouldn't keep her mouth shut and ask whats a good cafe to wait [just to make it less suspicious LOL major fail] and without asking for our consent, he made a u-turn and pulled over at a mysterious looking cafe who had like 3 foreigners customer and overall the place looked SAD.

We had no chance but to go in as the taxi driver wouldn't flee! My friend was ordering lemon tea, but then I told her to only drink mineral water under a 'difficult' circumstances. Who knows if they spiked your drink right?!? Mineral water should be safest since its within a bottle! Both she and Anggy ordered two mineral water, and they did come in bottles.... except that it's a GLASS bottle and already uncapped LOLOLOL

To think Anggy even asked "how many milliliters the water is?" just to make sure that indeed its in a bottle and not whatever-water-they-put-in-a-glass LOL 

Feeling dejected, both girls who ordered the mineral water decided to just stare at it while I was staring outside and getting anxious because the driver was still there D:< We even caught him talking to one of the waiter and at this point everything he did was just creepy! We also managed to call for a help in the form of a personal driver to pick us up in Seminyak, so we really wanted to get the hell out of that cafe. Fortunately, after what felt like eternity the driver finally left and so again Anggy went to pay for the untouched water lol. They charged 35.000 Rupiah for two bottle of water, and funny thing happened as she was paying, the waiter was handing out the change when a coin dropped, and instead of returning it, he took the dropped coin back in front of Anggy's face HAHAHA

At this point we didn't care anymore, we just wanted to go out. For some reason Anggy and her sister ran [Anggy, srsly, you seem to make a lot of scene this day lmao] so me and my other friend ran as well without knowing why and as the result I lost my camera lens cover T___T  I was like whatever, at least we were able to breathe in relief when the driver came to pick us up. On our way home, I made the call to the receptionist telling that if any taxi driver asked for our address, then don't let him know since we are no longer with him.

I have never felt that terrified over riding a taxi before, and quite frankly maybe we didn't have any reason to be scared. Yes, we might be paranoid but when you're all girls, away from home and staying in a remote place, I don't think it's entirely wrong to be alert on your surrounding. My mom laughed as I was calling her, she said we were just stupid lol.

First day in Bali, and obviously I'd like to think that I've learned a great lesson.

I came to Japan too many times and in Jakarta I only drive by myself or hop into someone's car. I forgot how there are always threat following you everywhere you went, waiting just for one moment where you let your guard down.

I'm not saying that it's definitely not safe to live in Indonesia and using public transportation. But as with any other countries nor in any different circumstances, our safety is forever in our own hands and therefore, lets be mindful of our surrounding! 

So after the late night fiasco in Seminyak, all four girls agreed on hiring a driver for the rest of our stay. We started the day with another fun in the pool. I couldn't really swim, and the girls tried to taught me how, they seemed to cross the pool easily with just one push of their legs so I tried to do the same with their help and I was drowning D:< Never again!

The driver picked us up at 12-ish, and after around 30 minutes we were back in Seminyak and this time we had our lunch at The Bistrot. It's a very nicely decorated vintage cafe / restaurant / longue and stood two story tall, the interior really makes you wanna stay there for a long time!

By the time I got there, it wasn't crowded at all. We got seated immediately, and the nicest waitress handing out the menus. Basically the three of us got three different kind of burgers while Anggy had some sort of bread with vegetable and what I think I remember as goat cheese on top (forgot the names of these dish and not even a picture to help =.=).

Now, I'm pretty sure a lot of people like the dish this restaurant provided, otherwise why would it be so popular right? For the amount of price paid, they serve a fairly decent amount of the dish, HOWEVER taste-wise I'm not really in love with what they served on my plate (heck, ALL of our plates lol). It could just be that we were ordering the wrong stuff at that time, and sure enough when we ordered our dessert, nothing of the previous unpleasant taste we put in our mouth mattered. IT WAS GODLY.

