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June 05, 2014

100Tokyo that invited me to come to Tokyo last Spring along with other top influencers from Asia, also gave me a chance to visit Asakusa, the heart of old Tokyo. 
It was last free day for most of them [I did extend my stay however] and the groups were divided. There was shopping group including Melissa, Xiaxue, Cheesie, and QiuQiu who were around Shibuya, while for me I decided to go for sightseeing group with the Philippines bloggers, Laureen, Tricia, and Camille. I had visited Asakusa once before for my 2013 first new year shrine visit and it has the big Senso-ji Temple. 

Both Shibuya and Asakusa has been visited by me but I have visited Shibuya way more often, hence I decide to visit Asakusa for this free-choice tour! :D

Even though it wasn't New Year, the crowd was massive!!!!
Turns out the day we came was a public holiday in Japan, and I really don't like crowded place but in Japan there's no one bump or push you, and NO SWEAT!!
God, it's like heaven.. So I don't really mind it here. Also the weather was super nice. It was super bright but the wind was strong and it was chilly, so it's the weather that I would never have in Jakarta lol

Between Asakusa Main Gate and Senso-ji Temple, there is Nakamise Shopping Street where you can shop and eat street snacks!! Also if you're Indonesian, you must be familiar with Miiko! This Nakamise Shopping Street was featured on the manga 26th edition ^^

Asakusa was around Tokyo Sky Tree area too so if you're walking around the area, you can spot the Sky Tree

Me with all the gorgeous fashion bloggers! They're super friendly and kind and fashionable. I don't know what to not like! Every Filipinos that I met are super kind and I love them!! [Alodia, Kaila, my JENESYS friends, etc]
Laureen is super cool and her voice is so sexy, Camille is super sweet and caring, and Tricia is so loveable and cheerful ♥

Blogger gotta do what a blogger do, a selfie.. ♥

It was super crowded like this.. Maybe like Takeshita Dori

Interested about what they sell there? Here you go, some snapshots

I love eating, seriously.. And I tried this Age-Manju [Fried Sweet Manju] and the price was not bad. 100 Yen for one piece. and omg IT'S SUPER GOOD!!!!! T.T

It was chewy and sweet but not overly sweet, the taste was fresh and it's somehow warm so it's very nice to eat it under cold wind

Also last time I got to drink Sweet Sake too but I kept looking for it but couldn't find any :"( Maybe only New Year Limited?
But if you visit Asakusa, my recommendation is those two!!

Laureen also bought this kinda stick-okonomiyaki thing!

I look so happy with food wtf
But seriously, every japanese foods in japan is good!!
It's more difficult to find bad food there.. 

Choco Banana!!!

It was my dream to eat one and take picture with it haha. Cos this food appears a lot on mangas
The taste was okay, not overly sweet
My South East Asian tongue is too used to with sweet fruits

Okay I take it back what I just said earlier
The fruits in Japan is not bad, but could be better. South East Asian fruits are much cheaper, much fresher, and much sweeter! 

We only had like 2 hours there and it wasn't enough for sure.. I would love to come back just to eat all the street foods again! 

Finally we reached Senso-ji Temple! It's behind us!
The 3 bloggers came inside the temple but since I got foods with me I didn't join wtf.. 
And I am just too lazy to do so cos I have visited it. The reason why I came to Asakusa again is because I wanna play in Nakamise Shopping Street and eat the foods hahaha

It was a lovely time to spend with the bloggers and Yone-san who invited me ♥ This is my second time coming to Japan for Cool Japan projects and hopefully I am invited again hehe.. 

The staffs are always lovely and I had such a great time!
Also thanks to 100Tokyo for the chance!
You can visit their website to check out more about where to visit in Tokyo! 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Wow that looked really crowded but somehow fun! The most shocking thing was those choco banana. I thought they would look... you know... chocolate with brown color (or was that because manga was black and white?) but they were so colorful and adorable <3

  2. I've always wanted to visit Asakusa! Love everything that you captured <3


  3. I went to Tokyo last May, and visited Asakusa. I didn't go inside because it's closed alr but now reading your post I regret not going to Asakusa earlier!! D:

  4. awww i want to travel too~ so bright and intresting pics~ thank you for nice mood, dear ~ ^^

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful! That looked like a lot of fun ^_^

  6. The choco banana, OMG so cute!!!!

  7. Ah gue waktu kesana lagi sepiii, tapi gara-gara keasikan chiam si jadi gak keburu mau liat-liat jajanannyaa T^T
    Tapi chiam si gue bagus sih hasilnya, jadi seneng deh! Akakakaka..

    And those snacks looks so dleicious + cheap (tapi ttp aja sih mahal kalo dijadiin rp...)!!<3<3
    ahhh iya!! aku udah baca Miiko vol 26 :D Aaaaa><

    I double dare you to take a peek to my blog!!<33
    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  9. Everything looks so deliciouuussss *q*

    Too bad when I went there It was raining x_x

    Just made my blog! <3

  10. amazingggg ^.^

  11. I'm jealous of all the food you ate ,lol. Great post.

  12. Aaaa what an interesting place :D
    the choco banana looks adorable x3

    cheer, michelle

  13. wow OMG,,so cool.
    "kuliner time" i love it.

    I know just now that its a banana.i like it :)

  14. Very nice!


  15. Asakusa is a cool place. Nice pics! ^^

  16. the choco banana look so nice !! make me hungry now

  17. So cool you got to hang out with Tricia, Laureen and Camile. They really are the most influencial Filipina bloggers. Makes me proud to be Filipino too ;) It's true! The fruits in Japan aren't as sweet as the ones here in South East Asia :( But they look really really good there :P At least you got to enjoy the yummy food ^.^

    Strawberry Bunny

  18. I wanna go there and eat choco banana XD

  19. stop telling people to be productive like you, while you are just toxic productivity