Kokokim Summer 2014 Style - Press Room Visit

May 01, 2014

I promise that I would make you vomit rainbow so prepare to salivate yourself when you're introduced this Kawaii Fashion Brand from Japan by me! 

It's Kokokim!!

The producer and designer is the famous Harajuku Icon, Kimura U, who happens to be Kawaii Ambassador from Japan [along with 2 other girls, another one is Misako Aoki whom I worked together last year ^^]

The brand name is Kokokim and it's a mixed of Harajuku Style and Anime. I can also feel Fairy Kei inspiration coming from their line. I wanted to come to their opening store in Shibuya 109 but I had appointment on that day, but I was invited to their Press Room instead!

It is a newly released brand, only less than 1 month yet but I heard the response was so good! 
We will know why later hehe

Anyway, here you go, the press room = 

Anyone wish the work room is that pastel as well? 
I bet Kimura U is so happy that she can make her world comes into life

Some Kawaii items that you would die for : 

Kuma (Bear) & Macaroon Aromatic Candle

The graphic was designed by Kimura U herself! So talented!

That AH-Mazing Platforms!

Kawaii socks!!

Look at those pastel clothes! My eyes were all covered by pastel on that day LOL
I would like to introduce every clothes to you but this time I will only show you a few clothes ok!

So, here are some outfit recommendations for Summer 2014 that will be launched soon!

The first coordination is all about pastel purple-pink! It is so Kimura U!
And do you know that the staffs at Kokokim Store has to wear pastel purple-ish pink wig as well haha! It's so fun! 
The fabric is so soft and cooling, perfect for summer! 
Which I believe is perfect for Indonesia as well!

I LOVE their platforms a lot! It's so so comfortable and so cute! Comes in 3 colours [pink, black, and white] and it has attachable wing! The heel is around 12 cm I think, perfect for someone petite like me lol

Second outfit is more into Pastel Goth! I love the design and creativity of the cross cutting here! I wanna get this set coordination but unfortunately it's not out yet until Summer (ToT)


This is more into Harajuku Pastel.. The combination of kawaii dress and pastel sneakers make it look youthful!

And my favourite bag comes in another colour too~

This dreamy fabric dress gives the feeling of fairy! I wish I could show you how amazing the texture is on my body! Apparently japanese clothes fabric quality is so different, hence explains the price too T_T

And this last set is more sporty-kawaii!
Who says that it can't be combined together! ^.^

Kokokim everywhere (*_*)

I didn't manage to try other coordinations, but here are some cool apparels from this brand!

Gosh, I am died in rainbow..

Decided to get something from Kokokim, a dress for my photoshoot in the future [just plan wtf lol]
I might take picture of it later on when I use it

Right now it's still nicely displayed inside my wardrobe XD Because I don't know when I should wear it hahaha

I wish Kokokim would have their own store in Indonesia

Anyone likes this brand also ? ^^

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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