First, I'm really impressed by the honesty of the waitress. We were still deciding upon what to get, and when we asked about a dessert, the waitress immediately said that it didn't taste that good and then proceed to point out their winning dessert. Basically she said everything else wasn't as worth tasting as their Chocolate Fondant

Because we're in Bali, watching sunset is a must! There are many cool places in Bali that will allow you to indulge one of nature's most beautiful gifts, and the girls and I decided that we'll spend our evening in Woobar at W Retreat and Spa Seminyak <3

Looking at these pictures make me wish I could have so many more days in Bali! I would love to stay at their hotel. While the Villa I stayed at was very nice, but this place is something else!! I love the open spaces, the swimming pool, and the few 'lazy spots' they set along the pathway. 

Imagine yourself laying in one of this large pillow and just have your moment of peace there. I could just stay there all night and not retreat to my room srsly lol. 

Woobar itself wasn't much different. I was at the dock as we were there for the sunset. There were better spots that were placed real close to the ocean [with better view, of course] but I think it was reserved for the hotel guest only. The spot I had wasn't the most strategic one, but it was enough to enjoy the reddish sky as the sun slowly goes down.

Everyday from 4 till 6 PM Woobar also offers a two for one of their signature cocktails. Don't know if that was part of the deal but they got us a pizza as well to complete the night.

I went ahead to have a better look of the ocean, seeing many people walking by and stopping for some pictures as well. I was so into the scenery that it caught me by surprise when two korean ladies came and asked us to stepped aside because they also wanted to take pictures. It was funny how the first thing they do was talk to me in Korean lol I don't know anything of the language so we began gesturing, and all of a sudden she started to speak in [decent] English?? O.o I don't think I look Korean, and especially not Anggy.... weird huh? lol

The next day was the day we head out of our Villa and moved to a hotel in Seminyak. It was both sad and exciting because I'd miss the spaciousness of our Villa, but then again our hotel, The Haven, is located in Seminyak which is one of the busier area ^.^

Cooked our last breakfast in the Villa! We got instant soup and pasta along with omelette :D

We plan this day especially to go around Ubud. I have been to Bali before, but have yet to see Ubud. When I saw pictures of the paddy field, I immediately knew to put this in our itinerary. But before that, let's take a look at Bali Zoo, Gianyar!

I'm not crazy for animals, but this place is pretty cool! Its not uncommon that in Bali, they like to charge different fee for locals and foreigners. Most of the time my friends would do the talking to make sure they know we are local citizen lol. The ticketing person asked us of our IDs, so luckily I was able to get through without triple the local cost XD

Unlike what I know with Taman Safari, where we were expected to be in a ride throughout meeting the animals, here in Bali Zoo we absolutely had to walk to get around. They got too many animals for me to talk about, but there were birds everywhere and they're kinda cool to pose with lol. This Iguana also looked like it was really enjoying its time! 

Look guys! there's pig!!

Frankly I quite like it here, it wasn't hot at all and I'm surprised to find out I don't really mind walking lol. I also found Gelato to be compulsory when you're in Bali!  ^.^

Unfortunately, we had a long schedule ahead us and there really wasn't much time to spare at the Zoo. It was already midday, so we make sure that we have lunch before advancing to more places.

When in Bali, never forget to try the signature Crispy Duck!
Honestly I was looking forward to this. We originally wanted to eat at Bebek Tepi Sawah, but this was one of that moment where I was unfortunate T__T When we got there, the restaurant was CLOSED. They apparently were celebrating an anniversary so it was only open for guest! Obviously I wasn't on that list lol.

Feeling a little dejected, we finally found ourselves in Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) which has the same concept and served a crispy duck which is just as delicious! Now, I know these two restaurants are available even in Jakarta, but trust me, it's going to be so much better to have your meal in this place, and here's why!

Guys, just look at that! I love love love the rice paddy field scenery. Imagine being in the midst of fresh, cooling air as you devour a great meal! it truly made me feel good to be away from the busy city life and just enjoy life at its simplest form.

