12 Hours With Stella Lee

October 21, 2014

My life's schedule is pretty crazy and whenever I say I am busy busy and busy, it means I really am busy. But when I explain how busy I am, I become confused because it's like doing nothing to and it is difficult to explain O.O

So I decide to record a day with me, 12 hours to be exact, to show you what I have been doing in a day
My life's schedule is pretty much messed up as I don't work at office but work by myself, and everyday's schedule is totally different. But well, at least you get the picture what I am doing in Jakarta XD


I woke up from my late sleep as I was working until 3 p.m to reply mails, browse stuffs, read news, brief staffs, blog, edit pictures, and so on

As I wake up, first thing I was doing is to check my phone and replied business stuffs
And yes, I hardly reply friends' messages even though I know there are some, because I prioritize my clients mails first LOL Then when the time's up to shower, put make up on, and dressed up, I had no more time to reply more messages

This leads my friends anger to erupt because I don't reply to them HAHAHAHA

So I started putting on make up while cooking. Multitasking seriously!
Had an easy breakfast by toasting tomatoes and fry some eggs

10 A.M

Make up's finished! I did a simple and easy make up for everyday look, took me 15 minutes or less to do this make up. Yea, I always go with light make up if I don't have event or photoshoot, because I want to let my skin breathe
I walked to parking station, and drove to the meeting place. The meeting on that day was at a mall within my area so it's pretty close!

10.30 A.M

Meeting started. I was meeting with a beauty clinic company because they offer me to do treatments at their clinic. So they're introducing me their services and such
This kind of meeting is very common for me, and I hardly say yes to work together with a brand on the first meeting. I have to make sure that the products / services are good enough before I try and introduce it to readers

I become very picky recently in terms of recommendation hahaha!

12 P.M 

Meeting's finished so rushed for a quick lunch and on that day I opted for a cheap chicken noodle at the mall. I also met a computer technician when eating my lunch as my Macbook was frozen for days although I had done anything I could through the help of google. My mom was like "call my friend" eventho I know he could do nothing, but I met him for the courtesy only

Turned out he couldn't help as expected so I have to bring it to apple store.. bzz  lol

1.30 P.M

I go to fashion stores to choose and pick up some items. They want to promote their products on Instagram and so I came to the shop to pick which outfits are suitable with me to use on my Instagram as Sponsored Outfit. Because I knew that my schedule within this area, so I picked up the items on the stores at the same mall to save time

3 P.M

It was my appointment with my dentist to fix my teeth. So I drove a little to the clinic and did my stuff there. I had a little cavity on my teeth T__T

And turned out most of my make up already fades, like lipstick, eyeliner, and eyebrow. However my face is still okay without a little hint of shine

4.15 P.M

Changed clothes!!!
I drove to another area for another meeting with a beauty clinic. Stuck with jam for sure. I also did my hair into simple braid updo while driving. KIDS, Don't do this!!!

5.30 P.M

Another meeting with beauty clinic, and also have some body beauty treatment that I will blog later!

Wanna show you my hair but I couldn't take the picture properly T____T
Maybe next time?

7.30 - 9.30 P.M

Finished the meeting and drove back to a Beauty - Magazine Event, it is Cosmopolitan X Bio Oil Event and held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I rarely attend Beauty Event nowadays because I am so busy but this time I manage to slip this event on my schedule. I met my beloved Rini this time and we managed to catch up a bit!

So I showed you my FOTD on that night and I had not touched up my face even a little bit since morning and my face still looked okay!
A little bit shiny, but to be honest I almost had no time to touch up my face and I don't like to repowder my face as I feel dirt gets layered to between my face and powder

So I really love to have long-lasting face product on me!

As you can see that some of my eyeliner has smudged already and the lip color has faded even though I retouched it 3-4 times in a day, but my face make up still stayed!

So what's the secret on this day?

I use PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream and Compact Powder

This BB Cream by PIXY has been in the market since July and been around media since mid Oct, so it's still very new! Have you known about this product before?

PIXY has been available here for so long that it might as well be seen as a local product, but in fact this brand is actually developed by Mandom Corporation, a Japanese Company! I remember using this brand as my first eyeliner (which I stole from my mother lol).
The lacey detail they put on the tub and the pretty pink color just reminded me of a Japanese drugstore product. Not overwhelming, yet very cute and feminine looking!

Throughout my rapid 12 hours schedule, PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream has given me that sort of natural complexion I adore. It could almost pass as my second skin, only better considering that level of brightness my face obtained upon using. The secret to this goodness is because this product is formulated with smart-lock powder, which ensures that your makeup looking bright and free from any dullness for up to 12 hours.

