Osaka Castle

November 29, 2014

Hi everyone! I'm currently back in Jakarta and still trying to nurse myself back to health as I had been sick almost throughout my whole trip X__X;; I may have overworked myself a little bit and finally collapse into sickness, but I really enjoyed my last trip as I got to see a different side of Japan by visiting various new places! Not only me who's sick, but also my laptop that has been in coma - healthy - and coma again for the past 2 months. Right now I am editing pictures and writing on my brother's laptop, and because the software is different as well as the type of laptop, I find difficulties using it. And maybe the pictures color turn out a little bit different than what I'd normally edit [I use Mac and he uses Windows, so I am afraid I see it wrongly when editing] so I apologize in advance

Anyway, all the efforts are worth it because I want to show you the best part of my trip which is finally to see Momiji, or tree leafs changing its color due to autumn season. Thanks to my Osaka trip, I managed to go to Osaka-Jo or Osaka Castle that has beautiful parks and sceneries, hence making some pictures on this post are possible to be taken!

So now, let's being a tourist a little by visiting a historical castle in Osaka with me~

Arrived at Osaka Castle with other medias from Indonesia. On that day, it was raining and the wind was strong so the leafs left its branches more

I was in awed when looking at the beautiful sceneries of this clean park with many colors of trees

Spot my red legging! lol

The castle of Osaka is truly beautiful during Autumn, and despite many leafs had fallen on the streets and some raindrops here and there, the area remained clean and neat, and I see no litters at all. As expected of Japan

Worry not as Osaka Castle would be kinda different than your ordinary museum in your imagination. It blends technology and traditional culture well, as they feature some high-tech aspects to attract and entertain guests such as HD Movie Tunnel and Hologram area

They also feature a 3D animation movie to explain to the guests about the history of Osaka Castle. You can rest assured as they provide English audio through headphone if you wish

Osaka Castle is located at the heart of Osaka, around 30 minutes car drive from Dotonbori. From first glance, you can already feel the power emitting from the tall building. Thing of historical heritage always gave me chills, and I couldn't help but look into it a little deeper as my fascination goes.

A little bit of the history, the Osaka-Jo main tower is a 5 stories building on the outside and 8 stories inside, the reason being the three extra stories are located underground. In year 1853, a man named Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who's the one unite Japan once, began building the castle. The man desire a castle that is formidable to attackers, and continued to expand the building until its completion in year 1597. In the same year, Hideyoshi passed away and so the castle was passed over to his son, Hideyori.

In 1614, Tokugawa Ieyasu formed his own bakufu [shogunate] and started an attack against the Toyotomi. With Tokugawa's 200.000 man army, Toyotomi was outnumbered by two to one, yet they were able to protect the outer wall of the castle. Despite that, Tokugawa still had the outer moat filled, thus taking down the castle's main outer defense.

Summer 1615, outraged Tokugawa sent another army to Osaka-Jo, instigating the Summer War of Osaka, which led to the end of the Toyotomi clan. It undergo a reconstruction under the new heir of Tokugawa in 1620. The castle was set on fire due to lightning struct in both 1660 and 1665, wrecking the main tower and leaving the castle neglected for decades. It eventually surrendered to anti-bafuku imperial loyalist. Most of it was burned in the meiji restoration, and restored in 1928 through a fundraising.

During WWII, it became one of the largest military armories. 90% of the arsenal was destroyed with 382 killed in 1945. In 1995, another restoration was conducted. It took 2 years to complete the project, and now the castle is a concrete reproduction of the original version, now working as a modern museum. Right now the real Osaka Castle is buried under the ground because of the conflict and the one we see is the replication of it

This information can be obtained if you come to Osaka and visit the museum. Of course you can read it online however, it is much more fun if you come and visit the historical areas alone. For me personally, I love visiting history areas that I learn and study directly. It feels just so real to see it with your own eyes and experience the surroundings

Inside the museum it has the 4D Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Including some samurai halls area

They also offer Hiqh Quality war movies that's even decent enough to be published as the whole movie

And also some areas that you can sit and take pics altogether with

This illustration is also to die for. Really represents Japanese traditional art


Ohhhh do you know that you can also become a part of the history by playing Japanese characters and take commerative pics?

Yes you see it right. There are 2 options to choose from

Some of the styles offered

The background is nonetheless the Osaka Castle itself

Who wants to be the normal princess when you can be the Toyotomi Hideyoshi! With that super heavy crown that made me unable to lift up my head. My excuse for the derp face LOL*

Ready for WAR...???!!

And the true Japanese warrior spirit is . . . Harakiri #pokerface

For me I personally wont do that, much better to spend the lives doing good deeds and repay or fix the things we did wrong instead of running away from lives

But well anyway, lets move back to enjoying the beauty of autumn

I cant wait to see the real Osaka Castle once they finish digging the real one out

With all the Glico Team and Indonesian Media. Thanks to Glico for making my trip happened!
Left to Right : Hiro-san [Glico], Go Girl Representative, Representative, Me / Stella Lee - Blogger Representative, Cita Cinta Representative, and Bettina [Glico]

If you're hungry, dont forget to test out Japanese Street Snacks in Osaka Castle Area

Here I have Gyu Tan [Beef Tongue] and Kani [Crab Stick]

The size is MASSIVE! It's almost as big as my face!

They also sell super long french fries . .

That is even bigger than my face lol

Osaka Castle is amazing and the scenery is beautiful, and I sure believe that you have to visit this historical area if you ever come to Osaka

So I am ending this post with my picture posing with Samurais. Osaka Castle has event back then where you can take your pictures with Ikemen Samurai lol

Which one is your favorite?? LOL

See you guys on my next post! photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Favoritnya yang pake mahkota segede bagong sampa gak bisa angkat kepala. hahahaha

  2. km tmbh chubby kayaknya stel? :p makan enak2 trs yaa wkwk
    enak bgt bs sebulanan di jpg ga ada yg nyariin stel >.< sebulan itu km nginep dmn?
    get well soon yaaaa :)

  3. Really beautiful *o* I would like to visit Osaka sometime

  4. beautiful scenery <3
    cute costume btw! :D

    cheer, michelle ~

  5. When I visited Osaka Castle we had no time left to visit the museum since it was already afternoon then... they also didn't do these samurai events back in spring... what a pity. It looks like a lot of fun...