Kawaii Japanese Ojisan

May 13, 2014

Tokyo is one of the most fashionable city in the world, eccentric and uniqueness blends altogether in Harajuku precisely. A lot of you guys request Japan Fashion Street Snap to see the trend as well as quirkiness. 

Since you guys are my boss, I need to fulfil that demand of yours. I will be producing Japan Fashion Street Snap under that tag. So in case you want to see the fashion from Japan, might as well click on the tag ^^

First post is dedicated to this Kawaii Japanese Ojisan that I stumbled upon in Takeshita Dori 

This Ojisan did cross dress in all pastel outfit. He was very brave to pose special for this blog. Wearing that girly outfit which I would never use, he really pulled it off and could manage a lot of kawaii poses

This is the whole set of outfit. Feels magical enough? 

The outfit is completed with kawaii red ribbon on top of his head. He's wearing yellow wig to compliment the whole coordination

More details on the outfit..

As for the make up, I think he does quite good job for a man. He puts foundation all over his face, and also on his lips to make his lips smaller. For the eyes, he puts pink eyeshadows on the lid and white eyeshadow underneath the eyes to make it bigger. Something that girls love to do nowadays!

The point of the make up is the heart shaped blush! 

Okay so that's all!
Do you like this kind of post? Tell me about your though on the comment section below! 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. OMG this ojisan is the best! His outfit, makeup, poses, everything! :D

  2. I thought he was a girl >.< super kawaii <3

  3. That's a very cute outfit! ^^


  4. Ooh he's cosplaying Ichigo from Aikatsu! The heart shaped blush is indeed adorable!

  5. What a crazy ojisan *0* sugoii!!! *bow deeply* Why he did that!?
    That ojisan looks young stel... :O

  6. WHAZZAHELL?!!!!japan is sure insteresting haha....=_=
    I tought it would be that ojisan with sailor fuku and bald head....idk his name tho-_-
    tapi beneran he looks better than me if im the one wearing that clothes..

    You're welcomed to take a peek to my daily life
    Adventure of P-chaaaaan!!!!

  7. Emmy Vierrania Nur'aennyMay 14, 2014 at 12:16 AM

    Waw..thats very funny..

  8. Anggita S. P. KuswandiMay 14, 2014 at 1:10 AM

    Ah, didn't know that Japan has this kind of people! Speaking of Kawaii Ojisan, there's one famous Kawaii Ojisan named Hideaki Kobayashi (better known as Grow Hair or Kawaii Seifuku Ojisan), he's 55 y/o something, always wearing Seifuku and braided his beard with pink
    ribbons. Sometimes he's accompanied by his fellow Kawaii Ojisan Ladybeard; he's a Japanese-speaking gaijin (not the local ones) with beard (Of course!) who always wear seifuku like Grow Hair-san, but he still have plenty of hair on his head so he can do the twin tail on his!

    They both often spotted wandering around Harajuku and they're so nice so don't afraid if you're about to stop them for some pics lol

  9. Hahaha, I am super impressed, I think he looks better than me if I used this outfit xD And he probably understand more about eye make up than I do D: I never find these people when I walk in Harajuku ;-;

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  10. The old man isn't just dressing up. He is cosplaying Hoshimiya Ichigo from Aikatsu, the Season 2 Starlight Academy school outfit. :)

  11. Oh iya i wanna see that ojisan too *.* sayang ga pernah sempet ketemu...

  12. It's my first time looking at someone like this too in Harajuku XD

  13. Oh I have read about them before XD Would love to see them around one day! :D

  14. Whooaaa he is awesome! I remembered when SNSD Concert in Japan, so many SONES dress up like SNSD's members. This one for the example. He dressed up like Sunny and he did that on every SNSD's concert xD

  15. The world is sure inverted now.
    Even oji-san dress like girls...
    I just knew about this oji-san style, I thought it was for a contest...
    Have you ever seen the oji-san version of SNSD Gee? Maybe they one of it ~~~
    Thanks for sharing btw this is interesting post :)

  16. Kawaii indeed!!! ^^


  17. wow its funny but good.