Keio University with Japacolle

November 12, 2014

I wonder how many of you are actually a fan of Japanese fashion? Ever dream of dressing up like the models in the magazine? Or have a shopping madness inside Shibuya109? 

Liz Lisa? Tralala? CECILMcBEE?

 If your answer is yes to all those questions, then this is the post for you as I just might have the answer to satisfy your hunger for Japanese fashion!

I have shared my experience during my last trip to Japan with you guys, but this is one of the highlight of my stay. While juggling several jobs at once , I managed to squeeze in a time to do a photo shoot with Japacolle team!

Japacolle is a web magazine from Japan purposed to bring you the daily kawaii fashion and beauty fresh from Japan. The people behind Japacolle understands best the unique charm of Japanese fashion, and in order to meet up with the great interest coming from South East Asia, especially Indonesia, Japacolle is here to serve the hottest fashion trend for us all to enjoy!

Personally, as long as it involves spreading the love for all things Japan in Indonesia, consider me in! 

The photo shoot was done in one of the most prestige university in Japan, it's called Keio University. I think only the smartest kid could enroll here. The university complex itself is rather huge, I didn't really go around it, but the building doesn't scream Japanese architecture to me.

It was pretty sunny during the photo shoot, and I believe we managed to snap a few lovely shots!

There are a total of 7 coordination that I did for this photoshoot, all suited for different occasions. These outfits are also presented in their special collaboration page with me. 

First look is a romantic date look. Most woman wants to look sophisticated in front of their love interest right? This pink maxi dress from Liz Lisa is a perfect choice for your first date. It doesn't look too flashy, but still gave an extra boost to your feminine charm <3

The second look consist of this flow-y flower pattern top which has a really soft fabric! I'm pairing it up with a baby pink skinny jeans to create a sweet look and gave me a bit of a shape since the top is already loose-fitted. The accessories also accentuate the kawaii feel. It's such a casual outfit to go with any daily occasion ^.^ 

Morning class anyone?

above anything else, I really like to wear dresses. It's just so easy and doesn't look lousy. For anyone who's in a rush, just grab the most comfortable dress you own and you're ready to go!

classy, comfortable, and still casual! 

Be it for a class, a meeting with friends, or just a day out - a dress can get you anywhere~

The third look is a peplum top with a black skirt! Do I look like an office lady? lol
The monotonous color might give a slightly mature look, but the cutting of the peplum top somehow balanced it out so it doesn't look so stiff in my opinion.

I think this set works best for a fancy night out, or even to a business meeting! 
What do you think?

Third look is a blue gradation dress! I just looove how it flows with my movement. The fabric is top notch, as expected from quality Japanese product!

The color reminded me of blue sky of that day. It might be a little chilly to be worn in the colder season, but just grab a pair of cardigan and all is good again!

Also considering their market is South East Asia which the temperature is moderately warm, this dress could be worn throughout the year ^.^

Dress it up, dress it down, you got every possibilities in your hand with this simplistic design.
Just have fun mix matching!

6th look is a meeting look! As a beauty blogger, I get to meet many different client. Most are pretty laid back about my outfit of choice, but there are times where you just want to look extra neat and this is my choice for that kind of occasion.

A collared black shirt and patterned skirt. I think I managed to achieve the sophisticated look without looking boring ^.^

Last look! I'm wearing star printed dress from Liz Lisa Doll. This very fun dress works well if you want get super comfortable, like when you have class all day long or just having a lunch meet up with friends. 

It looks like you're wearing both top and a dress, but this is actually one-piece. The fabric is again very soft. The dress are made of chiffon fabric, it moves seamlessly! 

So that's all 7 days coordinates for my collaboration with Japacolle. All items are available in their webstore for purchase, and I surely look forward for more Japanese fashion collection from Japacolle!

If you like their coordinates, you'd definitely love what they have on the webzine because they are reporting daily of the fashion and beauty trends in Japan, so do check them out okay!

What's your favorite look out of the whole 7-days coordinates? Let me know what you think and don't forget to give Japacolle some love!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Kyaaa~ You are such a cute model Stella! ^ ^
    I have that brown Liz Lisa bag too! ^ - ^

  2. Stelllaaaaaa XD Thanks for always inspiring and you are just definitely so cool ... XD I wish I have cool jobs like you XD

  3. I really love that blue gradation dress~ so pretty~~~

  4. Cute outfits! I love the last coordination the best *^*

  5. amazing blog! And are of your pics are so cute :3

  6. I love the Liz Lisa starry dress on you Stella! So cute and perfect for a casual yet put together look. And the print is perfect considering your name ;) x

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  7. You seem like such a natural! I think the 6th look is my favorite since I love that it's a more lady-like look without being too formal.

  8. cutie and gorgeous as always :)
    love the last outfit <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  9. You are such a cutie! I love all of your outfits!

  10. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed the coordinates <3

  11. Aw, you're too kind >.< Thanks for reading!

  12. Thank you for reading and commenting! <3

  13. Hahaha yes I also think the pattern is very spot on XD Thanks for reading! <3

  14. Thanks for reading and commenting! <3

  15. yesss, very wearable too! :D
    Thanks for reading!

  16. You can, you can! :D
    Thanks for reading!