What I really like about this product is the light texture of the bb cream. It didn't feel thick and spread easily on my skin! don't let the consistency fool you though, it surprisingly lathered pretty well, thus covered the few little dark spots I had from my monthly acnes. And for you guys who's all about matte, you're in for a treat because this BB cream is giving you exactly that!

Both products (BB Cream and Compact) are completed with SPF 30 & PA+++ for a decent sun protection, but I'd still suggest an additional layer of sun screen beforehand. Beside that, it's also got Natural Whitening Extract + Vitamin C Derivate as it's natural whitening agent. Over the years of trying different kinds of makeup, my skin has become very sensitive to products. Usually it didn't take long for my skin to tell whether the product is a go-for or leave-by, but with a whole day wear, I'm glad to say that it doesn't trigger any nasty breakouts for me!!! The non-comedogenic formula, which has been clinically tested makes it totally safe for everyone to try out!

12 hours without touch-up? I'd say that's an achievement on its own!! The daily benefit this PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream & Compact gave me was just so real. On the busier day like this one, not having to worry about how your makeup holding up is a luxury, I tell you!!! LOL what a product to support your daily activities right?

With three shades to choose from cream, beige, and ochre, you are entitled to find a color of your match to make you look as natural as possible, and yet you'd still get that winning brightness to your skin that last up to 12 hours! Just how awesome is that?? all hail to PIXY LOLOL

By the time I first tried this out, I had taken it along with me for picture-taking purpose, its 30ml size fit easily inside my bag, so it's quite travel friendly and easy to carry everywhere. Very practical indeed, just don't recklessly throw it in before making sure it's capped neatly otherwise it won't be funny when the content spilled over everything else inside XD

PIXY have also kindly sent me the compact powder to complete my matte, bright makeup. Same with the BB cream, I applied it just once in the morning and it last forever! What a powerful pair~

A picture comparison just to give you an idea how I looked like in the morning and at night when I'm done. My first ever 12 hours without retouch FTW!!

Overall, PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream has given me a good reason to keep it around. I mean seriously guys, a natural, dull-free, bright complexion, that feel light and last up to 12 hours?? This is finally a reality better than dreams especially during my super busy days LOOOL Also it retails at 30.000 Rupiah and available at any PIXY Counter so very affordable la.

For more information about PIXY and PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream, do check their social media accounts below

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube

Have you thought about trying out this BB Cream?
leave any questions about the PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream down below, and I'll see you guys in my next post!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Aduuh jadi beneran pingin coba, habis mondar-mandir baca review sana-sini belom bisa yakin, but . . .

    Thank you kak stella, jadi udah yakin mau beli awww >..<

  2. for a busy day ... you just don't fail to look cute !!

    Slumber Talk

  3. km pke eyeliner apaa sel? I also have tried the Pixy BB Cream & compact powder and I like it ^_^

  4. Omg so cheap, I need to try this bb cream. Btw, you're so awesome with hectic schedule don't forget to take care of your health ya :)


  5. wah tel. definitely gonna buy this when your holikaholika gift runs out! :o
    bagus ya oil controlnya?

  6. So first of all, your simple makeup look is so gorgeous <3 It really doesn't look like you're wearing makeup, it looks so natural! And omg your Michael Kors purse <3 I love how you accessorized it! There's a store near me that sells Korean and Japanese face products called the Face Shop, I'll keep an eye out for this product. It looks amazing! It makes your skin look so fresh!

    I love these kinds of posts, please do more!


  7. Your daily life seems busy but so much fun! I wish I could achieve as much as you!


  8. Very busy life you have ^^ But looks very fun and interesting!!!

    You look amazing too!!

    恵美より ♥


  9. Your simple makeup is lovely! What a busy day you have..


  10. Di foto ini pke softlens apa ce ?

  11. Just curious Stella, do you drive a manual or an automatic car? Traffic in jakarta can be frustrating at times.

  12. Only automatic, I can't drive manual LOL

  13. Pake softlens jepang P-Con yang 1 day :D

  14. Tbh, I feel better with thicker make up ;__;
    But everyday I only want to put light make up as I don't want to trouble my skin XD

    Thank you! :"D

  15. oil control is fine! But my face is more dry so I need to properly moisturise this one first

  16. Thanks, and today I am rested because I think I fall sick lol already drank tolak angin, hope it helps

  17. Sooo looking forward to try the BB cream
    Great review, Stel!



  18. i love your eyebrows so much! ini pake apa buatnya? shade apa hehe buat eyebrows tutorial dong stell

  19. Hi Stella, when you'll be holding make-up class again? My sis apparently has become your fans since she saw you on NET TV :)

  20. You are so busy! But it seems like your everday life is fun! :)

  21. love your minimal make up look, especially the eyebrow, what product did you use and apply? is it brush?