Fairy Drops Mascara Volume and Curl Review

May 05, 2014

Dang... I do have many blog posts to do but my final thesis deadline is getting closer and closer. And I am supposed to meet 2 deadlines. 1 is for last evaluation [have to finish 99%] in 2 weeks. And another one is the thesis assembly in the end of June.. 

I have a lot of posts but it requires me to stay on Photoshop a lot for editing the pictures [cos it's more like a shop visit and such] so for now I will present you with product that I have been using for so long instead! It's Fairy Drops Mascara Volume and Curl  

I am a "fake eyelashes" person, seriously.. But there are times when I need mascara to make my real lashes blend together with my fake lashes or when I need to do natural look

My top 3 favourite mascaras are from Lancome and Dolly Wink, and the other one is this, Fairy Drops!

I have known about this brand long before because a lot of foreign bloggers rave about this a lot. But it's so difficult to get it in Indonesia, and moreover the price is quite expensive for drugstore mascara. It costs me 1.575 yen, before tax. And now tax in Japan has been raised to 8% *sighs*

Fairy Drops Mascara comes in many types and this time I pick volume and curl instead!
It comes in this pretty colourful packaging that explains about the good things of the mascara, which unfortunately can't be understood by me lol

There's also a picture reference about how the mascara wand looks like! It comes in 3 buds shape like, and looks very cute!

The mascara itself comes in neon colour. The purple colour as the base colour gives eccentric look, and the doodle design is made in hot pink and bright neon colour and makes the whole design very unique and fun! I have never seen a design like this before for mascara!

The brush itself is quite long compared to Maybelline mascara, so it's very easy to grip and use this. Although it's supposed to have more volume and curl, it comes in soft fibres as well to make your lashes appear longer. This is however very common for Japanese mascara because they understand that Japanese / Mongoloids have short and thin lashes

Like me T________T

The brush comes in 3 buds which helps to make the mascara coats the lashes evenly and gives more volume especially on the roots. Giving precise application, as well as helps brushing the lashes easier

Here's how it looks like on me anyway :

From bare lashes, 1 coat mascara, and two coats of mascara

I like how it really has nice result on me! It really gives more volume and length, and the result looks very natural. The colour is very dark, in pitch black shade, so it gives illusion of more volume on lashes and appears better on pictures. The curl last whole day and it's waterproof and oil proof. Doesn't smudge thorough the day and it is very easy to remove!!

I don't recommend having this mascara too much though, like what I did on the last picture. It makes the mascara becomes kinda clumpy, and the fibres stick to each other.. However you can simply brush it with lash brush to get rid of the clumpiness, but for everyday, I recommend just a single coat!

 Unique packaging design
 Unique wand
 Gives volumizing and lengthening effect
 The curl last whole day
 Easy to clean off
 Waterproof & Oilproof
 Doesn't smudge, no panda eyes yey !

 Quite expensive, especially for drugstore product

I got this mascara in Japan, price is 1.575 yen

Do I think this is worth it? I would say yes, because it's so difficult to get a mascara that can make my lashes obvious on the picture! Usually it doesn't have any obvious result on me T__T

So if you have short and thin lashes, you might want to try this out!
This will become your holy grail !!! :D

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Emmy Vierrania Nur'aennyMay 5, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    Aahh klo susah di Indonesia gimna mau cari kak

  2. I have short lashes that slant downwards, so this sounds amazing! I wanna try it but I dont think it's available here :( The packaging is so pretty and unique :D

  3. I don't know how to make up my eyes actually. It's difficult and If I try I will hurt my eyes. Its terrible.

    Can you give me some point how to make up our eyes without hurt it?

  4. michelle sanjayaMay 5, 2014 at 7:02 PM

    Aaaa~ the packaging and the wand looks so adorable x3
    woww! your lash looks instantly volumized thoo~ ;o

    cheer, michelle


  5. I also have short lashes and I've been looking for a mascara that gives both length and volume! but how can I get this in Indonesia T.T



  6. Looks very great on you! Natural but with a big boost to thickness and some length!

  7. Fernanda AzevedoMay 6, 2014 at 1:21 AM

    I've heard about this mascara so many times and I want to try it so much, but it is so difficult to find D: And it is so expensive online, U$17, ouch. But the result, gosh, it curls your lashes a lot just with one coat O: I guess it is a goodbye to my money ;-;

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  8. I have had my eyes on this for a long time! But I wasn't sure if I should get it or not, my eyelashes are like yours too, short, thin and points down at all time. I was wondering, after you curl your lashes, apply this mascara, does your lashes just stay curl or it goes back to your first pic before you apply this mascara?

  9. ^^; mari berharap fairy drops ada disini

  10. yes i can't seem to find any OS imports it as well :(

  11. how come o.o do you use expired products or you have allergic to certain ingredients? you should check to doctor

  12. T.T I know.. Let's hope fairy drops open their booths here

  13. but 17$ is normal, I mean in japan it's also the same price XD

  14. It stays for a long time! :D I am so happy with the result! It's so easy to clean it off as well. Totally recommended!

  15. The brush is kinda cute, Stella >.<


  16. It seems really really good! Kalau di Jepang sendiri Fairy Drops biasa dijual dimana ya?

  17. desain botolnya rame banget yaa..
    it looks good tho


  18. Thanks so much Stella ^^ I'm looking forward to trying this ~