Thread Lift and Botox for Sharper and Smaller Face at Dermaster

December 12, 2014

How far you want to go in the name of beauty? For me at the moment as long as I don't put myself under knife [basically since I am a chicken lol] I would love to try everything that can beautify me 

I was planning to have a TV Shooting in Japan with Kokoro no Tomo Team and I would want to make sure that I appeared good. Before my flight to Japan, a clinic named Dermaster that claims as no 1 Beauty Clinic in Asia offered me to do some face treatment, I immediately jumped to agreement. At first we would like to do more laser for my skin but since my schedule is pretty tight and it would take time to heal, so we moved to thread lift and botox instead to make my face smaller!

Before moving to treatment, as always let's check out the place itself

The interior is dominated by the color of blue that represents calmness. I love the luxury touch as well by giving gold as the statement of luxury

We also can see Dr. Kwon, Han Jin who is the main doctor 

Some of the famous celebrities also do their treatments there such as Dewi Persik, Tex Saverio, Feby Febiola, and Ivan Gunawan

Before the treatment, I took many anaesthetic cream to numb my skin because I have very low tolerance against pain T__T

Thread lift is usually known as "tarik benang" in Indonesia and the thread that Dermaster use is very safe and can be absorbed by body because it is the same thread that is used for heart surgery operation. However since it will be gone by 8 months, a touch up is necessary if you want to maintain the shape. Since it's a non-surgery, you can immediately shop around and do normal activities

Basically it is to tighten the sagging skin and make your face appear sharper, and more well-defined. However they also mention that they can make the thread lift treatment to make your nose taller as well by stacking up the thread.. I had a filler done by Teosyal before as you can read HERE so I don't really need it, however to see and experience how it can be done on my nose, I try to stack a little

The doctor removes some of the hyaluronic acid on my nose and stack it with their thread. As the result I can tell that it provides the same height result with filler, and since I have tried both, let me review the pro and con to you

Thread Lift = 
  • There's a risk of having the thread get out a little [I experience that there's a 0,1mm thread on my nose hole and the doctor said it's normal o.O but it will be gone by the time goes, however there's a slight discomfort when I pick up my nose lol]
  • The nose is more straight easily
  • You can achieve higher nose bridge since it's stacked by solid shape
  • It lasts around 8 months
  • It is more painful than filler, I had to inject 2-3 anaesthesia and drank medicine
  • You can use it to tighten sagging skin or give volume by stacking threads
  • Natural result

  • There's a risk of your filler will be spread on the side of your nose if you use bad hyaluronic acid, or might be lumpy
  • The filler progress is less painful than thread lift
  • Usually it lasts around 3-6 months, however Teosyal promises 12 months
  • Hyaluronic Acid makes the area smoother and more moisturised
  • You can play with the shape by adjusting it little by little to achieve desirable result [keep checking the mirror is fine!], for thread lift you have to surrender with the doctor
  • The height of the nose depends on your own nose
  • You can use it to give volume on your face or moisturise / give vitamins on certain areas 
  • Natural result

The procedure is kinda similar, and the pic is kinda NSFW >_>

For Dermaster they usually ask for a combination, however by my review, please see it which one suits you best!

Here are the threads that they use on my face, they combine 3 threads

Dermaster also combine the thread lift that was mainly focused on my side of face to give smaller face, with Botox! I read on some overseas bloggers that they do botox to achieve smaller jawline and you can combine thread lift + botox to achieve better result. However botox can also be used to reduce wrinkles and pores but since I don't have wrinkles yet so I don't go for it

The pictures above are the thread lift for my jaw. And damn I must say, it's FUCKIN PAINFUL and I even grabbed one of the staffs hand very hard. I had anaesthetic but it's still painful and the injections are too many. 25 threads on each jaw, and 20 threads on my double chin area 


Finished it up with Botox and I was already swollen and had red areas around my cheek

