Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black Ink Review

November 21, 2014

Hi everyone! I'm here with a product which I'm sure most of you are familiar about. Whether you heard about it from a friend, is / was a user, or a victim of online shops advertisement, if you're not already eyeing to get this in your makeup pouch then I bet you at the very least have heard of this very, very popular product from Bobbi Brown.

There's no guessing when it comes to one of their bests selling product, obviously it's the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner! Here I have the one in Black Ink and will let you know whether it lives up to its reputation or not.

Bobbi Brown has been one of the most notable brand in the beauty industry and this gel eyeliner was raved as one of the best eyeliner in the market. Although I never got to try it before, but I knew a lot of people who have and most of them seemed to have the tendency vomiting good things about this jet black ink.

Gel liner is one of the most favorite type of eyeliner to be used by many, me including. It's because you can get that really intense color which is also easy to blend, lasting power usually overpower that of liquid and pencil liners as well. 

Considering how much love this product is getting internationally, I have such a huge expectation about it! 

The jar was small, a bit bulky to carry around yet it could fit just fine if you have a medium sized makeup pouch to carry daily. Since it was made of glass, it felt sturdy and very well made, the simplistic design Bobbi Brown had for their product also add a feel of exclusivity.

It contains 3grams of product, which is plenty to last you a year at least. Because the color that gel liner produces is very thick, one swipe would already be sufficient to give your eyes a pop. At my first try with this product I was praying that the name Black Ink isn't just for show, and that alone already broke my expectation a little. While it really did deliver a strong black, I believe that it wasn't dark enough to convince me this was the best eyeliner to ever exist.

My disappointment just increase as the hours passed by as I noticed it starting to smudge a little underneath my eyes. It was a little hard to believe and I even tried to reason that it was something else dirtying the corner of my eyes but I have been using minimum make up that day and that could only give me one conclusion that this liner was the culprit X___X;;

The texture itself was rather acceptable, it's close to being satisfying as it is creamy, smooth and glides on easily. What you need is just a good brush to get you the perfect lines, but sadly this one didn't come with one, which makes you have to spend extra cash just to be able to use this gel eyeliner =_="

For what it claimed to be long-wearing, I still agree on it as most of this stuff indeed stayed where I left them in the morning when I did my makeup, but somewhere in the middle of the day the smudging happen and I'm not very happy because I wanted this to work for me as good as it had been for everyone else lolol. 

I don't know if my eyes were the problem, but it wasn't like this was my very first gel liner ever. I have owned several gel liners and have tried using Tony Moly's Backstage Gel Eyeliner back in 2012 which easily become one of my favorite to own even in the following year! That gel liner probably one third of the price of this Bobbi Brown's people!! See, prestige doesn't always give you quality lol 

No eye makeup because the after wear pictures probably won't please some of you who still had faith to try this famous gel liner ^.^ But you can see just from the swatch of this Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner that it wasn't as pigmented as the Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner which is seriously pitch black, guys.

This eyeliner retails at US$24.00 in the official Bobbi Brown site, of course it's more expensive to buy here especially in the counter [probably $30-$40?]. To be fair, I think this eyeliner is indeed waterproof, but I think it may not be oilproof as my eyelid tends to produce a little bit of oil overtime. Otherwise, I wouldn't understand why on earth it would smudge on me and not others?? O.o

The point is, it could be different for everyone, but for me, I've had better ones before and I simply wouldn't spend triple the price of a lesser quality! If you have more budget to spend, then trying this out wouldn't hurt, it was still more than a decent eyeliner, just not the best for me ^.^

 Sturdy, classy packaging
 Lasting power above average
 Has a good creamy texture
 Enough amount to last you a while
Not oilproof
Brush not included
Smudges after a while
Not pigmented enough
Not travel friendly

How many of you have wanted to try this out?
If you have different experience with this Gel Eyeliner, don't hesitate to share below!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. I've heard so many good things about this gel liner too but have never tried it. It's too bad it's not as amazing as everyone says but I guess it's different for everyone. I'm really surprised that it doesn't look very pigmented at all.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ohh it is too bad that it does not live up to the hype! ^ v ^

  3. i own it, and i love to wear it,
    but i agree..
    they are not travel friendly,
    its easier to bring eyeliner pencil than this

  4. I would love to own this product if only it wasn;t so expensive!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  5. I was contemplating to buy this but again I bought another pot of Blacktrack.

  6. Make ups in this type of container are not travel-friendly and that's a really bad thing.

  7. hmm i don't have any experience with this gel eyeliner, but it's indeed expensive and there's also a lot of dupes of it. so.. no bobbi brown for me hehe :'')

  8. I'm trying a gel too but have more colour than this
    In other hand, the draw is cute

  9. Yeah, it didn't quite live up to the hype for me!
    thanks for reading ^.^

  10. There are other better gel eyeliners even if this one isn't particularly bad :D

  11. True to that :(
    Thanks for reading!

  12. Yeah it's very expensive especially through the counters!
    thanks for reading

  13. yeah, too bulky to go anywhere but our vanity table :(
    thanks for reading.

  14. Me too, I've had high hopes before but turned out there are better gel eyeliners in the market :)
    Thanks for reading!

  15. I have heard amazing things about this product and I have always wanted to try it ^^

  16. Unfortunately it's bit disappointing, stel.. ._.
    Backstage Gel Liner FTW! hahaha