WAKUWAKU Japan Cafe at Gandaria City

December 03, 2014

Upon my arrival in Jakarta, I received an invitation from WAKUWAKUJapan to come to their launching event for Pop Up Cafe at Gandaria City. I did come and support their launching for TV Program last February HERE, and I didnt expect that they would come to the stage where they'd open a Japanese Inspired Cafe in Jakarta so we can also enjoy Japan without having to go there directly

 WAKUWAKU Japan is a Japanese TV channel operated by SKY Perfect JSAT that has been airing in Indonesia for 9 months. This TV channel broadcasts special selected Japanese contents in local language for 24-hour a day. The contents include Drama, Musics, Anime, Sports, Culture, Entertainment, and Documentary etc. In Indonesia, WAKUWAKU Japan is viewable in paid TV such as INDOVISION, Okevision, BiGTV, FirstMedia, OrangeTV, Transvision.

In order to give the people watching WAKUWAKU Japan more real experience with WAKUWAKU Japan’s world with the concept and feel of Japan named WAKUWAKU Cafe

Being a fan of Japanese food and culture, it is absolute that I came over and it's pretty easy to find as it was located at Kaffein Cafe before. It's next to Churreria, as well as METRO Department Store

First impression is that they mix the conceptual design between traditional aspects as well as the modern simplicity of Japanese design. Let the picture speaks the thousand words

With many sakura trees as their main attraction point, this tatami floor and round lantern are also the key of bringing Japanese feeling here. They also provide some LCDs so you can also take a sneak peek of what WAKUWAKU Japan TV offers!

They really think about the small details here and there to make sure that the cafe really sets the mood for customers to experience the real Japan

The cafe is divided into 2 sections, indoor and outdoor. And here's the outdoor design


For me personally I prefer the indoor design as it's more traditional, and it has air conditioner. The outdoor is kinda too hot during the day however for picture wise, it's much better outside as there's better light

WAKUWAKU Japan Cafe not only brings Washoku [Japanese Food] but also Japanese Oyatsu [dessert] that are not easy to obtain in normal Japanese Restaurant

The chef is specially flown from Japan to keep the taste of the foods offered authentic and stay true to the real Japanese flavor. So it's not "jepang-jepangan", but the real one. Say what!!

My recommendation is their Chirashi Sushi!! The flavor is very "Japanese" and the spice is quite strong and suit my preference. The ingredients are pretty fresh and the rice is just perfect!

They also have Tempura Cha-Zuke. Which is a tempura on top of rice that will be poured with Japanese Tea as the soup stock. A hot food that will warm your stomach up. Feel free to add some pickles and wasabi for your own preference

They also have Tai Cha-Zuke, which has the same concept with the Tempura Cha-Zuke but the difference is that it uses Sea Beam [Fish] for it
Amazing food, authentic flavor, beautiful presentation. What else you can ask for?


They also offer Japanese Tea for sure. And being someone who has visited this beautiful country many many times, I can proudly say that the cafe serves Japanese food with the same quality and taste! No need to come over to Japan to try it out, simply come to this cafe and you're all set!

However because I came during the launching event, they didn't have dessert yet and I was kinda disappointed. I really like Japanese dessert and I am excited that they have Zenzai here!! I will surely come over again to taste their Zenzai, and if you ever come there, make sure to order one!

Zenzai is one of my favorite Japanese Desserts. It's a sweet red bean soup with mochi. It can be eaten hot or cold, but usually I got it hot as it's popular during winter. However in this cafe, they have it cold which is totally understandable because Jakarta's weather is hot and something cool will be very pleasing

I also met and took pictures with other bloggers and influencers!
With Clara Devi and Muhammad Arief or more known as pocooong on twitter lol


Clara and I just came back from Japan. She had impulsive trip to Japan while I was there so we would want for a catch up, however our schedules did not match T___T

With the food blogger, Hans!

OH And also do you know that you can receive free foods as long as you authenticate your face? You can register on the cafe or on the hall, and you can have special cookie or karage or kakigori [shaved ice] for free! ^.^
All you have to do is to register yourself there

A lot of people watched me but I dont care

Finished with the cafe, we went down to experience the event on the outdoor hall. If at the cafe you can taste Japanese Foods, at the hall you can play Japanese Games, wear Yukata, watch Live Performance, and other interesting activities. All is FOR FREE!

I choose to wear black yukata of course. Now I look like yakuza wife haha!!

Left to Right : Ravi, Clara, Me, Arief

The hall was decorated nicely with sakura tree, japanese style of umbrella, and their chairs are covered in red cloth that reminds me of Kyoto / Old Japanese

So, you can play games for free here and receive stamps for every stage you clear. Once you clear the games, you can be entitled for 30% discount at the cafe
Therefore, make sure to come over here before eating! ^.^

Here are some of the games available!! Have you ever tried it? If not, now's your chance to try it!

I am trying out as well but I fail at every single stages LOL
Fail as a gamer lol

And since I was tired and hot, I decided to grab some Kakigori [Shaved Ice with syrup] and again, it's for FREE ^.^ As long as you register your face on the spot, this is for you too!

While I was busy nom-ing my ice, there's suddenly a big commotion on the stage


Clara and I ran to take pictures, we asked him to do kawaii pose but Ultraman said NO LOL

Anyway, I was the Host when Ultraman had a live stage here before. And Tanaka-san from Tsuburaya whose in charge of the event back then is here again! So glad to see him again!
The ultraman and the staffs are all directly from Japan, now bring your little kids or brother or sister to come over and take picture with Ultraman too!

Overall I do enjoy WAKUWAKU Japan Cafe and Games area! It's surely exciting that although I am in Indonesia already, I can still experience the real Japan

However the Pop Up Cafe will only be available for 2 months until 28th January 2015. So make sure to come over before it's over!
WAKUWAKU Japan Cafe is located at Gandaria City, and opens from 10 AM - 10 PM

For more information you can visit their site HERE

See you guys on my next post! photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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