Brigitte Blooming Gloss Review and Swatch

November 19, 2014

Hello again from Japan! It keeps getting colder here, and I'm doing everything to stay hydrated at the moment. A couple days ago I was filming in Beppu, as you guys might have seen on Facebook and Instagram and it was suuuuuper windy. Next thing I hate to a dry skin is a dry lips, and on this post I'll talk whether these pretty looking glosses could remedy the appearance of my lips, or not!

With lip products, there are just so many possibilities and I guess I'm pretty adventurous to try them out. From bold to subtle colors, lip product are limitless and you could never have enough since it's so easy to change a look with simply changing the color of your lips.

I first got these Brigitte Blooming Gloss from a friend during my past visit to Japan. It's just been laying there and waiting to be upped in my blog lol 

Let's start with the packaging! Even for a drugstore product, Japan is known to have an excellent packaging. These glosses came with a plastic outer case with floral pattern streaked down in a single white line. First impression was the design seemed so classic to me, with their choice of font and all.

On the top and bottom of the packaging is the shade for each glosses. Here I got Gerbera, Poppy, and Peony. From their site, it seems like there are three other shades which aren't here.

Some details at the back. It's in Japanese so I couldn't lay it for you guys what it said as my Japanese skills aren't quite there yet. But for all that it's worth, this is surely made in Japan, as it obviously stated there LOLOL.
And this is how the tube looks like. It's a simplistic rectangle tube made of plastic, also with a shimmery white plastic heads to match the content inside. Oooh yeah, you can see the amount of shimmer in there and it IS that shimmery in real life.

They had that signature B in classic font at the head and continued with the brand's name along the clear part of the tube.
What I first notice upon trying out these product is that the gloss was very thick in consistency. The texture wasn't exactly the dreamiest to spread on your lips as I could feel it drag along with the wand. What bothers me is the after effect upon applying this to your lips what will leave you with a sticky feeling which I don't find to be pleasant at all. EWW!
Does it moisture? Not really, but if you want to moisturize we all know there's a lip balm for that. What this glosses do is actually gave your lips enough shine to prevent it from looking dry, especially in the colder season like what I am experiencing at the moment. 

Of course, there's a but [which I'm sure you pretty much guessed already]. When using this, you'd want to make sure that you use in a precise amount needed if you want to avoid the overly heavy, sticky feeling on your lips. Don't be greedy is the key, I know sometimes one swipe does not feel enough, but trust me it does with this product!

Luckily it came with this kind of applicator that will help you control your usage of the product. Instead of the usual tip that seemed to get soaked in product and therefore, picked up more, this Brigitte glosses comes with a soft plastic-like applicator that does not absorb your product at all, so simply applied what goes up with the wand and remember that one swipe to the bottom and another to your upper lips is all that you need! Seriously, I cannot stress this one enough.

I also notice that upon retracting the wand, you'd feel a tad restriction from the tube. I figured they did that in purpose due to the sticky nature of this gloss. Both the applicator and the inside of the tube is formulated in such a way to make sure you only get what you need. Very thoughtful I'd say, and it also make everything more neat! Just look at the picture above, no matter how many times I dipped and pulled the wand, what I got is only the product at the the tip. A nice compensation for the yucky texture they have, I guess.

Finally here are the swatches. As you can see, very thick, very shimmery, and yet being a lipgloss that they are, all colors turned out very subtle and quite translucent.

When you put it on, it was VERY SHEER and almost COLORLESS so I didn't bother to do a lip swatch because they basically look similar in the end. So pigmentation wise, it goes as far as most of clear lip glosses in store does. Obviously less than most lip glosses I have ever tried before.
Ugh, this product just didn't seem to do it for me, too bad.

I forgot to mention that it doesn't have any scent to it, at least to me lol;; A friend said it had a slight artificial smell to it, but nothing you can be bothered with when you have it on your lips.

For obvious reasons I didn't use this product a lot, but when I do I tend to pick the softest one which is Gerbera. I figured since they are all bland in color anyway, might as well use clearest one of all on top of my lipstick choice of the day, just to give an additional shine when I need it. But basically I don't have any favorite amongst these trio, in fact I kinda dislike it.

Lasting power is BAD, and it goes about 1-2 hours. When you drink, be very aware that they would stick to your glass because well, it's a lipgloss! A very sticky one too!

 Thoughtful packaging
 Little goes a long way
 Unscented for the most part
 Gave a subtle sheen for moisturized looking lips

 Too heavy and sticky on the lips
 Low pigmentation
 Poor staying power
 Does not glide smoothly
 Not available in Indonesia

For sure I don't love this product, but since it was a gift I'll just keep it around. However, if I am to pay for a lip product, I would absolutely go for a texture that is lighter, and colors that are bolder than these glosses.

What about you guys? Would you like to try this out?
Let me know if there's one lip product you actually cannot live without!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Ohh I have been wanting to try out Brigitte's products~ ^ w ^
    But I do not think that these lipglosses have enough opaqueness for me! ^ u ^

  2. would love to see you wearing this babies on <3 thx for your awesome review stel~

  3. omg the packaging is way too cute! and nice written review, thanks for your honesty :3

  4. Too bad the product wasn't very good! I would've been very tempted to buy it since the packaging is quite nice but I guess I'll pass. Thanks for the review!

  5. Pretty gloss colours!

  6. I love the packaging, indeed it's so cute, but too bag it's sticky >.<

    恵美より ♥

  7. That's a bummer that the gloss doesn't have much pigmentation :(
    The packaging does make it look so cute too

    -Miss Sennnaa

  8. The packaging is really nice! Pity about the quality of the product though.

  9. I'm not a fan of lip glosses anyway, but I have to admit that the packaging is georgeous!*_*

  10. I love the fuschia color the most! thanks for your review stella!

  11. the packaging is awesome , I was expecting more for the qualitly :( For lip gloss I love 3ce water gloss . The color pigmentation is too great for a gloss !

  12. I agree, 3CE products have amazing pigmentation :D

  13. yeah, it's too bad the product itself doesn't do well :<

  14. too bad the packaging is really the only good thing :(

  15. yeah, I really hoped the product wasn't so disappointing. Anyway thanks for reading!

  16. Sticky is a big no no ><
    thanks for reading!

  17. Not as pretty upon use :(
    thank you for reading!

  18. You're always welcome! Thanks for reading ^.^

  19. I hope you enjoy the other product reviews as well ^.^
    Thank you for reading!

  20. I haven't really felt like wearing this again u.u But thank you for reading!!

  21. I was excited to try them out too, but these are just not for me :(
    Thank you for reading!

  22. I love sticky lip gloss :p They look gorgeous!