Moving on, the day was progressing and I really wanted to fulfill my wish to see the terrace paddy field of Tegalalang! We were semi racing with time because the sky seemed a bit dark, there's a chance there might not be enough time for picture taking.

Our driver recommended a place called Bali Pulina, where guests were given a mini tour to see the processing of Luwak coffee. Yes, that expensive Luwak coffee that comes out of an animal's poo LOL I have never tried it, but I think it's a wonder how human could invent such a creation HAHAHA

This place had a wide range of coffees aside of Luwak, they also had cocoa! At the end of the tour we were seated in their outdoor terrace for a view of the paddy field while they prep us a set of their coffees and cocoas to try out - all for FREE. Of course, if you happen to take a liking of what they served, you can always purchase your preferred coffees at the shop.

We stayed until it was pretty dark, the colder weather of the night starting to get to us so we chose to head back to our hotel. At first we wanted to enjoy a night walk around Seminyak area, but in the end one of us got sick, and we were pretty tired anyway. Walking around should wait until the next day.

Actually, that was the night of my birthday so I kinda wanted to do something special for myself. I brought with me a LADUREE Bubble Bath from Shintaro-nii, which is to be used to take a bath. First I prepped the water, and after it was warm enough I dropped the candy-like bath-salt (?) into it and it forms a small bubble in the water and smell sooooo nice omgggg as expected from such luxury brand!

 For a moment it felt like you're taking a bath as a princess in her castle or something LOL I made the right decision to use this for my birthday.

I took the longest time in the bathtub, it felt really nice after an exhausting day and I figured I would wait until my birthday is officially here. Once the clock struck 12, I got so many birthday wishes on my phone, I'm never felt more loved! So THANK YOU to everyone who greeted me on that night <3

12.30 AM and I'm starting to feel off since the other three person staying in the same room did not seem to realize that it was already my birthday! *plans to cancel treating them to dinner* lol
Not long after that, I started to hear a 'commotion' in the hallway, and that commotion was actually Anggy and the girls singing to a random song with an awful pitch and GOD THEY GAVE ME A FCKING HEADACHE >____>;;;

Just as I was about to yell at them for ruining my peaceful bath, all three of them barged in with a slice of cake (god knows when and where do they buy it O_o I was with them all day!) lit with candle and a bag of gift AND THEY DID VIDEO RECORD IT LOL;;

I was just stunned and so at loss of words! The annoying song changed into a happy birthday song, but they were still sung in an off-tone and annoying pitch lololol They were like "hurry! blow the candle before the fire alarm starts" so I did and after all they just dumped the present next to the bathtub and walked out of the bathrom.

...... What the hell just happened? lol

After that unexpected ambush, I came out and ate the cake. It taste awful since they couldn't find a bakery to find a well-made one, so they bought it at a convenient store lmao. But because the cake was a real effort of my friends, I ate it all <3

As for the present tho, I already had a feeling what it was when I saw a large box. I've been talking to Anggy about getting a pair of shoes, and they got me exactly the ones that I wanted! I didn't know how they do that since I saw it online and chose not to get it due to the fact that it might not arrive on time, but it freaking did and they brought it to Bali just for my birthday.

My friends also said that I'm pretty naive LOL I totally didn't realize when Anggy was checking with me whether I already purchased the shoes, she even got the detail of my foot length. Her ability to snoop for information is top notch!! lmao

I didn't get a lot of surprises in my whole life, and I surely did not expect getting a surprise when I was that far away from home, that's why I'm very thankful that they planned this for me, even though the video recording part was a bit dangerous to pull LOL

After the mini celebration, we tried to sleep a little early because more fun awaits us the next day.

It's Nusa Lembongan day, everyone!!

Nusa Lembongan is an Island located in southeast of Bali. Technically, this island is separated from Bali, but is still included within the Bali area. To reach there we gotta take a 30 minutes boat ride from Sanur beach in early morning (8 or 9 ish) so we had to leave the hotel by 7.

