The Lockup Restaurant Review

May 31, 2014

Took me quite a while to blog about it, I'm sorry T____T
From my last visit to Japan, I made sure to visit a lot of unique cafes or restaurants to blog and share here! The first restaurant that I will be mentioning is The Lockup !!

It's a prison-themed-restaurant located in the heart of Shibuya City, Tokyo! 

The Lockup Restaurant was located underground and is famous around Shibuya area. My friend led me to this restaurant and we had to go to the basement to look for this haunted experience. The decoration inside the restaurant was fantastic and so threatening, but unfortunately the lighting was super dark to create the well done atmosphere

Upon entering this restaurant, there's like 1 minute haunted house experience that awaits you. The decoration can move and the light is turned on and off to scare you off

That night, there were not so many customers so we didn't have to wait, but if you happen to come in crowded moment, you'd wait in this amazing waiting room with strange mystical lights around you

Yes, now move to the restaurant! 

The restaurant was quite big and I couldn't take the whole pictures because it would bother other customers, but here's my desk! Scary enough no?

The basket underneath is to put your bags or coats, talk about the efficiency of Japanese Restaurants!
There you have the menu book, and you can call the waitress when you're ready to order by pressing the button near the right end of the desk
The desk itself is made by aluminium and the lighting was super dim, 10/10 for the whole ambient!

Anyway, since I can't order every thing, I decide to take pictures of the menu to show you how amazing and creative the menus in this restaurant!
Ready, gooo!

I was even super excited to check out the menus even from the first page!

Amazing collections of themed beverages! Both alcohol and non-alcohol!

I want to try every drinks omg!! Looks so interesting!

Move to the foods!

Black karaage [fried chicken] omg!!! 

French fries with lots of sauce choices!

The creativity amazes me more and more!

The foods that they offer are mostly like Izakaya in Japan, the price is also not bad but it comes in quite small portion compared to other Japanese foods

Move to the dessert!

So I only ordered a few small foods because I wasn't that hungry

The ice floats is supposed to be skull-like drawn but kinda fail lol

The sweet potion with eyeball floats on top. The eyeball is in fact jelly I think?? 

The beverages were pretty good and fresh, it's also very fun drinking from potion glass

These were the foods that I ordered : 

Salad with Black Sauce!

I always love eating salad in Japan because it's so fresh and healthy!

First time having the sauce to be this black, it's from mushroom and squid I think
Taste is okay

The lighting inside the restaurant makes me look evil hahahaha. DAT smile LOL

Karaage with melted cheese!
Look at the amount of cheese involved on the plate!! Taste not bad though, the cheese could be better

And the black karaage ! It tastes like normal karaage and I thought it would be bitter because of the black-charcoal-look-a-like wrapped around it, but no, it tastes normal

For the taste of the foods, I would say it's so-so, like any other izakaya foods. It's not that impressive, so this is not the restaurant where you come to enjoy the food, instead it is to enjoy the unique experience

During the dine, there was also a performance where a lot of prisoners with broken faces run around the restaurants to scare the customers, but the policewomen were chasing after them for justice. It was super fun!

If you'd like to visit The Lockup, you can go to Shibuya and find this address through your GPS :

33-1 Udagawa-cho
Shibuya Grand Tokyo Building - B2F

They have other branches but thats the one that I visited
Visit their Website HERE for further information
You could also check other branches address in the website

I have tried to give as much information as I can for this restaurant and hopefully it's helpful and informative!
 Wish you all would have chance to visit this unique restaurant one day!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. The menu looks so awesome! I wanna try some of the drinks ^^

  2. Looks awesome! Definitely a place that i would love to visit! :D

  3. Omg ci stell you're so pretty
    Should visit this place when I go to japan

  4. Aaaaa the place looks adorable and scary at the same time :')

    cheer, michelle

    Minumannya kok keliatan enak enak banget ya....Apalagi Dessertnya...
    Tapi...tapi...pasti will feel guilty kalo makan....pasti mikir 'aah...berapa tuh kalorinya' huaaaaa;_;
    Hebat ya orang jepang kreatif kreatif banget!!Semoga ada juga deh di Indonesia!:D
    *btw foto yg kakak senyum tsundere itu haahaha cocok bangetXD your face says "i'll kill you and make your eyeballs as icing on my cake...."

    I dare you to jump to see my Daily life!
    Adventure of P-Chaaaaaan!!

  6. Those eyeballs jelly look so terrific *___*
    But, I love their concept! so unique stell

  7. Omg! That restaurant looks amazing!
    I love the drinks!!

  8. Wooooowww the interior is just wonderful! And the menus are reallu cute >O< Hope can visit it sometimes~ Love it

  9. That is such a cute restaurant! Those kind of restaurant is a must visit when I go there ^^

  10. Wow, couldn't talk more >_< the restaurant will definitely be in my to-go-list if I visit Japan someday. Really, I am so curious about the eyeball float!

  11. Love your blog! I'm your new follower here, hope you'll follow back :)

  12. The food was really bad, there was vomit all over the ladies restroom, the performance so-so, decoration kinda average... it ended up being quite expensive night with the drinks and the food, which left a foul taste after all. It is a fun as an idea and as a group, I don't say I didn't have fun because I had my friends and it was my first time in a place like that, but it was all thanks to because the cafe was.. different. That's all. I bet Tokyo has better theme cafes to offer.

  13. makan black karage juga ya :D selain lock up bnyk resto lucu2 di shibuya loh

  14. What a cool looking place!!! Must have been super fun. ^__^