Sleek i-Divine Au Naturale Palette Swatch and Review

November 24, 2014

I've heard a lot about sleek, but have never had the opportunity to try out their product until now. Being known for their affordable price and also quality, I couldn't be more interested to own at least one palette from them.

I'm a fan of neutral colored eye shadows because they are just so versatile, thus increasing the probability to get worn more than the crazier colors. So I easily picked the Au Naturale palette as my very first ever Sleek product.

Description: Sleek MakeUP’s legendary i-Divine palettes are 12 shades of super-pigmented, long-lasting, mineral based eyeshadow, designed to suit all. Each i-Divine contains pearlescent shades, which contain mica particles that highlight and illuminate giving an overall radiant effect. Available in a variety of colour ways, your i-Divine is waiting for you.

The list of ingredients the palette contains. It has two types of Parabens, Dimethicone, and other ingredients people might be wary of, that's why it's always important to always check this part of the product packaging in case you found something you knew your skin wouldn't appreciate.
This is the front look of the packaging. What you will have is a plastic material for the packaging which tends to look and feel cheap, but this one is matte so that remedies the quality a little bit in my opinion. It also doesn't pick up your fingerprints and generally look okay with the design as it wasn't too flashy!
The back of the palette also have a little bit of wordings here and there, which I don't think the one at the top really necessary O.o Idk if it's just my opinion but it feels like you have two front covers now lol oh well, it doesn't really matter.

Upon opening, you'll see a neat rows of eyeshadows from shimmery to matte covered by a plastic cover with the name of each shades. The palette is completed with a mirror and an applicator for easy traveling purpose, but the applicator is somewhat rubbish anyway, you cannot possibly just travel with these LOL;;

Closer look of the color, it didn't look this vibrant in real life, colors are a little more desaturated than in photographs obviously due to lighting and stuff.

Nougat: A matte eyeshadow that looked a bit off white in color, felt creamy upon touch but application wise the color didn't show up very well.

Nubuck: A light ash brown color, somewhat with a hint of lilac in it. It's matte and it DOES NOT GET PICKED UP even the slightest LOL. Seriously it was very faint and hardly noticeable at all!

Cappuccino: Also a cool toned light brown shade, still no color *sigh*

Honeycomb: A yellow-ish brown shade that disappeared straight away into my skin LOL *getting ready to flip a table*

Toast: Warm, orange hued shade that also did not show the slightest bit. It's not just matte, it's INVISIBLE. 

Taupe: A shimmery champange color. Very commonly found in neutral palette, very lovely, and finally some pigmentation! Thank God!
Conker: A metallic dark plum color, great for nights out. Quite pigmented.

Moss: A true ash brown color. It has a green undertone to it with a little bit shimmer. The color shows, but not what I'd actually call pigmented.

Bark: A dark matte brown, just a regular color really. 

Mineral Earth: A shimmery dark brown with the best pigmentation out of all shade.

Regal: Dark mauve color. Bad color pay-off.

Noir: Matte black color which has no reason to not be pigmented lol 

So, uh.... LOL out of all 12 shades I only found 3 colors that did show SOMETHING on me, and that didn't even get captured in photographs. What the hell is wrong with this palette? LOLOL 

I'm not exactly fair okay, but other eyeshadows works pretty well with me. Price-wise, it wasn't too far off with other drugstore brand like Revlon or NYX, but the quality is just a let down! This is easily the worse eyeshadow palette in year 2014, and whatever good things it did to other people to get this raved about, I just don't see it.

I wouldn't recommend this to you guys, because obviously you would pay less than you would for high-end brand but for what? 3 eyeshadows that actually works! If you think about it that way, then it's a total waste of money.... Better stick with Revlon or NYX all the way.


HORRIBLE color pay off
No color innovation
Basically the worse eyeshadow in 2014

This product is sponsored by Perfect Beauty for a review purpose
Perfect Beauty official site right here

Have you had different luck with Sleek product before?
Do share your experience in the comment section!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Sayang banget ga pigmented. Terus mirip2 juga shade nya T.T

  2. The other palettes, especially Storm, are really good! I've heard awful reviews about Au Natural and Arabian Nights, but if you're willing, please give the other palettes a try before judging them so harshly. ^^;

  3. aahh perfect for autumn, and very beauitful colours

  4. I've tried this palette also and I just found that it wasn't very pigmented. They do have a nice choice of colour though.

  5. I have tried Sleek's palette though it's not this one and I was disappointed too D:

  6. masa sejelek itu sih, Stel?
    aku baca di blog lain dan nonton youtube, banyak yg puas kok..

  7. Awalnya aku pikir juga nggak bakal mengecewakan :( But given that result, I can't say I'm impressed.

  8. Ah, so it wasn't only with this palette? Too bad D:
    Thanks for reading!

  9. Yeah, it's really bad that this product is a let down for me...
    thanks for reading!

  10. Well this review is only based on this Au Naturel palette, I have never tried their other palettes so I wouldn't know! Glad that other palette works well

  11. yes, what a shame :(
    Thanks for reading!

  12. I tried the vintage romance, and it's pigmented enough ^^

  13. I am shock to see the pigmentation isn't amazing for this one, as all others I have seen and tried are super pigmented! I do love how they look in the pan thou, the metallic shades are gorgeous!

  14. Wajib pake primer sih kalo ngga ya gak show up. Ak juga beli buat nyokap, pernah dandanin nyokap pake ini n it sucks :(

  15. I have several sleek palettes, and actually Au natural is my fav, I prefer to use this one than UD naked 2 palette, for myself and all of my clients. But of course I always use eye primer :) Different story with Sleek Arabian Nights palette that I bought, its a disappointment.