The girls and I have been browsing for this particular island and it seems like so much beautiful spots are hidden inside it. We were fully aware that it could be costly to reach the island, even for local tourist they charge approximately $30 for return ticket. However, since we have done a research beforehand, we knew exactly that it could go as low as $15, we just needed to find the right boat office for that.

When we arrived, the driver took us to one of the many boat service and as expected the fee they offered was really high. The other girls were counting on me to make the negotiation with them, but still they wouldn't lower the price significantly. So we left, on the way many agents tried to give their offer, they even said that there's no boat that would get as low as $15, but we have so much faith in the information shared by travel blogger so we kept going for this particular boat service office called Optasal!

The walk was a bit far, but finally we found it and we got our $15 return ticket!! HAHAHA
Since it was close to 8, the boat was going to leave soon so we rushed to get inside. We were asked what time we would want to get back, and since I got a dinner plan for the day we had to leave at least at 3.30 PM.

The boat ride was fun, it took 30 minutes before we are finally greeted by one of the clearest sea I have ever seen in my life so far <3 The sand was white, and the water wasn't even blue, it was kinda emerald-ish and overall breathtaking! The good news is, that sea wasn't the most beautiful you'd see in Nusa Lembongan! ^.^

Our driver set us up with a local guide that would handle us for the day. Since the island is still underdeveloped [which is why it was awesome, I think], the road aren't the best and there wasn't any good car available so we had to get around using pick up truck LOL I have never rode one before but it was a great experience. The rocky road made us jiggled throughout it all, but the weather was really really, nice.

We had a clear idea on what we'd like to see in this island, and our first stop is the Mangrove Beach!

It supposed to cost us $5 dollar each person for the canoe, however since all of us are girls they were being extremely kind and allowed us to get in for only $3 lol 

here we go!

The sun was extremely hot when we got in, but that all changed once we entered the mangrove forest. I was amazed to see the roots that were strongly holding onto the ground below the water. Just magnificent!!

Sometimes, I'd dip my hands or foot in the water and saw that there were little fish underneath. The uncle who operate the canoe said that when the water subsided, we could even walk around the forest, amazing right?

I was curious as to who first planted all these mangrove and was surprised to learn that this was all natural! Like it just happened to be there! Almost instantly my admiration towards mother nature reached its maximum level!! 

That had been a great ride~

We hopped back into our beloved pick up truck and on the way, there were so many trees that have lost its leaves. Idk why I found something really beautiful about it, thats why I insisted to stop for a picture 

I hate to remember that they were gone now along with other files in my laptop v.v 
It was almost lunch time, but we wanted to see more places before that, so the driver pulled by another tourist attraction spot, called underground house. It'll cost you $2 to enter.

I couldn't really recall the history behind it, but said that in year 80-something [I think], a man created that place. It had everything, from toilet to the kitchen, and other rooms you found in a house. It was a bit creepy, and getting inside was a little difficult too. The tour probably lasted for a couple of minutes before we got back outside. Later we found out that our guide around that house was actually the son of the creator!

 Moving forward, Anggy really wanted to see a cliff diving point located in the other island called Nusa Ceningan. The Blue Lagoon was said to be a beautiful place, whether you'd jump or just hanging around. These two islands were connected with a long bridge and we had to walk because car couldn't get through. But three of us couldn't jump at that time, so we just wanted to see that place.

Once we crossed the bridge, two guys offered us a ride in their scooter, they said that with scooter it'd take 10 minutes to reach blue lagoon, but by feet it took 2 hours walk O__o Apparently Nusa Ceningan is a bigger island so, I suppose we'd save it for next time </3

Luckily, the beach that spread underneath the bridge was also beautiful so we decided to play for a bit there before it was time for lunch ^.^

Gorgeous, gorgeous!

