Spinns『スピンズ』X Sailor Moon Collaboration

May 07, 2014

For my last trip in Tokyo for 100Tokyo, the guests were given a few itineraries to explore Tokyo. One of it is to have Harajuku Photo Walk, means that we're being led to try one of the most famous street in the world, Harajuku

And what's in Harajuku? It's full of Kawaii and unique shops for sure!

One shop that caught my interest is Spinns『スピンズ』! 
I often walk pass this store whenever I visit Harajuku and they always come up with new and updated kawaii clothes very fast. And this time they sell their collaboration with my favourite childhood shoujo manga, Sailor Moon!

It's the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon and I grew up reading and watching this anime! I had a dream to become sailor moon and Usagi was my hero!
Now as I grew up and on my early 20's age, I have grown up but my love and memory is still very vivid. Noticing that potential, Sailor Moon comes up with this fashion collection that is wearable for people around my age who grew up wanting to be one!

Official Sailor Moon T-Shirt that comes in many designs!

Kawaii and Unique Dresses that's wearable yet still make people turn the head to see your amazing outfit. I love the T-Shirt and blue tutu skirt coordination!

Tons of T-Shirts to choose from! 
Who's your favourite Sailor Moon Characters? 

But if you don't have favourite characters, try this skirt that has every main Sailor Senshi characters printed on top of it

They also come up with their official merchandises such as the dolls, pins, and books! It's all available at Spinns『スピンズ』

Not related to the shop, but I also found Sailor Moon Black Liquid Eyeliner in Matsumoto Kiyoshi - Shibuya! 
I guess now it's time for this Moon Princess to make a come back after years of hiatus? 

Hope this post makes you want to go to Japan as well hehe
If you want to visit Japan, might as well check out my blog for future references or 100Tokyo Website! (^_^)

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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