After the treatment, for the first 1-2 days I couldn't really move my foods and couldnt eat solid food, so it's very bad. And the first 1-2 weeks I couldnt smile widely or talk freely. It is because there's swelling caused by thread lift, however it's mainly inside and nobody can see it. People will just see that you're arrogant as you don't smile much lol

Here's the before and after taken in between 1 month 
[botox takes 2-3 weeks to show the result btw]

My honest result is I don't see any much difference on the front, however on my side jawline I can tell that there's a quite natural gap between the before and after treatment. After the treatment my jaw is more even and softer, unlike my previous sharp square jaw. Also my face feels more bouncy and lifted too

For my double chin, it's reduced very good up to 50% !!!! However I don't have the before picture so I can't tell you, but it works amazing on my double chin lol 

So I am totally satisfied with it

However, for the nose, I feel that my previous nose is much better and higher. It was done nicely and I love the height. I think the doctor at Dermaster squeezed too much my Teosyal out and didn't put more, so I am feeling a little bit disappointed
Some people might like the natural shape of the after treatment, but I like the tall and sharp one

Do I like the result? I love the natural improvement on my jaw but since it's not a surgery, the result is not obvious. And since I am still young, my skin is not that sagging so there's not much job done. If you're interested to do it, just be ready for the pain !!

You can find out about Dermaster on their website HERE and Instagram HERE
And here's the address at their BSD Branch that I visited
Ruko Golden Boulevard Blok Q No.1, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD)
Telp: 021 - 531 61 394 / 395

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Woah! Cute office. I can see the difference but you look good in both! ^__^

    I used to be unsatisfied with my face and I probably still am (haha), but I think I can make do. I'll just drink LOTS of water. Anything like this looks like such an intense procedure!

  2. Omg it looks so painful, I don't know how you can do it!! Would you ever do it again?

  3. omgomgog that looks so scary UR SO STRONG >.< But I'll do it too someday lol

  4. I didn't expect the pain too be that high T___T; LOL
    I'll do it again maybe in the next 5-10 years, not now lol

  5. I don't think I will do it anymore, unless it's 7-10 years later when my skin is sagging a lot
    The pain is too much for me + it doesn't provide dramatic result for my own face ^_^; maybe I'm still too young for thread lift..

  6. why finally LOL
    I can tell a little on the jaw, but not much yea D: Considering the pain level, I did expect something more obvious tho lol but I think my bone is at its sharpest shape so it doesn't give much difference
    I read fourfeetnine blog [malay blogger] did botox and her face shape totally change! D: I think it differs from everyone

  7. this is quite intense and I think I won't do any major thing like this anytime soon LOL

  8. *0* Painful sight to see!!! >.<

    But great to know you're ok and satisfied with the results.

    恵美より ♥

  9. Ohh my you are very brave Stella~ ^ 3 ^
    I think I would like to do something like this one day but I am a baby when it comes to pain! ^ ___ ^

  10. Hey stella, I'm really glad you're like super honest with your reviews! Sooo many bloggers claim aesthetic procedures are totally painless and super effective when honestly I cant see much of a difference between their before and after photos? Plus its kinda hard to believe injections are totally painless too! I'm glad you're honest about the pain it causes :)

  11. seriously that looks so scary.. i don't think i will ever do that (yes, i'm afraid of needles, like i swear on my soul)

    but the result looks amazing !!

    and btw, that heels you wore look cute :)

    Slumber Talk

  12. Me too T____T I'd recommend botox as it is less painful!!

  13. Thank you for your wonderful comment! For filler and botox honestly the pain is still tolerable, and I can't say about the same thing with thread lift T___T;
    So I recommend the painless one for sure lol

  14. I used to be afraid too but now I'm fine, just, don't imagine XDDDD
    it's from ZARA :D

  15. Did your face bruise after the treatment? Can you conceal it with makeup??

  16. I had botox one month ago and my doctor told me that the right injected Botox will interfere with the visual shape of my face. Yet, it passes one month my face doesn`t look thinner.

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