Top 5 Japanese Doramas in 2014

December 28, 2014

So... I have been gone.. Because I was being sucked into a life of Hikikomori.. It's not a secret that I am a totally indoor person, and instead of hanging out at bar or cafes with my friends, I am more comfortable staying at home and doing indoor activities

Ever since I came back to Taiwan, there were countless messages asking for a catch up with friends. Because I have abandoned my social life for work, I gladly met up with some of my friends again. Mostly at their home or my place.. 

Anyway my laptop is already good and I finally can start playing internet again after a while. Which reminds me that I haven't had any pleasure to do so for months, because of job and the broken laptop issue. Therefore, here I am, gone for a while by watching all the videos and dramas and movies, and reading all the mangas I missed

My life becomes =

2 p.m      : Wake up and play games at phone
4 p.m      : Breakfast wtf
4.30 p.m : Streaming - watching movies / dramas - play games
8 p.m      : Dinner
8.30 p.m : Streaming - watching movies / dramas - play games
5 a.m      : Sleep

Fuck me I am so not productive lolol 

Especially because my room is so chilly, my blanket is warm and my pillow is fluffy and there are tons to watch, as I realise the days have gone endlessly like this
Somebody needs to help me lol

Btw since I have done useless things, at least I come up with some recent [this year] Japanese Doramas that you have to watch in this holiday!

1. Nobunaga no Chef 

I followed the first season and they just recently aired the second season. It is the story of a French Chef who time-slipped to Sengoku Period and became the chef of Oda Nobunaga [My Favourite Japanese History Characters!!!] 
Although Tamamori Yuta, the main character, is not very good at acting imo, but well the food that he served on the dramas is very appetising and I also learn a lot about Japanese History from this film! 

It seems that they will make the 3rd season because the story itself has not finished yet. 

2. First Class

Sawajiri Erika who successfully made me crying like shit 10 years ago during 1 Litre of Tears, is back to screen. She's gone for a while because of a scandal in Japan but well she's super pretty and she can act so of course she will have a great come back!

First Class is a story where Sawajiri Erika works in fashion magazine industry. Through this film I learn a lot about the working industry in Japan, and maybe the backstabbing and drama and the plots are relatable to any working field anywhere in the world. It is just a dirty world where everyone try to climb to the top and become better than any woman. First Class has reached season 2 where Erika works at different place but still in fashion business. If you like seeing pretty women, fashion, and a slice of life, do watch this one! They also have Nozomi Sasaki and Nanao [they're famous models in Japan] playing at this drama

3. Jigoku Sensei Nube

I was so happy when I knew that one of my favourite childhood anime was adapted to live action! Maruyama Ryuhei [Kanjani8] becomes Nube, a teacher who has demon hand and protects his students from Youkai [Ghost etc]

It is just a fun film that you can watch with your family, and I am so happy that Maruyama plays amazingly for Nube. He can act like the cool and the silly Nube!
Kiritani Mirei becomes Ritsuko Sensei and Hayami Mokomichi becomes the Fox teacher. So disappointed with Hayami's hair. Is it a wig or what? Definitely looks ugly on him even though he is super handsome!! I love him as Night on Perfectly Boyfriend >__<
Also the students becomes high school students instead of elementary school, which is understandable because it's easier to direct older people lol

Btw for the CG, I believe they need improvement ^^;;

4. Nobunaga Concerto

Did I say that I love Oda Nobunaga already?
This time it's Oguri Shun turns, playing a high school kid [wtf really Oguri Shun becomes high schooler? He's like.. 30 and has kids -__- ] that Time Slip-ed to Sengoku Period and meets the real Oda Nobunaga that looks like him. They switched place in the end as the real one has weak body and can't rule the clan. Shibasaki Kou becomes Nou-Hime / Kichou, Nobunaga's wife and she's super pretty and elegant!! LOVE HER!

I love how Osamu Mukai made appearance on this drama as well by becoming the right-hand of Nobunaga. They also have Mizuhara Kiko btw!!! She plays Oichi, Nobunaga's most beloved younger sister that is told as one of the most beautiful girls in history. I just love the plot-twist and the characters are all well-played and most of the actors are famous o.o 

To be honest I am not a fan of Oguri Shun but I have to admit that he acts pretty well by playing 2 different characters and his free behaviour as Oda Nobunaga really portrays what young Nobunaga in my mind! It seems that they're making a movie for the final story because even though the drama has finished, the story is still half-way there

5. Kyou Ha Kaisha Yasumimasu [Take The Day Off Today]

I save the best for the last.. This is my underrated drama that totally hits me once I start watching it!!
Played by one of the most famous japanese actress, Ayase Haruka [if you don't follow Japanese actress scene, you will know her from SK II as she's the main model there!] and one of my most favourite men actors in the whole japanese industry, TAMAKI HIROSHI KAJSDHAKSDHAKS!!!! Super love him ever since Nodame Cantabile. His voice URGHHH!! Also another guy is Fukushi Sota, who made it big ever since Amachan :D

The story is about Ayase who's 30 years old, and has no experience about love and man whatsoever. On her 30th birthday, she spends a night with Fukushi Sota, an intern at her office that's 9 years younger than him and still in university. Although she's not sure whether it's the love or no, she decides she wants to try grabbing the chance by dating him. Tamara Hiroshi is a CEO that also likes Ayase so it's the start of the triangle love. It is light, fresh, funny, relatable, and the 2 main guys are also handsome and cool on their own way

I just fuckin relate to this drama because when I watch it I was like "what the hell I have been doing so far?? My friend gets married and I am at home, watching dramas and fangirling actors wtf"


"will I become like this?"