Blue sky, blue sea. Is this paradise? <3

During lunch, the guide had taken us to a restaurant that belonged to him. Like many of the restaurants in Nusa Lembongan, they are positioned to overlook the sea. Yes, you bet it was beautiful! The wind was blowing so fast, it was so damn cold and the waiter even brought us a blanket. It didn't help much, I was still cold but since the view is really beautiful I didn't really wanna leave lol

After lunch, we went to the Dream beach. This was another cool place as you get to feel warm, white sands on your feet. The waves were pretty high at that time, but I had so much fun playing here. Took a couple of photos of myself as well as some products for review purpose and the outcome truly blown me away lolol It wasn't about looking beautiful okay, but when you're in a place as amazing as this, any kind of picture would turn great too! XD

There were several resort near Dream beach, but most of the people longing around were foreigner. Well, when I think about it most of the visitor of this island was foreigner instead of the locals. I wonder why?

Anyway, after having fun in this beach [and pretty sure we got tanned], we moved to another place called the Devil's Tear. For a scary name, at first glance this place did not seem like hell to me lol. Just don't underestimate it yet, because that's where the devil will get you! *evil laugh*

Okay so this place called Devil's Tear is actually a very vast field which lead to the end of a cliff where you get to see some of the harsh, most powerful waves crashing against the cliff, creating a very explosive burst of water [in which this cliff I'm talking about wasn't low at all!]. 

Poor Anggy was really into it that she kept on moving forward to video record, meanwhile another friend of us have already been splashed on her attempt LOL We really did try calling for her, but Anggy didn't seem to listen as she kept moving forward, she was very near the edge when suddenly a huge HUGE wave crashed against the cliff and it was so massive as it swallowed her whole LOLOL

Our friend was in the midst of recording and she managed to get that in her video, I was thinking whether or not to share the video HAHAHA she was completely drenched, last time I heard her iPhone speaker got broken from the waves lol. Anggy said suddenly everything was blue and she was running inside a water lololol Well I can't blame her, if you guys see the waves, you'd probably want to come closer as well. Just... please not as close as Anggy LOL unless you want a salty shower

Devil's tear was the last place we visited in Nusa Lembongan because we still need to get to Jimbaran for my birthday dinner ^.^ We got to the boat port a little too early, so we had to wait. The ride back home was far better from the one in the morning. It was cause the waves were pretty big at that time, so our boat felt like flying a couple times lol It was like you were in a ride in amusement park xD

Back at Sanur, our driver already waited for us. I've made a reservation in one of the cafe in Jimbaran area. The dinner was supposed to be served around 6, so we played some more at the beach while waiting for our dinner. While taking some pictures and videos, suddenly the four of us saw something in the sky. It was a meteoroid aka shooting star! Time to make a wish heheh

After waiting for a while, we finally see a sunset clearly. It was very breathtaking! Of course I use this opportunity to snap a couple of pictures. We stayed until it really went down before proceeding to our dinner.

I know I said I wouldn't show any pictures of my friends for privacy reason, but I couldn't resist posting these. Some silhouette wouldn't hurt anybody, right?

 Overall, the dinner was nice and it had perfectly put a closure to my trip this time as it was our last night of Vacation in Bali. I really enjoyed the food, it wasn't the best I've ever had, but spending that moment of your birthday with one of the best people in your life at one of the most beautiful island in the world? priceless.

Due to my flight to Japan, I had to stay for another day longer while the girls left the next day. Turned out the hotel we were staying at had their own private beach, and despite it being my final day, I took the opportunity to maximize my enjoyment as I headed with the shuttle they provided.

The past few days spent with friends had been fun filled, yet I had almost forgotten the internal bliss to have a day just for you and yourself alone. Even on my solitude, I'm glad I had been able to unlocked this wonderful paradise of Bali.

 It has been over a month since I came back to my daily routine, but Bali have left me with some great memories.

And in turn, I too have left bits of my heart in the Island.

What's the top destination in your list? I haven't had enough of Bali yet, and I'll be sure to come back in near future!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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