Counting The Days

May 10, 2014

My week will always be hectic until end of June. I have almost never gone out besides going to university right after I came back from Japan. All I do is at home, writing thesis and updating blog.. I finally went out to see my friend from Japan who's coming to Jakarta for holiday. A little bit sad because I can't accompany her more, she comes at the wrong time!! lol

Been so attracted to my new hair clip from Japan though.. I really miss my long hair and I feel better with it too. It's so difficult to find a shade that match my current hair colour. I'm waiting for my real hair to grow longer and longer

With Kayo! She's Japanese Gyaru and a lot of people said that we look a like, but what do you expect from the person who follows the same style, gyaru? XD
I know our make up is very light now, because gyaru make up is becoming lighter and lighter.. Our hair is also no longer blonde. Brown healthy hair is "in" as I see many girls in Shibuya supporting it now

I first met her when I came to japan in January 2013! It's always nice to catch up with friends!

Besides working on my thesis, I have been spending my last time as student very well haha. I attend my classes and university seminar to grasp as many knowledge as possible. I only have 2 months left as student before my thesis assembly and I want to use it well. One of the highlights is when Deddy Corbuzier appeared as the guest for my university's seminar.. The hall had never been that full before as far as I know and the capacity was for 400 people but it became over than 1000 on that day!

And I don't know if it's fate or pure dumb luck, but among those 1.000 participants, suddenly I was pulled to the front to talk to him. He was asking my old dream and encouraging me to chase after a dream that I said I had abandoned, becoming a "mangaka"

Apparently some of my readers told me they're joining the seminar too haha
And yes, I did not tell about my blogging career and job at all on his seminar because it will ruin the show concept and steal the spotlight LOL I don't want to talk about "Stella Lee" in his seminar
So I tried to hide my identity and just behaved like normal student, well done me lol

I really don't like the idea of bragging about how my internet life is in my offline life. I really like to separate these two things together for a nice balance. It's like living 2 lifes yes but I enjoy it!

Anyway, I sent email to Deddy *cough* after that to tell him about my true passion right now. 
I didn't tell him that at the moment I was chasing my other dream, and I'm working on it
I said mangaka was my old dream but I've discovered a new dream that I love and enjoy and I don't regret it.. So just want to clarify about a little truth that I hide on his seminar hahaha

[P.S : He did say his email publicly on the seminar to all students]

Then when I tagged him on my instagram, I almost got a heart attack when reading the notification!!

He only follows 55 people on Instagram and I'm one of it OMG *pulls hair*

Most of Indonesians people will agree that he's so smart and his talk show, Hitam Putih, is one of the best! And He's one of a few Indonesian Artists that I really admire. So I am very honoured that he follows me on Instagram now (T___T)

I can say that I am the only blogger or the only person that I know in my whole life who's being followed by him LOL
It's like one of the best achievements in this year!
Duh I know I sound so norak but I would freak out too if Jokowi / Ahok / Agnez / Merry Riana / other inspirational people follow me!

And old readers must have known that one of my dreams is to appear at his show haha o.o
Hence, I will work myself out to reach a level where I can be invited too, shameless much? XD

But seriously, who doesn't want to appear in Hitam Putih?

Anyway besides that, another interesting class is Feng Shui Class in my campus! I got to have the teacher read me and he said I had very strong metal element on me

Means I am so independent, strong, stone head, and persistent.
Worst thing is, finding guys are so hard because I don't act cute at all and he recommends me to depend on guys more if I want to have boyfriend wtf

I guess that explains why I have no luck in love haha...
Also he said I am too obedient to my parents, so I should try to fight against them a little LOL

He also said a few things about which colour I should wear and no, and I'm planning to change a little bit of wardrobe to see whether it works or no

So we'll see! ^.^

And finally I managed to eat the super famous La Duree Macaroon! 
The taste is like HEAVEN so if you visit Japan or Paris, you should try this! 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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