"I dont wanna date someone younger than me"

"It's like dating my own young brother's friend!"

Then I felt like shit LOL

However the drama is so funny so you should definitely check it out! :D
Btw most of J-Dramas are only 10-11 episodes but the story line is compact and the acting is usually good! So I am sure you won't get bored :)
There are other J-Dramas that I have watched but so far I really recommend these 5 as my favourites in 2014! Btw it's because all these dramas are also out this year :D

Anyway if you haven't, you should also watch this Eien no Zero. It's a movie set in World War II starring Okada Junichi [V6] and Maou Inoue. I know there are famous Japanese Movies this year that you should watch like Doraemon and Rurouni Kenshin. I am introducing you this Eien no Zero that is not famous overseas but is a box office hit in Japan! 

Can I say that Okada Junichi is too handsome and even if he's from Jyanis, he can shave his head bald for character, and still looks stunning!

Miura Haruma also becomes supporting male character here, playing the grandson of Okada Junichi who finds out how his grandfather lives during World War

The movie was out December last year but it won the best movie and hits big in Japanese Cinemas this year. Talk about coming out in the end of year, so eventually it becomes the talk of the year after that

Btw I watch everything online via fansub, yes illegal I know :X
But my excuse is I want to watch J-Dramas as much as possible and it's not available here yet so I can't help it..

For things that are out in Indonesia, of course I go watch la. Like Rurouni Kenshin, Doraemon, and Black Butler. It's out at Blitz so I went and paid my ticket! But other things, I stream lol 
Don't ask me where I watch cos illegal things cannot be shared, just google it ok if you want to watch! :3

Do you have any dramas or movies that you would like to recommend to me as well? Please do so! :)

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  1. I watched nobunaga concerto and kaisha yasumimasu too, both of them is my favorite!

  2. Hmm~ Nobunaga Concerto is still on air at Japan.. Sometimes I watch it when my housemate is watching it.. XD

  3. Those are really good choice. I've been looking for some new jdrama to watch thanks for the recommendations :)

  4. I wish Kaisha's fan sub will release it faster! I can't wait for the sub of ep 8! ><

  5. It finished this week on ep 11 :O Wikipedia says so XD or am I mistaken?

  6. Good luck being hikikomori like me too lol

  7. I think i will watch japanese doramas again! ^-^

    Att: Mery from

  8. awhh thank you so much!! I don't watch dramas that often because I simply got no time. But i'm saving this handy article for later hehe~ thank yaaa

  9. From this season I reccomend N no Tameni.. it's a serious drama, murder/life lesson genre kinda drama, sounds heavy but it's seriously good with top notch acting.. from last season I really like Saikou no Rikon (soo funny and interesting.. must watch.. eita's acting is damn good ^-^) and also gochisousan asadora is also good.. the main actor&actress (anne watanabe (ken watanabe's daughter) & higashide) just got married in real life recently.. as for j-movie, one of my fave that I've just watched is ShiroYuki Hime Satsujin Jiken (starring Inoue Mao).. it's murder & psychological theme.. such an interesting movie :)

  10. Omg I've been looking for new j-dramas to watch! Thanks for this list ^_^ I don't know if it suits your tastes, but I really enjoyed W No Higeki, which is more of a serious drama. Although there is some romance, it's definitely not lighthearted like the other series on your list.

  11. I watched First Class too! Erika Sawajiri looked totally like a princess there. The story was totally twisted with lots of backstabbing lol, I have a lot of trust issues because of this drama hahaha~

    Being a hikikomori is totally okay. I do it a lot... especially under the blanket, with laptop on my lap... perfection XD

  12. Ahhhh that sounds like me xD Woke up at 2pm today as well -.-
    Thank you for the drama recommendations! It's been such a long time since I've watched a japanese one but some of them sound really good. Especially Take The Day Off Today. *sigh* I can also relate to this very much T__T Everybody is getting married and having kids and I'm just sitting here... -.-" Ugh.

  13. Our soul is being sucked by internet. Good bye social life

  14. It's just the best feeling ever! Once we realise, the sun has set high lol

  15. Wow thank you! I will put it on the list! I am re-reading NANA again atm so ill do that once I finish!

  16. I have finished Gochisousan. DAMN I AM HUNGRY FOR HER FOOD ):
    Right now I'm trying to finish Hanako to Anne. It's also good!! Totally recommended ^.^

    Have you watched the monalisa movie starring by Ayase Haruka and Matsuzaka Tori? I watched it during flight to Japan so they had the sub, it's kinda psychological and thriller thing, I guess you would love it! But idk if there's a fansub there yet XD

  17. You're welcome! Will recommend more later once I have it :D

  18. I feel embarrassed when I see myself in the mirror and say "you're a beauty blogger, aren't you? Why you haven't put any make up on for weeks" LOL
    But what can I do.. J-Dramas calling me!!! HAHAHA

  19. The last eps shows Saburo and Oda shook hands at Honnou-ji right? :O

  20. Tamaki Hiroshi is my most favorite actor too!! Before Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, I watched him on Bakumatsu Kokosei. Have you watched it? In gooddrama unfortunately Kyou Kaisha Yasumimasu still 7 episode :( I know some conversational Japanese but if I watch unsub dorama I'm afraid I will lost most important part >,< hehehe...